Chapter 12: Justice Prevailed

Albus Dumbledore, former Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, former holder of the Order of Merlin First Class, former Head of the Wizengament, and former Supreme Mugwump, looked around his solitary cell. As prison cell standards go it was actually very large and comfortable. He had a decent cot to sleep in and a desk to write his memoirs on. As well as a separate bath. He was given two meals a day, nutritious but lacking in any real flavor. He had no magical inhibitors placed on him. He had to assume that the cell had some form of them within the wall. Nearly everyone inside the Ministry knew that he could perform some forms of wandless magic. He did, however, miss having books to read and his lemon drops. But over all it wasn't too bad, at least for the first few years. Then ii became monotonous.

Now he was bored to death, day in and day out. Someone made sure that he was keeping with the current events as he received a daily copy of the Daily Prophet. It was his only link to the outside world. He would read it every day, slowly, so that it would waste more time. Sometimes even more than once.

He was allowed no visitors and even the guards were non existent. In fact as soon as he filled one of the empty journals, a new, blank one would appear, replacing the filled one. Where they went he had no idea, but he hoped that who ever read them would understand why he had done some of the things that he had.

It was through the newspaper that he learned that Harry and his muggleborn bride had become the parents of twins, a boy and a girl. They had named them James and Elizabeth. That had been over ten years ago. Since then the Royal couple had had six more children. The Public loved this fact and the entire family. He wondered if they were trying to compete with the Weasleys.

It was also through the newspaper that he learned of young Mr. Malfoy's death, by Harry. Killed for trying to kidnap the twin Prince and Princess. Apparently Harry didn't believe in second chances. He had to wonder where he had failed in teaching the boy that lesson. There were some notices and other reports of other students that he personally knew. In his own world it was he that they turned to for help, not the boy. It was he who had saved them once again.

He rarely saw the Weasley family mentioned. He had learned that the twins had denounced their family and had joined the boy's family as his brothers. The elder two Weasley children refused to denounce their family name, but also would have nothing to do with the other members of their family. They tried to stay neutral. Arthur, Molly, Percy, Ronald, and Ginerva had all been sentenced to five years each and had long since been released. He had read that they had had their magic taken away and were now living as muggles. Arthur was probably having the time of his life.

Severus was given to the Veil right after his trial. He had used a hidden wand to take out as many of the members of the Wizengament as he could after they had sentenced him to ten years in Azkaban. Such a waste of talent that had been. It was those that sentenced him that didn't understand what Severus could do for them.

The latest Prophet's headline was that the Royal twins were starting Hogwarts in September. Next year would see the next Potter, Elisa, along with the Longbottom's eldest daughter, Ivy, attending. It was rumored in the paper that Prince James and Ivy were already betrothed. Albus didn't believe that for a minute. Harry would never let a child of his be restricted in such a way. Not the way he had fought with all of them over their choice of Ginerva.

As he was deep in his thoughts he heard his cell door open. His head turned to see if his ears were playing tricks on him. No! The cell door actually opened and to Albus' surprise both Harry and Neville walked in. Both had matured with dignity and grace.

"Harry! Mr. Longbottom! Welcome to my humble abode."

Neither man said anything. Behind them a group of house elves hurried to bring in a couple of chairs, a tea table and some tempting treats. The display was making Albus' mouth water. He had had no sugary food since coming to Azkaban.

Longbottom made a show of pouring the tea and offering the cakes and biscuits around. After taking a heavenly bite of a lemon jelly roll, Albus could no longer contain his curiosity.

"May I inquire as to the reason for this visit?"

"Just merely checking to see if you're still with us", answered Neville. Harry just stared at his former mentor.

"As you can see I am in good health."

"And good spirits as well."

"I suppose so. I am becoming quite bored though with nothing to read and I do miss my lemon drops."

"Yes, well that was part of your sentence."

"I don't follow."

Harry answered this time. "I want you to live a long life in here. No candy, no books, no meddling. I arranged for the Prophet to be here everyday so that you would know how the world is doing without your interference. We have no need of your meddling.'

"Now, Harry, I am sure that I could help in some way. I do have age and experience on my side."

"But you refuse to let anyone think or take chances for themselves. You always thought that you knew better. This is why you are here today."

"When do I get to leave?"



"Never. Be thankful that I placed you here. Hermione wanted to leave you in Antarctica, naked and alone."

Albus' jaw dropped in surprise. He had always considered Ms. Granger a non violent, level headed girl.

Neville chuckled at his former Headmaster's reaction. "That's nothing. Daphne wanted him sent to Mars on that Muggle contraption. What was it called again?"

"The Land Rover. Hermione considered it, but later decided that there were too many Muggles that would have to be Obliviated. Not to mention if the pictures came back with him in them."

"True. But they were both pregnant at the time, so their hormones made them a little soft. Remember what happened to the poor Minister from Italy?"

Harry winced. "The poor man has no trouble crossing his legs now. I never knew that such a thing could be done by magic, so quick and effortlessly. I still have no idea where she sent them."

"I don't think that I want to know. Do you think she taught that curse to Daph?"

"Probably, along with Liz, Ivy, and Elisa. No boy is going to step all over their girls. I almost feel sorry for James. The poor boy not only has to contend with his sisters knowing that spell but his future wife as well. I think that if he didn't love Ivy so much, he would probably have left long before starting Hogwarts."

"Still he's smarter and braver than we ever were. After all he's going to be attending school and court at the same time. As well as trying to keep my daughter in line."

"He has his work cut out for him."

Neville could only nod in agreement.

While they were talking, Albus listened with rapt attention. He hadn't heard another human voice in over ten years and was surprised to hear their banter. How different thing would have been if Harry had stayed to the plan. Before he could voice this, the two men stood up.

"We came here to, one annoy our wives, and two to let you know that you no longer have any influence over the Wizarding world. It was a slow process but we finally have removed the last person to support you within the Ministry. Enjoy your 'kingdom' for you will never leave. We will never return."

With that they left the room. The table, chairs, and food remained until the day that Albus Dumbledore, 'Manipulator Extraordinaire', died by his own hand.