Previously on Ojamajo Doremi Tomo-DACHI:

Watashi no Shinoya Yuki desu, and I'm your average apprentice witch...or so I thought.

About a week ago, I was chosen by the Queen of the Majokai to become a special kind known as a purifier... And I had to take care of a supposed 4 in 12 year old who calls herself Hana-chan. But I didn't do it alone... I had someone to help me...

...No, not just someone... A friend... her name is Doremi Harukaze. Cute name...

I don't know what friendship really is, but thanks to Doremi-chan, as well as Hazuki-chan, Ai-chan, Onpu-onee-sama, Momo-chan, Moriko-chan, Akemi-chan, Hana-chan, and even that girl who looks like me... Sayoko Kurumi-chan...

I think I really learned what it's like... Well, sorta.

I may also have a slight idea of what love feels like... Since those are my feelings towards Saiki-kun...

So... It's kinda like this.

I always believed I needed no one other than myself and if I faced everything with a smile, it wouldn't be nearly as hard... And in time, I would grow to believe it myself.

I hate feeling weak. I hate crying in front of everyone...

But I know it's because Saiki-kun believes I am weak...

It's not true! I'm strong, I may love him, but that doesn't mean I need him or anything like that!

Is that a crime?

No... I have Doremi-chan and the others, now... Especially Onpu, who I've always looked up to...

...I can still go it on alone, but for the time being I'll have to learn friendship and its lessons...

That shouldn't be too hard right?

(Note: Okay, okay, here's the opening! Just because this needed opening sequences... The song is "Trust You" by Yuna Ito.)

hana wa kaze ni yure odoru you ni

(Flowers sway in the wind as if dancing,)

(Footage: Birds are seen flying away showing the Tomo-DACHI logo that soon fades as Yuki soon looks up, her hands tightening on her heart. She soon shuts her eyes tightly in pain.)

ame wa daichi o uruosu you ni

(So that the rain will moisten the Earth)

(Footage: The Ojamajos flash together in a group shot, posing.)

kono sekai wa yorisoiai ikiteru no ni

(So even though it's alive, coming closer and closer together)

(Footage: Doremi looks up as Yuki's seen running down the street, looking desperate.)

naze hito wa kizutsukeau no

(Why do people harm one another?)

(Footage: Akemi is seen looking out at a starry sky, tears forming in her blank sapphire eyes.)

naze wakare wa otozureru no

(Why are there always partings about?)

(Footage: Moriko is seen tending the flowers, her dark green eyes as blank as Akemi's was.)

kimi ga tooku e itte mo mada

(Still, even if you go far, far away)

(Footage: Kurumi is seen waving at a departing plane as she soon sighs, frowning deeply.)

itsumo kono kokoro no mannaka

(You'll always be in the middle of my heart)

(Footage: All the Ojamajos in maid outfits grin, presenting a surprised Yuki with a cake.)

ano yasashii egao de umetsukusareta mama

(While they remain buried with that kind smile)

(Footage: All the Ojamajos are seen smiling with Yuki with them as she suddenly sighs, looking upset.)

dakishimeta kimi no kakera ni

(Even if I start to feel such pain)

(Footage: Yuki is now alone, and she holds her heart, closing her eyes.)

itami kanjite mo mada tsunagaru kara

(I still will hold fragments of you, because of our connection)

(Footage: She looks up and a memory appears of her in her original form, crying her eyes out.)

shinjiteru yo mata aeru to

(I believe that we'll be reunited again)

(Footage: A hand is soon extended towards her, making her perk up in surprise.)

I'm waiting for your love

(Footage: Yuki perks up in surprise, her eyes widening.)

I love you, I trust you

(Footage: Memory flash of Yuki smiling brightly, and change to her and Doremi holding each other's hands.)

kimi no kodoku o wakete hoshii

(Share your loneliness with only me)

(Footage: The wind is blowing at Yuki, tears being carried from her big brown eyes as she shuts them and her tears begin trickling down her cheeks.)

I love you, I trust you

(Footage: An image of the Ojamajos crowded around Yuki as she's seen talking on the phone, looking really happy and soon changes to an image of Yuki posing with the other witch apprentices with her, all shooting peace signs.)

hikari de mo yami de mo futari da kara shinjiaeru no

(Even in light, even in darkness, we're always together, so...)

(Footage: Yuki soon smiles as she shakes her head, and walks forward, sakura pedals seen falling in her path. We scroll up to where she's seen smiling with her eyes closed as they open, sparkling with tears in them.)


(Don't ever leave me again)

(Footage: One last shot is shown as only Yuki's hand is seen extending out, only to be taken by another unknown hand, lightly squeezing her own.)

