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A/N: this takes place in New Moon, after Edward left. This story is a Twilight/Charmed-y-ish fanfic.

Charlie's POV:

The full moon shown through the windows of the room, as Charlie Swan paced the floor. Where's René? She should be here by now… He looked out the window and saw the full moon come out from underneath the clouds….

And then, her screams.

Renee's POV:

I stood over my daughter as her powers entered her, there was a black light shining from her eyes and open mouth. No, she wasn't supposed to have this power… What has happened? Then, the lights turned red and then purple. Something has gone wrong… I grabbed her and raced out of Forks, there was only one place I could bring her…

The Next Morning Bella's POV:

I opened my eyes, to the bright sun filtering through large windows. Where am I? The unfamiliar room was in colonial/Victorian décor; the walls were lilac in color, there was a fireplace (complete with a roaring fire), I was in a canopy bed with lilac and lavender sheets, there was also a circular table with various candles on it with a ring of candles surrounding it. Somewhere in the back of my subconscious I realized that the table was an altar. I got up in a daze, and walked toward the antique vanity table and sat down to look in the mirror. What I saw amazed me: there was a beautiful pale girl with dark brown almost black hair, full red lips, and red eyes with violet and black at the tips of her irises. What has happened to me? I was so beautiful I could be mistaken for a vampire.

Then, the door swung open and my mother entered the room, but, I was too shell-shocked at my appearance to turn to look at her. "Oh, sweetie I was hopping you wouldn't be up. I wanted to be here when you awakened," she said as she came to stand over me putting her chin on the top of my head. "Sweet heart, y-you're a witch. Last night your powers came to you, but something went wrong, dear, you have the wrong powers. Your powers were supposed to be those of light; the only thing that my mother could think of was that somehow you were altered so greatly by someone or something."

You, don't know the half of it… "So, you're a witch, I'm a witch and Grandma Marie is still alive and is a witch," I concluded. "Yes, that's about it. Oh, I'd better show you your closet because you have to go downstairs to meet your cousins and aunts and such."

As we walked across the room I asked my mom, "Where are we exactly?" "Ah, yes we're in my mother's house in Salem MA." Oh, I get it a witch who lives in Salem.

She then opened up my closet, Alice would have loved this I felt the familiar pain in my chest as I thought of them. The closet was filled with designer clothes (both formal, informal and shoes), dated pieces (like Victorian and Colonial), and ceremonial witch stuff (you know cloaks and things). "You can pick any designer informal wear," Renee said.

I quickly grabbed a silk Ralph Lauren cami, a tweed blazer, Seven for All Mankind skinny leg jeans, and paired them with some Steve Madden black paten leather flats. And raced down the stairs following my mother.

When we reached an orately carved door she said "This is your Aunt Zania's study, everyone is in there," and opened the door