It wasn't enough. It was never going to be enough. They would always want to be together. People said it was just lust and teenage hormones. Or the looming dark war that was ahead of them but none of it was true. They knew what really pulled them together and even though neither one said anything…they knew. They knew that they loved each other.

Despite being on the other side of the war.

Despite their families, beliefs, and friends.

They clawed their clothes off each other and moaned as each bit into each other's collarbones. They wanted to be with each other. This was the only way that they knew to tell each other that they loved one another.

"Ah…harder…fuck!" Harry moaned against the wall. It made his chest cold but it added to the excitement. They never made it to anywhere comfortable. They always fucked in bathrooms, empty classrooms, the Quidditch hut, or any flat surface. Never a bed or coach. Nope.

And Harry didn't give a shit.

Not when Draco was shoving into him and making him see stars. He moaned even louder and knew that they were more desperate. Their sixth year would end in two weeks and Harry wasn't coming back to school. Draco knew that. That's why he had been more affectionate than usual. He was desperate to keep Harry. They knew they couldn't continue this. Tonight was the last night and then they would walk away. A clean cut. That's what was supposed to happen but the thought of it made tears spring to life in Harry's eyes.

"Potter…fuck…why are you always so tight?" Draco panted.

Harry's laugh turned into a moan quickly as Draco thrusted harder. They were coming too quickly but it was over. It had been wonderful but it was over. Draco pulled out and Harry winced a little, but he was glad for the soreness because that meant that this had actually happened. He and Draco had found common ground and they had come together.

"H-Harry?" Draco whispered.

Harry turned around and quickly shut his eyes. Draco had tears in his eyes. His normally light and carefree grey eyes had turned a dark grey with turmoil. Harry pressed his head against Draco's and sighed.

"Always and forever," Harry whispered.

"If…if we cross paths…I don't…" Draco stuttered. He couldn't finish his sentence. He couldn't see himself fighting Harry. The same was for Harry. He knew Malfoy hadn't meant to get in so deep. It was all so he could save his mother. He would sacrifice anything for her, just as his parents had sacrificed everything for him. It was a messed up world they lived in because this world wouldn't let them be together.

"Draco…if…it's so hard," Harry whispered fiercely. His frustration and anger edging into his voice. He had lived his life for so long without love. Then he had made friends, found his godfather, his first love, and Draco. Cedric had been great to him. They had fallen in love but he had died and the person who hadn't gotten him through all that had been Malfoy. It had been a surprising turn of events but Dumbledore had approved of their relationship and said that it was the best thing in the world. Then suddenly Harry knew he loved Draco.

They couldn't say it though.

Saying it would mean falling desperately into a love that would be torn to shreds by Death Eaters and members of the Order. No one would understand or approve. They wanted to. God did they want to be together. It wasn't going to happen until after the war was over. If they both survived it…they would find each other and damn the world.

"I'll leave," Draco sighed.

"What?" Harry asked.

Draco looked Harry in the eye and nodded. Harry couldn't believe his ears. This was his dream come true. Draco offering to come to his side. To fight with him and for him. For the cause, that they both knew was the right cause in the end.

"What about your family? You can't leave your mother in Voldemort's hands Draco," Harry insisted.

He didn't want Draco to go but he knew in the end that it was the right thing to do. Draco needed to save his mother. It was the only way possible for Draco to live in peace. His father was a bastard there was no doubt about that but his mother had been wonderful to him always. She had cared for him and she had protected him always. That's what mattered to Harry: that Draco saves to one person who had been there for him always. His mother had stopped believing in Voldemort's cause a long time ago and she wanted to leave but couldn't. The Malfoy's were tied in to deep and Draco was the only one who could get them out.

"I want you. I want to be with you. I love you," Draco cried.

"Don't say it Draco!" Harry yelled.

"I LOVE YOU!" Draco screamed.

"NO!" Harry screamed.

Draco tugged on Harry's arm and turned him around. Harry closed his eyes and refused to look at the blonde. If he looked him in the eye, he would beg him to come join him and that was impossible. He wouldn't do that to Draco. He wouldn't make him choose. If he did make him choose and years from now Draco regretted it, he didn't want to Draco to leave him because he thought that he chose wrong.

"Potter! I love you okay?!" Draco screamed.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Harry chanted.

"Say it back Potter!" Draco yelled.