I'm going to have LOADS of fun with this... Also if you're confused on who Yuki, as in our main character who's based a little off me, I suggest reading the previous Tomo-DACHI inputs... Especially Fated Remeetings! Anyway, little Yuki's teachings shall now begin!

Notes for this chapter: "Aniki" is another way of saying "Onii-chan", but it can be used to refer to someone you THINK of as an older brother... "Ouji-sama" is basically "Prince-sama"... "Taidaima" means "I'm back!"

Disclaimer: Darn it Toei! Sell me Ojamajo Doremi already! I just own my characters and that's that... Even though Saiki-kun's not technically mine... Urgh... I wish.

Ojamajo Doremi Tomo-DACHI:

Lessons in Friendship -

Helping Around The FLATS 5 House

Lesson: Even when you want with all your heart to just be of use, you may mess up... But just don't let that bring you down, okay?


Yuki set down her duster, sighing. "Majorika, don't you EVER keep this place clean? We barely have any customers anymore, so it always looks the same..."

Her friend, the famous Doremi Harukaze just smiled. "Aw Yuki-chan, you'll get used to it... I still say we should maybe reopen a different Mahou-Dou..."

"But charms, flowers, pastries, jewelry... What next?" Hazuki wondered, adjusting her glasses.

"Aw, you guys did flowers already... Shoot, I should of came earlier!" Moriko exclaimed, snapping her fingers. "But it can't be helped..."

Onpu sighed, leaning against one of the nearby selves. "We could always try something simple... But how to fuse our magic...?"

Kurumi hopped down, putting her hands on her waist. "We're only just starting Junior High, people! We need not worry about trivial things like that! Besides, the only thing our majoshikons need to work on is a pure heart and sincerity! We've always got our pride, right?"

Hana grinned. "Kurumi-mama's right! Hana-chan says all we need to do is just live our life without regrets!"

Momoko beamed. "Yes! We're all friends here, so why not?"

The entire group laughed, with the exception of Yuki who seemed distant from the rest of her witch friends.

"To live a life without regrets..." the black witch muttered, turning her attention to a vase she was cleaning with an old rag. "Of course... it's a nice thought, but miles impossible."

Especially for me... My world is so different from Doremi-chan's...

Casting a glance towards the giggling cute red head surrounded by the other girls, a sigh escaped the normally cheerful blonde's lips.

I live in a place where no one understands... Even if I reach out... Even if I tell my problems... She lives in a world where friends surround her... Where everyone's heart is touched by her own... The purest, sweetest thing... It might not only be Onpu-onee-sama but...

She clenched her fists, her hidden feelings oblivious beneath her small, gentle smile.

...I sure do envy her...

Kurumi perked up, glancing at the now frowning black witch. "Hey Yuki-chan..."

Yuki immediately responded, eyes widening. "Um... Yes?"

"Something up?"

The black witch gave a small smile, shaking her head. "No... No, not at all."

I will never belong here...



Not now, not ever...

Yuki giggled, walking towards her friends, closing her eyes. "I just wonder, wonder, wonder... It's a strange world we live in... Isn't it?" Her bright brown eyes opened up halfway, sparkling mischievously. "Won't you say the same, Do-chan?"

Doremi flushed, but nodded. Her soul mate beamed.


"You sure are weird, Yuki-chan." Onpu giggled. "But I like that. Good thing we're friends, huh?"

Yuki blushed and nodded. "D-Definitely!"

Aiko sighed. "Aw, Yuki-chan..."


The blue witch just smiled. "Ah... It's nothin'!"

The black witch made a "huh" sound before sighing.

...Never, huh?

"Yuki, is something wrong?"

A groan came from the muffled voice plopped under the pillow as Meme floated above her obviously upset owner, looking a bit concerned.

"Yuki... It's not like you to stay still for more than five minutes... I don't know why I never see you in a happy-go-lucky mood anymore..."

"I don't know why I never see you SHUT UP!" Yuki responded harshly, sitting up before frowning sadly.

"...Gomen-naisai, Meme."

"No worries. Anyway, why ARE you depressed anyway?" the premature fairy asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Because I'm going to end up as a single old hag with no friends and URGH!" The black witch slammed her face into the pillow, slamming back down on the bed.

"It's not FAIR! Why do I have to be the unluckiest witch apprentice?"

"What are you talking about Yuki?" Meme demanded, exasperated. "You're a nice girl, and you have nice friends... Am I missing something?"

"Oh forget it..." her owner muttered, setting her pillow aside before sighing. "I'm just down is all..."


