Chapter One


They were losing. This wasn't supposed to happen! She was supposed to be perfect. How then could she not be winning? She gripped the bow in her hand tightly as she ran it over the violin's strings, playing a strong, angry tune.

The Talons in her squadron glanced at her warily as they went about their business. There were less of them then their were usually. The ones that were missing were either dead or stuck down in the Wastelands. At the moment, she didn't particularly care, having only one thing on her mind.

They had just lost Terra Bluster. Her terra! How could they have lost her terra! She let her music crescendo as her anger grew. This was not how things were supposed to happen!

Ravess's scowl deepened. She would have to fix this somehow... She would have to just try harder, that was all! She would go back to Terra Bluster and take it back!


The Talon winced as he heard his rank called. Not willing to meet his commander's eyes, he bowed his head as he made his way toward her. "Yes, Commander?"

"Turn this ship around! We're going back to Terra Bluster! We're taking our terra back!"

"B-but commander! We've just lost almost half our fighting force! Let us regroup, and-"

"Don't you dare question my orders, Captain!" Ravess shouted. "If you dare question me again, I swear, you'll wish that you hadn't been born!"

The captain shriveled under her glare, but took a deep breath. "Commander... This is madness! I don't care who you are! I'm not letting you get my men killed for a worthless cause! You know that we won't get Terra Bluster back! You're just trying to soothe your wounded pride!"

She stared at him for a moment her eyes widened in shock. No one spoke to her that way! No one! "They're not your men any more, Captain!" Lashing out with her hand, she grabbed the Captain by his throat and slammed him against the hatch. Shocked by the impact, the man did nothing to resist. "I warned you, you fool!" With her free hand, she opened the hatch and shoved him out. The entire crew was silent as the captain's screams resonated through the ship. Her golden eyes glittered coldly as she gazed around at the stunned Talons. "Anyone else have a problem with my orders?"

The Talons all shook their head in unison, their eyes wide in terror.

"Good. Navigator, plot a course for Terra Bluster! Talons, prepare yourselves for battle!" Turning away from them, Ravess picked up her violin again. She gripped the bow far too tightly. It snapped in half.

The battle was going half the remaining Talons had been slain.

"Incompetent fools!" Ravess screamed at them. "What's wrong with you? Stop dying! That's an order!" She notched an arrow onto her bow and let it fly watching in sick satisfaction as it lodged into a sky knight's shoulder.

"Commander!" The Talon lieutenant pulled up beside Ravess. "We need to retreat! We're losing too many men!"

"No!" She hissed. "I can't lose. I must be perfect! I am perfect!"

The lieutenant tried a different tact. "Yes ma'am, you are perfect... Which is why we should retreat, so you can, er... Grace your perfection upon someone else..."

"Do you think I'm a fool, lieutenant?"

"No, ma'am! It's just... We're..." He winced as a nearby Talon was thrown off his skimmer.

Ravess's hands shook in anger. "We're not losing!" she snapped. "We're going to win! We have to win, no matter what! Get away from me! Go fight!" She turned her head away from him as tears of frustration formed in her eyes. Why were her Talons so incompetent? They should be winning! Well, they were either going to win, or they were going to die!

"No. Commander... We have to retreat, now!" The lieutenant's eyes were wide with fear, and he was shaking visibly. The rest of the Talons were in no better shape.

"No! You will follow orders! Now go, fight!" Ravess's voice shook with desperation and anger. How dare she have her orders questioned? They were going to retake Terra Bluster, and that was that! She watched coldly as another one of her Talons was killed. He wasn't particuarly useful anyways...

Her eyes narrowed dangerously as one of the Talons turned and began flying away, his young eyes wide in terror. Contemptuously, Ravess raised her bow and shot off an arrow. She watched as the boy's body fell from his skimmer. There was no room for cowards in her perfect unit! "No running and no surrender! We'll fight to the last Talon!"

"I'm sorry, Commander Ravess, but... I have to put the life of my men first!"

Ravess half turned in time to see her lieutenant raise his energy staff. It was the last thing she ever saw.

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