Harry froze. He couldn't say it back. If he did, which he desperately wanted to, this…relationship they had would become very real.

"Potter, I know you feel it. I know that you love me. I'm tired of holding back. I need you to say it to me," Draco insisted. "Please…Harry."

"I love you," Harry whispered.

Draco's head was down and Harry thought he hadn't heard him. Suddenly this was the thing in the world. He needed Malfoy to know how he felt before it was too late he wanted him to know the truth.

"I love you. I love you. I love you," Harry said. "Please Draco…I love you. Did you hear me?"

Draco kissed Harry and pushed him against the wall. Harry moaned and felt himself give in. he needed Draco. Draco was his world now. He had to fight with Draco. He had to fight for Draco.

"Harry, I thought…I thought that I would never hear those words," Draco panted.

"I love you," Harry whispered.

"How do I let you go?" Draco whispered.

It was getting too heated now. They were tearing their clothes off again and Draco was at Harry's entrance ready to plunge back in. they told themselves they would only do it once tonight but it wasn't enough.

Draco slammed into Harry and Harry cried out in pain. No, it was the good kind of pain. The kind of pain that made this so real. They were having sex. Draco was pumping his dick and whispering his name as if it were his life mantra. They loved each other.

"Harry!" Draco groaned as he plunged into Harry harder than he ever had before. He would leave bruises, dark love bites, and scratches all over Harry's body.

"AH! Fuck! Harder…please…oh god, please, please, please, please, please," Harry begged.

"So…submissive," Draco groaned.


"Oh, Harry baby…you feel so good," Draco whispered.

Harry whimpered and tried to block out Malfoy's voice. Malfoy was going at an excruciatingly slow pace and Harry knew he did this to drive him crazy. He wanted Malfoy to go fast and hard, as they usually did when they got desperate but sometimes Malfoy liked to take his time and make Harry come with only fucking him. He wouldn't touch Harry. He would use his words and dick to make Harry come and Harry was helpless to stop him.

"No…ah…Draco! Don't," Harry whimpered.

"Fuck Harry…do you like it?"

"Ah! No!"

"No? But you feel good baby. So tight and fuckable."


"Your so hot right here and your body is begging me to take you."


"Don't you hear my dick slamming into you?"

"Please…ah! Please!"

"You're my little slave."


Draco hadn't touched Harry and Harry was coming. He saw white and collapsed against the wall. Draco still fucking him was the only thing that kept him standing. Draco slammed into him two more times before screaming Harry's name and they both fell to the ground.

"Can't make anything easy can you Malfoy?" Harry chuckled as Draco handed him his pants.

"Why should I? Don't you want me to fight for you? Shouldn't we both fight for this?" Draco sighed as he pointed to Harry and then to himself.

"We can't. You have things to do and so do I, I wish we could be together," Harry sighed.

"Do you want me to pick you?" Draco whispered.

Harry stayed quiet. If he said yes…what would happen? He had to let him go. It was the best thing to do. It was the right thing to do. But oh, how he wanted to say no. He wanted to say it to the world. He wanted Draco to pick him always. But he didn't want to say that. He couldn't say it. It wasn't right to let Draco's mom hang in the air like that. He wanted to be selfish but he couldn't be. It wasn't right.

"No," Harry whispered.

Draco felt his heart stop. He couldn't breathe. He saw red and felt the anger in his chest bubble up because he was hurting and because he was hurting, he wanted to hurt the one who was hurting him. Harry didn't want him. Harry was pushing him away after everything that they had been through.

"So you don't want me?" Draco hissed. He was getting dressed quickly and was standing at the door. "I can't believe I wasted my time with you."

"Draco! I…you can't pick me," Harry cried.

Draco looked at Harry and noticed that Harry was crying. Then it finally hit him…Harry thought this was for the best. Harry wouldn't let him pick him. Harry knew what Draco's mother meant to Draco. Draco smiled and fell to his knees.

"I wish he had met earlier…or later…after all of this was over…maybe then we could have been…we could have been something great," Draco whispered.

Harry sat on the floor and let himself cry he would not call out to Draco. He would not beg or plead. He would bite his lips and cry. Draco left the room and shook his head. He walked to his common room and cried in his bed. He closed his eyes and thought about surviving the war and being with Harry. He would find him. They would be together again. He closed his eyes and whispered Harry's name at the same time that Harry was whispering his name in the Gryffindor dorm rooms.

One day…they would be together.

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