"B-Because...!" Yuki frowned, her shoulders drooping. "Oh... It's nothing..."


"I'm serious, it really isn't!" the black witch exclaimed, jumping to her feet. "I just... I just feel a little uneasy..."

Meme sighed heavily. "Aw... What is it?"

"Nothing... Nothing at all..."

"Oh Yuki... This is unlike you... Why not just tell me and then Meme will be all the help she can be!"

Yuki couldn't help but smile and laugh.

"I was being serious ya know!" her fairy retorted, obviously upset. "Mou Yuki..."

The blonde grinned. "Arigatou, Meme... And you're right! I need to be more optimistic and look on the bright side of things!" She clenched her fists, holding them up. "Energizing the fountain of life... yes, that's the spirit of Japan!"

"Now that's my Yuki!" Meme cheered.

"Aw, I just love you Meme!" Yuki exclaimed, starry eyes. Her fairy nodded, holding the same starstruck gaze.

"I love you too!"

She smiled brightly at the premature fairy before the light bulb came off. "I know! Saiki-kun and the others are still settling in, so I bet if I just pitched in and helped..."

Meme's grin disappeared. "Uh... Yuki?"

"And if I per chance got to spend more time with Saiki-kun... And he just so HAPPENED to realize how helpful and friendly I am..." she continued, the cartoon hearts fluttering around.


"Then he'll HAVE to fall in love with me! He might even note something really sweet and sincere like..."


"Hm?" Yuki looked over at the ever frustrated Meme, the starry lovestruck look still in her eyes. "Hai, Meme?"

"Um... Are you POSITIVE about that... that guy liking you?"

"Huh?" The girl put her hands to her hips, taking the offensive. "Oh come on Meme! I know you and Saiki-kun barely interact with each other... But that's no reason to not like him! So what if he treats just about everybody and everything with the exception of Akatsuki-kun-tachi with indifference?"

"Wouldn't you fall under the category of 'everybody and everything except...'?"

Yuki flustered and sighed. "I don't think so... Besides Akatsuki-kun and I have a pretty solid friendship... Saiki-kun and I have a pretty solid relationship in general... And I think there might be that little spark of hope that he likes me... After all, Akatsuki-kun likes Doremi-chan, so what have I got to lose?"

"Your dignity." Meme muttered, rolling her eyes.

Yuki groaned. "Oh come now, Meme..." She walked to her closet, searching through the clothes. "At least be a dear and help me out... I need to wear something decent, don't I?"

Meme groaned.

"Fine, fine..."

Saiki gently smoothed out the wrinkles on the covers, sighing. "Another day, another step closer to destiny..." he muttered, relieved, frustrated, and calm all at the same time. "Another step closer to Onii-chan's crowning..."

The younger prince sighed again. There are times where I just wish things would never change...

"Saiki-kun, something wrong?"

Saiki glanced over at a worried Fujio and lightly nodded. "Nothing important, I assure you... Well, Fujio-kun? The duties for the day are...?"

The orange wizard blushed lightly before walking away.

"The usual."

Saiki formed a slight smile.

"I see... The usual..."


Everyone present seemed to perk up at the sound.

"I'll get it!" Akatsuki called out, walking to the door and opening it. "Yes?"

"Hello, Aka-chan!"

"Oh, Yuki-chan!" The prince seemed surprised, his eyes scanning the ever familiar blonde, dressed in some sort of a rather peculiar blue dress with a matching navy bow woven neatly into her hair.

Yuki curtseyed, grinning.

"A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Ouji-sama." she greeted before snapping her head back up in a cheerful grin. "How's that?"

"You don't need to be formal..." he noted, smiling a bit before stepping aside. "Please, come in."

"Thank you, Aka-chan...I mean... Ouji-sama!"

Akatsuki rolled his eyes. "What did I just tell you?" Yuki laughed, coming in, looking around.

"So so, where's my Sai-chi?"

As in on cue, Saiki apparently noticed her and flushed, looking dumbfounded.

"Y-Yuki-chan? What are you doing here?"

"Oh, Sai-chi!" Yuki clasped her hands with the same cheerful expression. "There you are, my dear! I came just because I missed you!"

"Very funny..." her counterpart muttered, obviously looking annoyed. "Onii-chan, why did you let her in?"

"Um... Yuki-chan, why did you come?" his brother asked instead, hoping to not sound rude. Yuki blinked twice.

"Well, I wasn't exactly kidding when I said I wanted to see Saiki-kun... But I really came because I heard you guys were STILL trying to settle in!" she waved her finger, looking proud of herself for making this decision. "The dress I'm wearing is not for style... It's for cleaning! You five need a mother's touch! Oyajide-baka-san's old geezer touch ain't gonna cut it!"

