Hey guys!

So I know a lot of you have been wondering when I'm going to update this story. I'm sorry to say that I won't be. I've given this a lot of thought, but I've been having problems writing Aseptic Vitality for over a year (I'm sure some of my readers remember the near-year-long hiatus this story was on) and I've figured out that I'm just not invested in this story anymore. It's really hard for me to write a story that I'm not invested in, and I also don't like writing a story half-heartedly.

I know that this will disappoint the people who really like this story and want it to continue. I'm really sorry - I know how much it sucks to have a story you like stop updating. But this is my final decision. Aseptic Vitality is formally abandoned - for now.

If, someday in the future, I look back at this story and find a renewed interest in it, I will open it again. A new note will be published should that day ever come, to inform anyone who still has this story on alert that it's up and running. Otherwise, I'm also open to the idea of adoption, should anyone like the story enough to want to continue it for me. PM me if you're interested and we can discuss it. Otherwise, there won't be any new chapters for this story.

Once again, I'm really quite sorry. I hope you all will read other stories I put out, even if this one is being abandoned. Otherwise, it's been wonderful to have such a good response to this story, and I had fun while it lasted. Thank you all for reading and for your kind reviews!