Things that go Bump in the Night

Chapter 1

On a brisk October day at Domino High, and everyone was in a bustle of excitement. In just four days, Halloween was coming. Everyone in Mrs. Tikada's math class were chatting about their plans for that night. Teens were planning to go to costume parties or just going to score on some free candy.

But no one was more excited for Hallow's night than Yugi Motou. Halloween was his favorite holiday ever. "Hey Yug, you thinkin' about the big day?" a voice said from behind him.

Yugi turned and smiled to his blond friend Joey Wheeler, "I sure am, but I still don't know what I'm going to do this year."

"Don't sweat it pal; you and I can always watch Halloween movies or score on free candy."

"Trick-or-treating; you're kidding right, Blondie?" said a smug voice. Joey and Yugi turned to the source of the voice and their expressions changed. Yugi paled at who was coming towards them as Joey gritted his teeth in anger and annoyance.

The person coming up to them was a boy with emerald hair tied in a ponytail, cerulean colored eyes, flawless creamy skin, wearing his blue school uniform. "Mind your own damn business Aaron and how many times did I tell you to stop calling me that?" the blond teen said angrily.

"I was only telling the truth Blondie and besides I didn't come to talk to you anyway." said Aaron as his cerulean eyes gazed at Yugi lovingly as the smaller teen winced at him.

The emerald haired teen walked past Joey and stood beside Yugi's desk and said, "Hello Yugi, how's my baby doing today?"

The amber eyed teen stuck out his tongue in disgust as Yugi answered, "Aaron, please don't call me baby."

"Don't be like that Yugi, I just came to ask you…"

"For the last time, Yug doesn't want to go out wit ya, geez!" Joey interrupted.

Aaron turned to Joey irritately, "I don't recall asking for your concern, Blondie."

"Sorry pal, I was just telling the truth." the blonde said sarcastically as Yugi chuckled at him.

Aaron grunted angrily at the amber eyed teen but calmed down. "Well it appears my presence is no longer required here so I'll be leaving you two for now." Then he turned to Yugi with those lusty, cerulean eyes, "I'll see you later, Yugi; hopefully we'll be going out on that date." Aaron winked at the tri colored haired teen and walked away.

"Tch…in his dreams maybe. Yugi, when will that stalker leave you alone man?"

Yugi lowered his eyes to his desk, "I don't know, but I hope it's soon. He may look and sound nice, but there's something about him that doesn't set right with me."

"Yug, you have good instincts," the blond began as he placed his hand on the other's shoulder, "and don't worry; whatever the jerk tries to pull with you, I've got your back."

"Thanks Joey, you're the best."

Joey shrugged his shoulders grinning wildly, "Hey, it's what I do for those in need." The two teens laughed at his action.

Outside the doors of Domino High School, two dark clad figures stood eyeing the building, "So my dear cousin, shall we proceed in." said the taller dark figure.

"Yes we shall." replied the smaller figure revealing one of his sharp teeth in a smirk.

As the two figures entered the school, they were stared upon by some of the girls in an admiring kind of way. One of the figures was a tall brunet with icy, sapphire eyes, wearing a white suit with a blue dress shirt and white tie. The other was the spitting image of Yugi, except his skin was slightly tanned and his eyes were crimson red, was a little taller in height and was wearing a black tank top and black jeans. The girls in the hallways squealed happily at the teens' beauty as they walked past them.

The brunet chuckled darkly at the girls' behavior towards them, "Well it appears that women reactions towards us haven't changed, eh Yami?"

"Yes Seto, I do believe you're right."

"Alright, Alright off to class before you're late, move along." Yami and Seto turned to the source of the voice. It was a middle aged man with brown hair, wearing glasses, a red golf shirt, kaki pants, and black shoes. In the midst of all the bustling students the man noticed two new teens and walked up to them. "You must be our new students. I am Mr. Ikimata the principal and welcome to Domino High School." he said as he reached out his hand.

Yami took the hand and shook it with his and said, "Greetings sir, I'm Yami Atemu and this is my cousin Seto Kaiba."

"Nice to meet you, my good man." Kaiba said as he shook the principal's hand as well.

When they finished shaking hands, Mr. Ikimata said, "Well it's nice to meet you both; follow me and I'll show you to your first class." So the principal led the two teens to their class.

As Mrs. Tikada was settling her class down for the lesson, there was a knock at her door. The class became quiet when they saw Mr. Ikimata at the door talking to Mrs. Tikada. When Mr. Ikimata finished talking and left, Mrs. Tikada stepped to the front of the class and said, "Class, may I have your attention," the students listened closely to their teacher's words, "we have two new students joining our class today."

Yugi turned to Joey and whispered, "Wow, we haven't had new students in a long time."

"It's about time we have some new faces at this school."