They all looked confused at this.

"Mother's... touch?"

Yuki nodded, as if what she said actually made sense.

"Yuki-chan, I appreciate the help but..." Leon quickly cut Saiki off.

"Aw, when's an extra helping hand ever done any harm? Please continue, Yuki-chan."

"Thank you, Leo-san!" she exclaimed in her traditional cute sounding English. "I'll do my best!"

Saiki opened his mouth to object, however...

"What's first, Yuki-chan?" Akatsuki inquired, a little interested in seeing how this will go. Yuki grinned.

"That's easy, Aka-chaaa~n!"

"O-Onii-chan..." he stammered, causing his older brother to look at him in question.

"Hm? Is this a problem, bro?"

Saiki blushed lightly, glancing at Yuki for a split second before sighing.

"It's... nothing..."

The black witch perked up, completely oblivious to her crush's strange behavior. "Speaking of which... We all need to work together... Hey, where IS that Oyajide-baka-san anyway?"

"He's doing work in the Majokai..." Fujio explained, looking through an agenda. "Why, Yuki-chan?"

"Darn... And just when I thought he would actually be useful... Yeah right!" Yuki laughed, as if the idea was the funniest joke in the world. "I guess it's better this way... Still... I find it kinda irresponsible that you five are left alone... Geez..."

Akatsuki shrugged. "We get around..."

"But you're all supposed to NORMAL cute guys, not wizards! In order to live the exciting life of a human, you have to work very hard, first!" the black witch exclaimed, waving her finger. "Understood?"

Their confused blinks were enough response to get her running.

"Excellent! Let's get to work then!"

(Eyecatch: Yuki is seen fiddling with all sorts of cards, and the Ojamajos soon look behind her as she pulls up a card, and start giggling. The card is revealed to be an image of Yuki holding onto Saiki's arm as he appears a bit embarrassed.)

Yuki smiled brightly as she smoothed down the wrinkles, sighing happily. "Alright... You seem to do a pretty great job with the covers... Good job, Saiki-kun!"

Saiki's eye twitched, obviously wishing the black witch was anywhere but where she was now but he muttered a quick "thanks" and went back to his duties, doing his best to pretend she wasn't even there.

Within moments though, it became unignorable and intolerable, with Yuki running around, doing whatever she could to "help" out her "friends in need" as she liked to think of it.

It was the opposite in Saiki's point of view.

"Onii-chan, tell her to leave!" he growled, sounding like a spoiled child. "She's going to cause even more trouble... We shouldn't..."

"We shouldn't kick her out, Saiki-kun. That would be rude." Akatsuki pointed out, grinning. "Besides, I would like it if you stopped acting like that around Yuki-chan... You wouldn't have a single problem if it was Doremi-chan helping out instead..."

"Oh, but Otou-chan would." his brother groaned in response. "Remember the whole reason you took schooling in Fukai? So the Ojamajos wouldn't be a distraction... And because of her... Because of Yuki-chan..."

"So basically everything's her fault?"


"Well... Then go tell her that."

"Nani?" Saiki flustered greatly. "O-Onii-chan!"

"But nothing." the prince stated, shaking his finger at him. "If you want her gone so badly, tell that straight to her face. I'm not going to be the one who makes Yuki-chan cry... Go ahead, tell her... If you hate her that much."

"But I don't hate her..." Saiki muttered in response, sighing. "I just don't want her anywhere near me... Not in a place like this."

"And why's that?" Fujio's shy voice came as he popped up along with the other two wizards. "Saiki-kun's always acting strangely around Yuki-chan."

"Perhaps it's because he feels something deeper than friendship?" Tooru asked with eyes sparkling. "That would make a great movie!"

Saiki gawked before regaining his composure. "No... I just don't want Yuki-chan in trouble."

"By who? You should see her when she's mad." Leon shuddered at the thought. "She wouldn't be scarier than Ai-chan if it weren't for the hammer..."

"Oh dear, we'll have to send Oyajide-san to the hospital..." Fujio sighed, slumping.

"That's not the point! What I'm saying is..."



Saiki looked over at his older brother who just smiled.

"Remember what Kurumi-chan said earlier? About just being with you makes Yuki-chan happy... We owe her that, in the very least. She's only happy when you're around, you know. She cares about you... Isn't that something you've always wanted?"

Saiki blushed darkly. "Still... Onii-chan... It's just Yuki-chan..."


He flinched as Yuki kicked open the door, hands full with a basket of clothes she took the liberty of washing the old-fashioned way. "Where do you want me to hang these up? I had no idea you five owned clothes that weren't even Chinese..."


