Jayde's pov

We stepped into the living room and there sitting on the couch was

the brother who I thought died years ago my older brother Jasper

Lee Whitlock.

I herd Jack and Jasper also hitch their breathing too and all eyes

fell on us.

"Jazz?" I asked in a quite voice.

He looked at me.

"Jayde my Baby sister" he answered

I ran to him he swung me round and around till a pixie like girl

Tapped him.

"Jazzy who is this" she asked trying to hid her irritation.

"I'm sorry I'm his little sister Jayde and that is his twin Jack" I said

"oh well I'm Alice I' Jasper's wife nice to meet you" she said giving me a hug.

No one's pove

They talked all night till everything was settled and the Cullen's

Had tree new family members so they now consisted of

Carlisle Cullen

Esme Platt

Emmett Macarty

Haley Macarty

Edward Masen

Adam Masen

Rosalie Hale

Emma Hale

Jasper Whitlock

Jack Whitlock

Jayde Whitlock

Alice Braden

Bella Swan