I am my job,

Don't you forget!

Candy store,

Makes me prime suspect.

What used to be Dre,

There's now Deaq.

No one listens,

When I speak.

Two Berettas

In my hands,

"Catch the criminals."

What demands!

"What we seize we keep,

What we keep we use"

How could a rule like that

Be refused?

Mercedes, Ferraris,

Circled 'round,

The room where Billie

Can be found.

So deep undercover,

That badges have no place,

Hoping not to see

A familiar face.

Parties, Races,

Shoot-outs, Deal.

Being 100% successful

Just isn't real.

I blame myself,

For lives lost.

Though the jobs wouldn't have been

Better off tossed

They say I make

A very big difference

The number of wins

Overpowers the victims

Being good at my job

Shouldn't make me vain.

So now you know,

Welcome to Fastlane.