Haley's Prov

I was hunting I hadn't hunted in days or weeks is more accurate I didn't know where I was I was looking for someone I meet awhile ago but never could find here. I had been running for weeks only just now stopping to hunt I didn't want to kill a human.

I saw a bear I went in to my hunting position I had made a vow many years ago to kill every bear that came in to my path. I hated bears after they killed my oldest brother.

I took off I got the bear on the ground when a blonde and very beautiful vampire next to me growling at me.

"who are you?" I asked the blonde she growled again.

"I should be asking you the same question" she sounded mad.

"I'm Haley I'm just passing through"

"Rose what's going on?' a male voice that sounded familiar asked.

"nothing Em just a small vampire on our territory"

Em could it be no he did I thought about his name and it automatically showed me that he was ten feet away from me I ran to him and hugged him.

I looked up at him he looked confused.

"Emmett it is you I now it is"

"how do you know who I am?"

"Emmett who is this little vampire?" the blonde who he called Rose asked.

I took his hand and made him showed his past human life and me and my twin his twin. I let go of his hand.

He looked at me it finally registered with him. He picked me up and spun so fast I hugged him again.

When he set me down Rose was mad she yelled "who the heck is she Emmett!"

Emmett looked back at Rose and smiled. "she's my little sister" I looked at Rose she looked stunned.

"Emmett I thought you died"

"no i was getting gawled by the bear when this beauty" he said pointing to Rosalie "picked me up and ran really fast an three days later i was a vampire.

i was so happy oh yea "hey Emmett i have a question""

"what question would that be little sister?"

"do you know a girl named Emma ?"

"yea we do" it was Rosalie who answered my question

"oh you do i meet a girl named Emma a few weeks ago and i wanted to talk to her but i can't seem to locat her at all"

"follow us and you can see Emma but i doubt she's the one you are looking for and what do you mean how would you locat her?"

"oh thats one of my two powers i can find some one if i just think about the name the other is i can see the pas of any person i touch" i explained as we ran.