You all are going to hate me, but due to loosing my muse for this story, I can not remember how I was going to continue it. I have absolutely no idea how to continue because of this. I also no longer have access to the movie.

I might re-write this if I get inspiration back and make Akima a little less friendly towards Preed and his rather obvious, uh, attention to her (THANKS TO *shelter FOR POINTING THAT OUT). Maybe I'll even continue with it.

I am terribly sorry for leaving you all hanging for so long. There is no way I can ever make it up to you now. However, if you want, you can PM me with ideas as to what Preed's plan is. That might jump-start my inspiration again, and I promise I will give the people whose ideas contribute to the story a large shoutout (if and) when I start writing again.

Also, I am most likely moving this to my other account, Demeanon, so I can check on it on a more regular basis.

My deepest apologies,

Disciple of the Muses, aka Demeanon