"Please... Just set that down in the living room." Akatsuki instructed quietly, blushing from the embarrassment. Yuki's head did a jerky bob and she skipped out, nearly dropping a sock on the way out.

Everyone stared at Saiki.

"You sure know how to pick them, Saiki-kun." Leon noted, hmphing.

"She might make a good wife..." Saiki groaned, shaking her head.

"Just with anyone besides me."

It was probably only 5 minutes ago, but for some reason in this short time... Saiki had learned a valuable lesson from all of this.

His friends were absolutely useless when it came to Yuki-chan. They helped, sure... But he'd much rather they didn't make snide comments about his feelings towards Yuki every so often.

Something the black witch was painfully unaware of.

Oh, the stupid karma.

He'd probably believe she really was its messenger.

That or she stuck a bargain... Hm... Either of these sounded reasonable...

"That or I'm just crazy..." he muttered, forcefully scrubbing off a table.

"Urk! Saiki-kun's got an angry voice!" Yuki yelped from behind. "He won't try to murder me right?"

Nope... Just spending too much time around this psychopath of a blonde.

"Yuki-chan..." he tried to make his voice sound as polite as possible. "Shouldn't you be working on the windows? Go away."

Yuki blinked as she huffed. "What's your deal, Sai-chi? I already scrubbed all... Let's see... One... Two... Three..." she began counting on her fingers for a few moments before showing them to her counterpart, four on each. "All EIGHT of them! And that doesn't INCLUDE the windows on the second floor... But I scrubbed those, too! Happy?"

"Work in the kitchen. Girls are supposed to be good cooks, aren't they?"

The black witch flustered and quickly nodded. "H-Hai!"

And with that, she sped off. Saiki let out a sigh as he watched her heat up the water... 98 degrees Celsius to be precise... Pour it in a cup, then into the teapot. She placed a cup on the table beside him and poured the tea, gesturing to the cup before picking it up and handing it to him.

"Tea, Saiki-kun?"

"Ur... Thanks." Saiki formed a thankful smile before sipping. His coal eyes glanced at Yuki, making her fluster.

"Next time, something other than green."


Yuki's hands shook as her palms became sweaty and her heart began pounding.

"Something wrong, Yuki-chan?" the younger prince asked, his eyes lit up with confusion. This immediately made the lovestruck girl break into a stutter.

"Ahhh... It... It's nothing..."

Saiki blinked. "It doesn't look that way... Maybe you should put the teapot down..."

Yuki blushed darkly, and smiled. "N-No... It's okay."

He saw her hands shake, his eyes narrowing.

"Seriously, Yuki-chan. I don't want you breaking that."

Yuki flinched, her heart painfully swelling from the way he said "I don't want you".

"I'm fi-"

"Saiki-kun!" Akatsuki called out, causing Yuki to yelp, dropping the teapot, it shattering into several pieces and tea spilling all across the floor at contact.

Akatsuki looked over the corner, his three inseparable friends behind him, a bit confused. "Was there a crash just now?"

The four then looked surprised, taking in the accident. Saiki cursed under his breath, glaring at the black witch.

"I told you so." he growled. Yuki's eyes widened like a frightened rabbit's and quickly got down on her knees, tea staining her dress as she frantically picked up the pieces, her cheeks heated in shame and embarrassment.

"Oi, Yuki-chan... You'll cut yourself, at least let us get a broom or something..." Akatsuki started, frowning at the sight.

"And there goes the china... Maybe Saiki-kun was right... Maybe you shouldn't help out, Yuki-chan..." Fujio sighed, heavily. "Sorry..." he muttered.

Yuki winced from the hot tea, but continued picking up, nevertheless. She pulled out her dress, dropping the shards in her lap. Saiki's lips pursued.

"Yuki-chan... Onii-chan's right..." he whispered. "We could always buy another one... We don't need anymore mistakes..."

The black witch let out a light yelp, the broken glass once again scattering across the floor. "D-Darn..." she hissed, sticking her finger in her mouth, obviously cut from the glass.

"Oh..." Saiki bent down. "You hurt yourself, didn't you?" Yuki showed her bleeding finger in response, instantly making him cringe away, revulsion obvious on his face. Yuki looked down, suddenly glum.

Saiki winced, wrinkling his nose. "No... It's just the blood... You have no idea how repulsive the stench is to me..."

"Saiki-kun's keen senses are like that..." Akatsuki laughed, approaching Yuki. "Here, hold out your hand will you, Yuki-chan?"

