I studied his perfect face in the pale moonlight; trying to memorize it. With his cold, pale skin, perfect, angular features, long, muscular frame, and the tangle of bronze hair—I truly believed that he was an angel. I saved the eyes for last. They were a mesmerizing honey-ocher color, and they were smoldering with a burning intensity that my own chocolate colored ones could only dream of achieving. Even though the night was warm where we stood on the rooftop of the luxurious hotel, over looking the grand skyline of London, a chill ran through my body as Edward pulled me closer into his icy chest.

I had never thought of myself as beautiful, but Edward thought I was. I have a heart shaped face, eyes the color of melting chocolate, a short, slender body, and long brown hair. I don't really know what Edward likes about me, but I have to say that I have him mesmerized.

"Bella, I love you." He whispered those four words in my ear and I was stunned into silence. No one has ever said that they loved me before, besides my family.

"I love you too, Edward." And out of some crazy impulse, I reached up and my lips hungrily found his, and then crushed themselves against his as if they had a mind of their own. He didn't object. I barely noticed when his lips left mine and pressed against my throat. I barely noticed when His teeth penetrated my skin until I was set on fire.