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SUMMARY: A new intersect has been built and as a result, Chuck's life is in danger. But a mysterious man and woman intervene and save him.

NOTE: I know it will never happen this way on "Chuck." I just got this idea one day for something strange and weird for "Chuck." So expect something STRANGE and I hope you have fun reading this! This is the last chapter to this strange story I thought up. Are all the answers here and everything explained? Well, maybe and maybe not. There are clues for some explanations and other things I left open for you to interpret however you want! Remember! This is all for fun! If you do want to discuss or ask me questions about theories or explanations, feel free to send me a message. I have two other Chuck stories in the works that are more normal and aren't as strange as this. I hope to post them soon!


Sarah drove Casey back home, parked and then walked to Chuck, Ellie and Devon's place. She wondered if she should tell Ellie about these Chuck sightings. She didn't know if they were reason to hope or not.

She stayed at their place for a while, talking with Ellie and Devon. Sarah had been amazed at how Ellie had been doing. She was a lot stronger than Sarah gave her credit for. After a while, Sarah thought that if she couldn't actually be with Chuck, that she'd like to be near him. So she asked Ellie if she could sit in Chuck's room for a while. "I would just like to …." Sarah wasn't sure how to finish that sentence.

But Ellie smiled. "Sure, go ahead. I know he wouldn't mind. Spend as much time as you want in there."

Sarah walked to Chuck's room and entered. She paced around in it looking at pictures and posters on the wall and the shelves filled with books, DVDs, and other things. She looked at some of the titles. She looked over on the desk and saw their picture.

Back when this all started, back when he got the intersect and they started the cover relationship, she had given him a photo of the two of them together, to keep in his room and help sell the relationship to his sister and anyone else. It was a picture of them made up with some computer photo software.

He had liked it but later, after he had discovered all of the electronic bugs in the apartment, including the one in the frame of that photo, she had seen the photo discarded in the trash. She had never told him how that had hurt her. But then she realized that he was the one who had been hurt. He had felt played and betrayed by all of the listening devices that had been planted in his apartment and that the doctored, constructed, made-up photo was a reflection of that.

So later, she took a real photograph of the two of them together and gave him that one instead. She picked up the photo and looked at it. We look so happy together, just like a real couple, she thought.

She suddenly felt tired and sat down on his bed. She lay down and as her head hit the pillow, she could smell Chuck. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.


Chuck woke up suddenly and found Ruby sitting alongside him on the bed. She looked tenderly at him as she reached down to his face and stroked his hair. "It's time to go," she said softly.

"Go?" Chuck replied.

"Home," she said. "It's time to go."

He wasn't sure if she was kidding him or not. What had happened at the BuyMore and what he had been through in the ensuing days had filled him full of doubts about whether or not his life would ever be the same again, if he could truly go back to what his life was before.

As if reading his thoughts, she spoke, still in a soft, tender tone. "Your life will be different. It won't be the same. It will change. But I think you're going to like a lot of those changes."

"You never have explained to me who you are, where I am or what this place is."

She sighed and smiled at him. "Charles took care of things back home. He ... handled things, set events in motion, and then made sure it was safe for you. I kept you here where it was safe and where you wouldn't be detected until that time."

"So you two are my guardian angels or something?" Chuck asked.

He expected to get the "Or something!" line again. But Ruby surprised him.

"I'm not an angel Chuck, definitely NOT an angel!"

"Then who, what?"

She sighed and smiled at him. "Would you really like to know who or what I am? Would you really like to see the true me? Do you remember that one agent at the BuyMore who tried to shoot you, the one who got to look at me – REALLY look at me? Do you remember his reaction?"

Chuck did. That agent had screamed in absolute terror.

"And now he's in a psych ward," she said seemingly able to read Chuck's thoughts. "Trust me. You don't want to know. You and everyone else wouldn't want the truth. You wouldn't believe it. You wouldn't want to believe it. Eventually, some logical, rational explanation will be thought up for everything that has happened to you and everyone will accept that. The important thing is that you're safe and alive. But I can tell you that a deal was made. A deal was made for your benefit."


"Someone who loves you. Someone who loves Ellie," Ruby replied.

She then held out a ring to him. "Put this on."

Chuck started to put the ring, a bright gold band, on his left hand but then Ruby scolded him. "I think you had better put that on your right hand. We don't want blondie getting the wrong idea."

"What is this?" he asked about the ring.

"I'm not sure why we were asked to give this to you. I think it may be a message."

"From who?" Chuck asked.

"I already told you. Someone who loves you. Someone who loves Ellie."

She ruffled his hair, and, still smiling at him, said "It's time."

"Will I ever see you again?"

Ruby's smile got bigger. "Thank you! You're sweet. I would love to keep you but I know I don't have a chance against blondie. And besides, when you have me in your life, you have trouble!"

And with that, she reached out with one hand and placed it on the front of his face. "This will hurt a little, but just a little."