She obeyed and the prince observed the laceration, his smile still friendly and polite. "Nothing serious." he deducted, grasping her finger. The wicks moved for a fraction of a second, and the cut was bandaged as soon as he removed his hand. "Better, Yuki-chan?"

"Yeah... Thanks Akatsuki-kun..." she answered quietly, observing her bandaged finger before giving him a cheerful smile. "Nothing serious."

Saiki smiled in relief before flinching. "Urgh... I can still smell it..." he groaned, instantly causing Yuki to pull her hand close, her expression back to frightened. Saiki grimaced, but snapped his fingers.

Within moments, the teapot was new.

Yuki stared in surprise. "S-Saiki-kun..."

"That never leaves this house." her counterpart muttered darkly, making his way around the corner. Fujio, Leon, and Tooru automatically scattered to leave a path for him.

Suddenly, he paused.

"Yuki-chan..." he seemed to struggle with the words for a few minutes. "Please take more care of yourself... Wash that cut while you're at it... Use soap and clean it. Be more careful... Try not to make any more mistakes..."

He glanced at her, her eyes were wide now, like a small child's would be if their parent was teaching them something. He couldn't help but smile, laughing a bit.

"I'm really sorry, Yuki-chan." he muttered before walking away.

Yuki couldn't help the dark blush that flooded her cheeks. The other wizards just smiled at her and scampered off, leaving her still beside Akatsuki.

Akatsuki shrugged, helping her up, sighing. "Saiki-kun really meant it you know... He just doesn't like the smell of blood... And since he's more sensitive to things like scents and sounds... Well... he could sense it more easily..."

"Tell me something I don't know, Aka-chan." Yuki moaned, letting her hands drop to her lap. "Saiki-kun hates me. I know he does."

She stared at him, her big brown eyes daring him to prove her wrong.

Akatsuki cleared his throat, ready to defend his brother. "Saiki-kun... doesn't hate anyone."

"Except me."



Yuki groaned, folding her arms over her chest. "Then why does he act like he doesn't know I'm here?"

Akatsuki's expression turned blank. From what he saw, Saiki apparently stole glances every time her head was turned. Yuki noticed, and misunderstood.

"So he does hate me."

The prince snapped out of it, shaking his head. "No... He could never hate you, Yuki-chan. No one ever could."

She laughed. "And why is that?"

He just shrugged. "I dunno."

The black witch nearly fell over, groaning. "Ahhh... Ever the gentleman, right Aka-chan?" she asked half-heartedly, reaching up to pull herself onto a chair. "No wonder everyone loves you."

"Not everyone." he corrected, tapping her forehead. "I should say the same about you."

Yuki blinked but exhaled. "Oh yeah, Tetsuya-san hates you." she recalled, her gaze drifting off to the wall. Akatsuki tilted his head to the side, giving her a completely innocent and oblivious stare.

"Tetsu... ya-san?" he repeated, confused. "Who's that?"

The black witch nearly did an anime fall. "Y-You don't remember? Typical Aka-chan!"

"You're talking about Kotake-kun..." he mused, a smile playing on his lips. "Typical, princess."

Yuki flinched, blushing like crazy.

"W-What... the... HELL..."

"Princess." he stated again, laughing as she jumped, her confidence wavering as he recalled one of her childhood names that Saiki called her. "You're still so deserving of the name... A twilight princess, that is."

"I hate you. Don't ever call me that!" she hissed, her fists clenching up tight. "I don't care if Doremi-chan slaps me, I WILL hit you, Akatsuki-ouji."

Akatsuki responded with a glare. "Then don't say anything against my little brother." he stated in a low voice, full of authority, obviously empathizing the gap between their status.

"Oh bah, you'd do anything for him." Yuki sat down, huffing. "I'd never thought there'd be so much tension in your normally calm atmosphere..." She smirked, giggling. "That's cute. I was just being sarcastic when I said I'd belt you for it. If I hit you, Saiki-kun would hate me for sure... And you're so lucky that you resemble him enough."

Her counterpart's older brother blinked before smiling politely. "Whatever you say, princess."

The girl's lips twitched.

"It's too hard to stay mad at you." she stated, keeping a poker face. Akatsuki smiled back angelically.

"Same for you, Yuki-chan. That's my point."

"Thanks for using my name," she muttered, rolling her eyes. "But be honest, Aniki-kun. Doesn't he hate me?"





"Have I ever joked before, Yuki-chan?"

Yuki blinked, lowering her gaze with a fervent blush. "If you were Saiki-kun... You'd hate me, right?"

"Actually..." Akatsuki paused, blushing a bit himself. "If I didn't have Doremi-chan... I'd be in love with you, Yuki-chan."

