"Then it's finished!" Zelos declares. I growl in frustration.

"No, Zelos, it isn't finished, it's more complicated than that! You can't just do that! I mean, look, just watch!" I say, moving a pawn and taking a bishop. He grins.

"Nuh-uh, look. If I just do this…then I get that. See? Tolja so!" My jaw drops as his knight puts me in check. Chess is a game we have played together for years, and I usually outsmart him immediately. This game has lasted a while, though.

"How…? That's…no…fine, okay. I'll just do this. There!" I triumphantly slam my fist down.

"Just watch. I can do this. Hmmm…." His gaze slowly travels back and forth, examining every possibility. "Ha!" he moves his queen. I sigh.

"Remember, look for consequences. Not just immediate ones, either." I say, shaking my head and taking the polished piece with a rook and a grin.

"Consequences, huh?" he smiles - a strange reaction to losing such a valuable piece. I curiously watch his grin spread.

Then, he leans forward. I pull away. He stands up and walks toward me. I stand up and back away. He follows and lifts his hand. I blush as he caresses my cheek.

"Wh-what are you doing?" I stammer. His smile widens, but there is a hint of, what, nervousness, is it?

"Sh…." He leans forward, his red hair brushing my face. He slowly places his lips on mine. I blush and start to pull away, but his hand on the small of my back stops me.

Then, I surprise us both. I kiss him back. I tangle my hand in his hair, caught up, sure I would regret this. His lips grow more insistent, and I return the emotion. Hours could have gone by as we stood there, but finally, we pull apart. He smiles again, but his eyes hold more emotion than I expected.


"It's alright." he cuts me off. I shyly smile as he returns to his seat.

"Zelos, I'm sorry…I should've stopped you."

"No, Sheena, don't say that."


"Because I…I care about you deeply." My mind whirls.

"I care about you, too." I reply.

"Do you care about me…a lot?" he asks slyly.

"Well…yes, I do." I blush as I reveal the information I'd hidden so long.


"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Swear not to hit me? Or scream?" Curious, I nod.