Then Chuck could feel some sort of force like a tugging in his head. It did hurt but as Ruby said, it did not hurt a lot. Somewhere far away, he could hear her voice telling him goodbye.

That tugging force continued. He felt dizzy. And then he blacked out.


When Chuck opened his eyes, he was lying down and he couldn't move. Something was holding him down. He tried to see where he was and only saw yellow. Yellow? No. It wasn't yellow, it was blonde, blonde hair. Sarah's hair. Sarah? He was lying in a bed with Sarah on top of him. His left arm was in an awkward position. He needed to move it. But her body prevented any movement of his arm.

"Sarah!" he groaned.

"Mmmmm!" Sarah replied and she snuggled tighter against Chuck.

"Sarah, while you feel fantastic, I really need to move my arm. You're cutting off the circulation. Could you please just move off of it for a second?" Chuck whispered.

"Sure Chuck," she yawned. She started to move and then her eyes flashed open. As did Chuck's.



They had both shouted each other's name at the same time. Both sat up in bed and stared at each other in shock.


"CHUCK!" Sarah screamed. "YOU'RE ALL RIGHT! YOU'RE HERE!"

Then she hugged him, hugged him tightly. Chuck hugged her back. He couldn't believe that he was back and the first thing that happened was that he was in her arms. He heard noises in another part of the apartment. He looked up to see what was going on. But Sarah suddenly grabbed his face with both her hands and kissed him hard and passionately.

The rest of the world faded out for him. She kept kissing him and wouldn't let go. Then he heard the door to his bedroom flung open and Ellie screamed his name. She crashed onto the bed and hugged him and Sarah. Then Devon came in on the hug too.

Chuck felt mashed by the all of the arms and bodies pressed against him. And Sarah kept kissing him and wouldn't stop. Mashing never felt so good, he thought.


Sarah, Ellie and Devon finally let Chuck go long enough to allow him to stand up off of the bed. Ellie and Devon stood off to one side looking at him and smiling. Sarah was right by his side, beaming at him and she clutched his arm, as if afraid that he would disappear.

They all moved out to the living room and sat on the couch. Sarah kept hold of his arm the whole way. And when they were all seated, Sarah still clutched his arm as she sat closely by him.

"Tell us what happened? Where have you been?" Ellie said.

"You're going to think I'm crazy," Chuck replied.

"Just tell us what happened."

So he did. He told them everything. They didn't interrupt him, didn't give him any strange or funny looks, didn't call him crazy. They just listened. And when he finished, he was the one who brought up crazy.

"Maybe I imagined it or dreamed it all. Maybe I got hit on the head and it damaged my brain or something. Maybe I was hypnotized or drugged," he rambled.

Sarah said nothing and placed her head on his shoulder and held his arm tighter. Both Ellie and Devon looked thoughtful. Finally Ellie spoke.

"I suppose anything is possible. But you know what? I don't care! The important thing is that you're back and you're safe and unharmed."

"I agree," Sarah said and smiled at Chuck.

Then Ellie's eyes went wide and she gasped. "Chuck! That ring!" she said pointing at his right hand.

Chuck had forgotten about the ring that Ruby had given him. He held up his hand.

Ellie reached out, grabbed his hand and pulled the ring off. She examined it closely. Her jaw dropped.

"Chuck! Where did you get this?" she exclaimed.

"Ruby gave it to me before she let me go."

Ellie looked again at the ring and then at Chuck. Her face registered shock and astonishment. She finally spoke.

"This is mom's wedding ring. I know it is because it has the inscription on the inside. It has been missing since …." Ellie did not finish the sentence. Chuck didn't know what to say.


"Ruby said that someone who loves me and loves Ellie made a deal for my benefit. My mother made a deal? But ... maybe I just hallucinated it all," Chuck said to Sarah.

"I don't care. What matters is that you're back, safe and sound. And that's all I'm concerned with," Sarah replied.

He and Sarah were alone in his room, sitting together on the bed. It was the first chance they had had to be alone since his return. Much to Chuck's delight, Sarah still sat closely to him and seemed to take every opportunity to touch him.

At present, she stroked his arm and stared down at it as she rubbed back and forth. Chuck looked at her. Eventually, she noticed and stopped.

"Sorry! It's just that I …. I really missed you," she said.

"I missed you too. REALLY missed you!"

They stared in each other's eyes, smiling at each other, and not speaking. Then Chuck broke the silence.

"Well I guess it will be back to the BuyMore and spy stuff as usual."

Sarah smiled. She hadn't yet told him about his new job, how he was going to be put in charge of rebuilding a new intersect. "Actually, it won't be back to the usual," she said. "You're going to have a new, more important job, kind of a promotion."

"What do you mean?"

"There's going to be changes, a lot of changes," Sarah said as she smiled brightly at him. And then she leaned in closer and kissed him. And as their lips met, Chuck realized that changes would not only be happening in the spy work but other parts of his life as well!

The End