"Are you aware of just how much she resembles you?" Mr. Tilney stared out the window looking at his daughter. Ophelia, who had recently entered her fourteenth year, sat in her usual oak tree reading a leather-bound book. Sitting on the sofa behind him, in a similar position was Catherine; her eyes also engaged with the print of one of their library's multiple volumes. Mrs. Tilney cast an amused glance out of the window and realized with little surprise that her husband was right.

With her thick brown hair done up in a hasty bun, a few stray locks drooping out, Ophelia looked exactly as her mother did at that age. "I can not believe she has a more serious reading streak than Arthur did," said Mrs. Tilney, referring to their older son. "He used to do nothing but read novels all day. He has as good an imagination as any child but I'm afraid he's rather awkward in society now." Henry laughed and put his arms lovingly around his wife.

"Well than he certainly has grown up just as you did. Though I believe Ophelia resembles you more." Catherine raised her eyebrows.

"How so, my dear? After all you claim the two to be more alike than any set of twins in England."

"In two respects. The first is, as you say, Ophelia reads even more than Arthur did. And the second…" Here Henry's voice trailed off and his eyes softened as if he were going over some pleasant memory. "The second is her ability to write extremely good sonnets."

Even after twenty years of marriage this caused Catherine to blush. I suggest the reader once again to call upon the simile I had them summon up in the previous chapter. Mr. Tilney on the other hand could not help but smile, thinking back to their engagement. Instinctively he put his hand on his breast pocket where on a worn folded piece of parchment fourteen lines of iambic pentameter were resting as close to his heart as ever.

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