The black witch stared at him, her jaw dropped. She quickly shut it, her eyes sparkling like jewels.


Akatsuki smiled, placing his hand over hers. "Come on. He doesn't really hate you. In fact, I'm pretty sure he likes you quite a bit."

Yuki snatched her hand back, but grinned. She stood up and threw her arms around him, laughing.

"Arigatou Aka-nii-chan!" she exclaimed, kissing his cheek swiftly before jumping back and spinning as if she was doing ballet. "I feel so much better, now!"

Akatsuki felt his cheek, his lips in a straight line. Yuki backed off to the door.

"Don't tell Doremi-chan, she'll kill me!" she laughed, putting her finger to her lips as if telling a secret.

That said, she spun around, kicking the door closed with her foot.

Akatsuki let out a sigh, sweatdropping a bit.

"That girl..."


Saiki flinched, looking over at the arriving black witch. He glanced at her bandaged finger, and frowned.

"Yuki-chan... I... Yes?"

Yuki smiled brightly. "I'm sorry I messed up... But I promise that I won't make any more mistakes... If I do... Feel free to give me the boot!"

Saiki's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. "Yuki-chan... That has got to be..."

"I know... I'm being a burden... But I really like you, Sai-chi! So I'll do all can to help! But if me being here is a problem..." he quickly cut her off.

"You're not very smart, are you?"


Yuki's jaw dropped to the floor. "Ah... I was just trying to help!" she protested in a weak voice, shaking a bit.

"I know..." he sighed, running a hand through his dark black hair. "That's just what I mean. I could care less if you make a mistake..."

"But... Just a few minutes ago... You were so repulsed... at... me..."

Saiki huffed, as if the idea was crazy. "Why in the world would I be repulsed at you, Yuki-chan? Have I ever told you how unbelievably impossible it is to stay mad at you?"

She blinked, not quite getting it. "Demo..."

"It was just the scent of your blood... You know how much that stench gets to me. I don't care if you were a complete klutz... Heck, I've seen enough Oyajide-san to the point where things like that don't really bother me that much. Besides, you..."

He stopped, his face suddenly turning a deep shade of red.

"N-Never mind... I'm okay with you... being here."

Yuki blinked again, and sighed heavily. "What are you talking about Saiki-kun? I saw how stressed you were earlier!"

"That's only because it was you."

"I am... confused." she shrugged, and Saiki just sighed, taking the hand that had the bandage and lightly kissed it.

"Shinoya Miyuki-chan..." he stated quietly, using her full name with a groan. "Yuki-chan, you're just fine the way you are. I don't mind it at all."

Yuki blushed darkly, and smiled brightly.

"I'm glad you think that..."

"Whatever you say, princess." he muttered, unknowingly using the same line as Akatsuki earlier.

She giggled.

"You can call me princess... but never 'Miyuki'. I disowned that name, remember?"

Saiki shrugged.

"Says you, Yuki-chan."

Just then, there was a puff of smoke, immediately causing the other members to rush in, confused.


Oyajide coughed, flapping his cape. "Taidaima..." he groaned.

"Oyajide-san... We have a front door, please use it." Akatsuki sighed, shaking his head. "What if someone saw you?"

"The Human World and its rules..." the old man muttered, rolling his eyes.

At that, Yuki huffed, walking forward with her hands at her hips.

"I hope you have a good reason why you're so late, Oyajide-baka-san. You're lucky that Sai-chi, Aka-chan, Fuji-kun, Leo-san, and To-ki had me with them."

She raised an eyebrow and Oyajide flinched.

"Who... let... her... in?"

"I let myself in! After all, I may still be in Junior High, but I know how to be a lady."

At that, everyone present in the room coughed.

Oyajide stared at her for a few good moments before gulping, looking around. "This place is clean... That's new!"

"Because these five had a mother's touch to guide them..." the black with added, jabbing him in the ribs with her elbow. "Don't worry Oyajide-baka-san, I was just leaving anyway."

"R-Really, Yuki-chan?" Fujio gasped. "It hasn't even been that long!"

"A few hours is long enough... I bet Majorika's wondering where I am..." she shrugged. "I'll see ya, then."

"Yuki-chan..." Saiki started, only to just smile. "See you."

Yuki nodded, beaming with a bright pink blush. "Okay, take good care, you guys! And Oyajide-baka-san..."

Oyajide blinked. She just smiled angelically.

"Take good care of them. Especially my dear Saiki-kun."

The old man quickly nodded, not wishing to bring on the wrath of the black witch's hammer.

With that, Yuki gave them a quick wave before shutting the door behind them.

Saiki-kun... Saiki-kun...

