Chapter One: A Dream Come True

"Good morning Chicago!"

Stepping outside the balcony of the hotel that was conveniently located ten to fifteen minutes away from the Winslow's residence, Steven Q. Urkel dressed in red and green plaid pajamas looked around for a few minutes to take in the cool, fresh air, the bright green leaves on the trees floating silently below him, and the sun shining warmly on his face. Seeing the numerous tall buildings surrounding him along with the bright blue and yellow sky brought a smile to his face as he rested his hands on the golden ledge in front of him. It had been a day after the wedding of him and his new bride, Laura Lee Winslow, had taken place and nothing more beautiful could have happened than what had occurred on that day of May, 1999. Laura's brother, Eddie Winslow, was nice enough to be Steve's best man in his favor, and Maxine, Laura's long-time friend, after a few naïve laughs, agreed to be Laura's bridesmaid. Steve was happy to see Mother Winslow and Rachel Crawford, Harriette's sister, arrive as he hadn't seen them in a few years. He finally felt as though he was family once and for all with the Winslow's on that day, as only a few members of his own family were able to arrive save his parents who had claimed that "Mod Squad" known as "Modsky Squadsky" there in Russia was on repeat and they could not miss it. Although there were a few hitches in the wedding ceremony with Steve almost causing Carl Winslow, Laura's father, to fall head first into the wedding cake and the surprise appearance of Myrtle Urkel to chase after Eddie, Laura thanked Steve for a great time at the wedding and reminded him that it was what she had wanted her wedding to be, mistakes and all. Laughing with a few snorts, Steve smiled as he realized that his surprise he had planned for Laura was going well so far, almost too well.


"Hidey ho Laura Lee!"

Turning around, he silently gasped as he saw who he envisioned as the most beautiful person in the world in a light blue robe with matching fur slippers in front of him. Speechless for a minute, it took for Laura to chuckle for a few minutes to wake him out of his reverie.

"Steve, you ok?"

"Of course, my sweet," Steve answered, the two of them now standing on the balcony.

"But it's five in the morning," Laura yawned. "You don't have class for another five hours."

"I know, sugar bottom," Steve headed toward the sliding glass door leading back into the master bedroom. "But I have a few things I have to take care of before I do that! Besides, after that, WE have a few things to take care of!" Steve smiled, bouncing up and down in his usual cool gesture and raising his eyebrows that caused Laura to laugh once again.



"Be careful what you wish for."

"Why, Laura Lee?"

"Because," Laura slowly walked over to Steve, whose back was still against the screen door, and gave him a kiss on the lips. "You might just get it." Going back inside as Steve moved away for her to open the door, he still remained standing there, his eyes wide open and his mouth agape.

"…Whoooooooooa, MAMA!"



Eddie heard his long-time friend answer from his new advanced at the time cell phone, driving in his new red Corvette that he had saved up to purchase while at his current occupation as an officer at the Chicago Police Department. Taking advantage of his few days off, he decided to cruise the streets of Chicago and see what was up before going over to see his sweetheart, Greta. Holding the phone in his right hand, he let his left hand grip the top of the steering wheel as he rotated it to the left to make his left hand turn at the green left turn lane signal.

"Steve's planning a surprise birthday party for Laura tomorrow."


"So I want you and Maxine to come on over to Steve and Laura's hotel and celebrate."

"Cool, but I don't think it'll work."


"If she already knows it's her birthday, it won't be a surprise then."

Taking a moment to sigh and shake his head at Waldo's response, Eddie put the phone back up to his ear.

"And the decorations and cake will give it away."

"Waldo! Don't worry! Just show up with Maxine and bring some food, all right?"


Remembering that she was alone in the hotel room for the rest of the night due to Steve's classes that he decided to take in order to graduate from IOU, Laura Urkel lay her black purse down on the kitchen table, exhausted from her two classes as well as her shift at Ferguson's. Thankful that her mother was still working there, she was able to convince her boss to give Laura the next few days off in order to celebrate her birthday. The day she was surprised to notice her husband Steve barely mentioning. Besides Steve mentioning the plan to move into their new house which would be only a few minutes driving distance away from her mother and father's home and stay in the hotel in the meantime, she was almost blown away by the fact that her birthday, May 23rd, had not been talked about by the only man who was very enamored by her sight or own voice in his presence. After calling her parents, Eddie, Waldo, even Maxine about whether or not Steve had said anything only to get nothing from them also, did not make things any better.

"I can't believe this…"

"Hi sugar toes!"

"Hi Steve…"

Realizing that she had been sitting there longer than she had thought, she looked at the clock on the microwave and saw the light flashing 10:11 PM.

"What's wrong, Laura Lee?"

"I'm fine, just had a long day…thanks for asking though."

"I know what you mean," Steve walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out two soda drinks, accidentally dropping one of the cans but just as quickly bent over to pick it up. Putting them both under his arm, he walked over to the table where Laura was sitting and sat next to her, setting the two sodas in front of him. "Talk about your crazy teachers, this new professor we have is just off of his rocker! All I did was put in a recommendation of which formula we should use which would be more efficient instead of the one provided, and he wanted my head!"

"Well, you only have a few more months left to deal with him and then you'll be able to graduate."

"That's right! Even though I have to make up some of the work I missed due to the space program in Houston and the wedding, it was well worth it, Laura Lee."

"You're so sweet, Steve…"

"But uh," Steve looked down at the two cans of soda, forgetting which was which. "Wait! Was it this one I dropped? Or was it THIS one…no wait, it was THAT one I remember, it was THAT one I had dropped. YEAH! Or…no…wait…it was-"

"That's all right, Steve," Laura cheesed as she stood up from her seat, kissing Steve on the cheek. "I'll just wait until tomorrow to drink it. G'night!"

"Good night, my pet," Steve smiled as he saw Laura walk into their bedroom, the door closing shut being the only sound heard throughout the room. Returning to his mistake, Steve continued to deduce which one to drink and finally settled on one to open. Opening the can he decided was the right one, a sudden burst of soda sprayed into his face as his tongue and lips felt the large sum of soda spilling down onto the table and his neck.

"Well…" Steve walked over to the kitchen and pulled out many paper towels from off the roll situated next to the microwave, wiping his face and the table down. "…At least Laura wasn't here, I would've given her that one! But tomorrow…tomorrow…she'll never forget."