When the two new students entered the classroom, everyone (mostly the girls) gasped. "Umm…Yug, you're an only child right?"

"Of course Joey, you know that."

"Well, it doesn't seem like your twin does though." the amber eyed teen said pointing to the front of the class.

Yugi turned to the front of the class wondering what Joey was talking about when he saw him. Staring back at him with rich, crimson eyes was a copy of him. The same spiky red and black hair with blond bangs but the teen had tanner skin and was taller in height. The amethyst eyed teen marveled aimlessly at his twin that he didn't even hear his friend whisper his name. Aaron noticed the way his crush was looking at the new student and became jealous.

"Hello Yugi, earth to Yug, come in." the blond teen silently said tapping the other's back.

Yugi regained composure and turned back to Joey, "I'm sorry pal, did you say something?"

The amber eyed teen grinned evilly at his friend, "You're crushin' on the new guy, aren't ya Yug?"

The smaller teen blushed slightly and shook his head, "Of course not Joey, don't be silly."

"Right…well if that's the case, then you wouldn't care if your look alike was admiring you too."

Yugi turned back around and realized that his doubleganger was staring right into his big, amethyst eyes with a rich smirk. The smaller teen's face blushed scarlet at those crimson orbs boring into his soul.

"Like I said Yug, crushin' on the new guy." Joey said snickering from behind.

"Well even if I am being admired, I'm not the only one. It seems the brunet is eyeing you as well, Joey."

The amber eyed teen noticed iced blue orbs staring at him with lust and shrugged it off, "Oh please Yug, he's probably staring lustfully at his oh so many admirers over there." he said referring to the girls with sparkles in their eyes.

"I doubt it…"

"Mr. Motou and Mr. Wheeler, are you finished with your conversation?" The two teens jerked at the sound of their teacher talking to them.

"Yes, Mrs. Tikada." they both said in unison sinking into their seats embarrassed.

"Good, now then in case you two weren't listening, this is Yami Atemu and Seto Kaiba and they'll be joining our class." The math teacher turned to the new students, "Now where will I sit you two?"

All the girls in the class raised their hands wildly in excitement hoping Mrs. Tikada would sit one of the handsome twins by them. The boys in the class rolled their eyes at them.

"Gosh Yug; who knew girls could get all riled up like that over some guys." Joey whispered to the smaller teen.

"I know, I'll never understand girls."

Mrs. Tikada heard the sudden bustle and turned to the class, "Alright ladies settle down! Now then, Mr. Kaiba you may sit by Mr. Wheeler."

Some the girls sighed in sadness as Joey rose from his seat and yelled, "Say what!"

"Joseph, sit down!" Joey sat down and folded his arms mumbling to himself. "As I was saying, Mr. Kaiba please sit by the blond teen please."

Kaiba nodded, "Sure thing, Mrs. Tikada." So the brunet walked leisurely toward his assigned seat. As he sat down by the blond, all the girls around him cooed at him. Joey just rolled his eyes at them. 'Oh great; with this guy sitting by me, I'm gonna be listening to these cooing girls all year. They act like they never seen boy in their lives; what a bunch of girls.'

"You can say that again, pup."

Joey turned to the brunet shocked, "How did you…?"

"You're easy to read, pup." the sapphire eyed teen interrupted with a smirk on his face.

"Okay…first off my name is Joey not pup and second will ya please stop staring at me that way? You're kinda freakin' me out, man."

"How can I help it when there's an adorable puppy sitting by me." the brunet said lovingly.

Joey's eyes widened a bit as he began to blush feeling nervous, "Umm…Uhh…thanks…I think." The blond opened his textbook and held it to his face so he could hide it from the brunet. Kaiba just chuckled at the embarrassed blond, liking him by the minute.

"Alright now, Yami you can sit by Yugi Motou. Yugi, please raise your hand so Yami knows where to sit." the math teacher said. Yugi sheepishly raised his hand as he was told. Yami gave a small smirk as he waked to his seat not taking his eyes of the smaller teen.

The amethyst eyed teen blushed at his look-a-like as he sat down next to him in the empty desk. Yugi turned from the taller and blushed like crazy.

Yami smirked at the boy next to him with gracious eyes, 'I think I'm going to like this boy. He's so cute and innocent I really love his eyes.'

Aaron noticed the way Yami was looking at Yugi and became filled with a jealous rage. 'Who does that guy think he is admiring Yugi like that? Yugi is mine and there's no way I'm going to lose him to this new comer!'

Yugi felt crimson orbs gazing at him but was afraid to look back. This caused him to blush even more. 'He's staring at me but who knew he would be this appealing up close.' The smaller teen gasped at the thought. 'Did I just think that? Now I know what they mean by love at first sight.'

To Be Continued…

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