I love you.


Yuki looked up absentmindedly, smiling at a fuming Majorika.


Majorika growled. "What were you doing earlier?"

"Helping out the FLATS 5 and Oyajide-baka-san..."

"Did ya get close to Saiki-kun?" Aiko teased, earning a giggling Hazuki. Yuki shrugged innocently.

"I can't say... But I'm really glad!"

"Eh?" Doremi's magenta eyes were question marks. "Why's that, Yuki-chan?"

She beamed.

"That's a na-i-sho!"

-Lesson Learned-

(Author's Note: Okay, took a little longer than it should have to add the ending and opening sequences... But without any ado, here's the ending sequence of Lessons in Friendship, "Feeling Heart" by Masami Nakatsukasa! Enjoy~!)

(Footage: There are some random flashes of Misora Junior High before we stop at a scene at the window where Yuki is seen tapping a pencil against her chin as we pan up, and she soon looks at the screen, confused.)

kikoe sou na kodou ga hazukashii yo

(It's always been a bit embarrassing when people hear my feelings)

(Footage: Yuki can be seen walking down with Doremi and Kurumi at her sides, all of them laughing.)

doushite? watashi rashiku ha nai yo

(Why is that? This isn't my usual self at all)

(Footage: Yuki looks up and sees the rest of the Ojamajos waving towards her, inviting her to come over. She smiles brightly and nods.)

kyou ga owatte mo

(whenever the day is over,)

Footage: Yuki is seen twirling around while she sweeps across the Mahou-Dou, Hana chasing after her in glee.)

ashita ga sugite mo

(and tomorrow soon passes away)

Footage: Switch to where Yuki and Majoren are happily chatting away with Naoki and Kazuo watching them in curiosity. Akio soon serves them drinks, Kazuki shaking Yuki's hand as she giggles.)

itsumo soba ni ite

(I'll always be by your side)

(Footage: Yuki can be seen wiping off her forehead as she's seen doing laundry, and steps out to look at the sunset.)

zutto sunao ni kawaranu futari

(Forever throughout our ever faithful relationship)

(Footage: Switch to a scene of the FLATS 5 as Saiki extends his hand to the screen, grinning widely.


(I want to believe!)

(Footage: We switch and pan up to a surprised Yuki who soon smiles brightly and closes her eyes in pure joy as she rushes up.)

anata to atta ano hi kara

(from the very day we met)

(Footage: Doremi is seen looking out the window in thought and smiles as she looks down at a note that says "Let's walk home together tomorrow, Doremi-chan!" in Yuki's miserable writing.)

donna toki ni demo

(and at any single time)

(Footage: Akemi and Hazuki are seen practicing ballet, and Akemi soon blushes when Hazuki smiles at her.)

subete o kanjirareru ki ga suru

(I could always feel everything around me)

(Footage: Moriko is tending the flowers and looks up and soon smiles as Aiko is seen offering her a hand.)

tada anata ga iru dake de

(only whenever you are here)

(Footage: Momoko is cooking while Hana and Poppu both help, and we soon cut to a scene where Kurumi and Onpu are discussing future plans as they beam.)

soba iru dake de

(so please just stay by my side)

(Footage: Yuki soon perks up as she's now seen all alone, and sighs.)

Forever, you're my only feeling heart

(Footage: We pan up as Yuki seems bummed and looks up and soon rushes to where the Mahou-Dou is, and quickly opens the door, only to be covered in streamers, making her look up in surprise as the Ojamajos smile while holding party-poppers. Yuki's eyes glitter in surprise as she slowly smiles brightly as the song ends.)

Next time on Ojamajo Doremi Tomo-DACHI:

Yuki: YADA-KUN! Please play your trumpet for me!

Hazuki: Masaru-kun...

Kurumi: What's with her?

Doremi: Apparently she heard Yada-kun playing his trumpet...

Moriko: Yada-kun? Ohhh... The guy with green hair, right? Class 1-C?

Akemi: Urk! Just being near him is nervewhacking!

Momoko: Don't worry... He really is nice...

Hana: Why's Yuki-mama so obsessed with Yada-kun? Hana-chan thought she liked Saiki!

Yuki: I DO, damn it!

Aiko: Then what's yer problem?

Yuki: Um...

Hazuki: Y-Yuki-chan...

Akemi: Huh?


Everyone else: Calm down, Kurumi-chan!

Doremi: Next time on Ojamajo Doremi Tomo-DACHI!

Yuki: The next lesson! "Feelings Within Music"! And remember, friendship comes before everything and always treasure it!

Kurumi: Making friends isn't easy, but don't give up!