~Naruto Comedy~

(Hinata slowly approaches Neji)

Hinata: I challenge you Neji-ni-san!

Neji: Really think you can defeat me?

Hinata: Lets settle this like men!

Neji: Slap fight!

(Hinata and Neji start slapping each other continuously.)

Hinata: Your strong Neji

Neji: I know!

Hinata: Byakugan!

(Hinata suddenly shifts left)

Neji: What the hell are you doing???

Hinata: I'm tired of fighting like men lets fight like women!

(Hinata shoved her fist into Neji's heart killing him with a blow to the main chakara system point)

Hinata: It seems I could have killed Neji in previous episodes by giving him a women's touch.