In the Shadow of Starlight

by Ms. Moonstar

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The Starlights and Kakyuu return to Kinmoku to rebuild, but find that the people whose Starseeds are returned have been enslaved by an evil ruler who took advantage of the Starlights' absence to overtake the planet. The citizens are angry that they have returned and hand them over to the evil ruler who enslaves and tortures them mercilessly. One of the Star senshi manages to return to Earth for help, but it is not only a matter of saving their friends and the citizens, but getting the people to trust in the Kinmokiuan throne once more..

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Chapter One

The darkness of space was broken by four shooting stars racing across the emptiness. It was impossible to tell whether it was midday or midnight, but for these shooting stars, it seemed to be as though they had been traveling for ages. They were in fact four people, now returning from exile to their home planet. These shooting stars were three Sailor senshi and their princess. The four survivors of Kinmoku were returning to their own soil after a war on a far off planet light-years away from them.

They had seen the galaxy's largest threat, Galaxia, defeated by the most unassuming senshi named Sailor Moon. This average teenager from Earth along with her friends not only allowed the three senshi to open their hearts once more, but gave them courage to stand up and fight, rather than running away as they had in the past. The Sailor Starlights were loathe to admit it,but they were starting to miss the moon princess and the Earth senshi.

The star senshi were glad to be going home, but would miss, if not a little, their 'ordinary' lives as idols on the rural blue planet. The Starlights enjoyed going to school, and to some extent, singing as idols, as they were calling for their princess. Returning to Kinmoku meant having to face the destruction that they ran from on that terrible day.

The silence was broken by Sailor Star Maker's voice calling out, "Five kilometers!"

At last, there were going back were they belonged, were they grew up sharing their happiness and sorrow together so long ago. Still, the guilt of leaving Kinmoku during it's destruction after Galaxia's arrival weighed heavily on all their minds. Now the four of them would try to put their planet and the lives of their people back together.

Finally, they came upon the planet they called home, their hearts sinking at the sight of the gray barren rock that had once been a green and thriving world. They passed through the 'atmosphere' with ease, as there was not one, and after many years, the four survivors' feet touched the ground of their stark land of their home world. Kakyuu coughed as she adjusted to the nearly airless planet. Above them, the aqua green sky shimmered with sunlight. For a moment, the four castaways looked toward the city skyline. Or rather, what was left of the skyline, as now it was composed mostly of crumbled buildings. The fertile land that covered the planet was now only craggy gray rock that made their homeland akin to that of Earth's moon.

"Alright," Fighter said in her leader tone, "Maker, you take princess and scout around the rural outskirts of the city. Healer, go into the city, see if you can find any sturdy structures and look for supplies."

The fire-haired princess looked apprehensively at the ruined houses in the distance behind them. Turning back, she asked her guardian, "What will you do?"

Fighter's face was stoic as she looked at Kakyuu. "I'll go through and search the palace. We'll meet there in an hour, agreed?"

Their plans confirmed, the four survivors parted ways to their own separate missions.