1. Donning the Mask


Kim tossed various shirts, pants, skirts, boxes, and other unrecognizable clothes and miscellany from her closet in a fury. She was a little upset at this sudden change in plans for tomorrow but at least she had a day to recover. It could have been much worse, it could have happened the day OF the party.

Ron watched as the floor became first cluttered then unrecognizable. "Uh, KP, might I suggest—" he started to say.

"I'm not dressing up as a giant burrito," said Kim with a frustrated sigh. It was like he had a one track mind sometimes. She knew that was being unfair, but she really had no interest in dressing up as foodstuffs. "And if you even think about getting that taco costume out again, I will stop talking to you. Forever."

"Well, you need to come up with something," said Ron. "The party is tomorrow and we sort of need to match since we're going as a couple."

"Easier said than done, Ron," Kim said from the closet.

"I don't understand why we can't just stick to the original plan," shrugged Ron. "I was really looking forward to going as Speed Racer."

Kim stuck her head out of the closet. "First, you may have been looking forward to being Speed, but I was not looking forward to being Trixie. And second, BONNIE and BRICK are going as Speed Racer and Trixie and I will not wear the same costume as Miss Egotrip."

"Hrm," grumbled Ron. He knew as soon as he heard the news about Bon-bon and Brick there would be trouble. He just didn't understand the stigma women had about dressing alike. Not that he was particularly eager to incite comparisons between himself and Brick Flagg, but he'd endure it, like he always did. It was like he ever worried about looking silly, he had no interest in climbing the social food chain.

Kim resumed going through her closet looking for something to put together as a last minute costume. She had plenty of costumes from earlier Halloweens, but some were probably a little small now. She also had several costumes from her world saving duties, but they were hardly themed, and didn't necessarily imply a matching costume for Ron.

Kim dug a little deeper in the endless abyss that was her costume and stumbled across a small box in the back corner, wedged mostly behind the dresser and covered by a blanket, as if intended to be forgotten. Kim pulled it out and dusted it off with a quizzical expression. This was her closet, so she must have put the box back there, but she couldn't recall what she would have hidden back there rather than simply throwing whatever it was away. She sat on her heels, momentarily perplexed, and opened the box.

She stared, slightly slack jawed. The outfit staring back at her was immediately recognizable and her mind was flooded with memories. Oh, yes, she remembered why she'd hidden this. Her fingers instinctively ran over the smooth, soft fabric and she could remember how it felt when she wore it. A cool shiver ran down her spine. Then a sly smile crept across her face. It was only one day, after all? She could indulge.

"What's up, KP?" asked Ron from the bed where he was sitting. "Didja find something?"

Kim stood, holding the box cradled in her hand. "Yup," she announced cheerily. She turned and looked at Ron with a glance that made him jump. "All I need a wig to complete it. And it has a pretty obvious matching outfit for you."

"Great!" said Ron, relieved that Kim seemed to be less angry. He hated dealing with Kim or pretty much anyone when they were angry. "Will it be easy to put together my costume?"

"Yup," nodded Kim. Her smile looked almost sinister now. "Just a little makeup, a wig, and a coat. Easy and cheap."

Ron swallowed, he felt dread creeping into his body from the stare. "That's good," he said, half-heartedly. "So what's the costume?"

Kim reached into the box and pulled out the garment, holding it up for Ron to see. He's eyes went wide.

"Oh, no. No, no, no," Ron said quickly, shaking his head. Rufus jumped out from his pocket and looked to see what was going on. He stared at Kim then, went 'eek!' and dove back into the pocket.

"Come on, Ron," Kim said, trying to plead, though she couldn't seem to banish her wicked smile. "It'll be fun for a day."

"KP, have you cracked?!" Ron said loudly.

Kim finally got control of her expression and stuck out her lip.

"Aw man," Ron winced, seeing the puppy-dog stare.

"Pweeze," Kim laid it on thick.

"Nnng," Ron groaned. His battle had already been lost. He just hoped he wouldn't need therapy after this.


"Shego!" called Dr. Drakken has he stalked through their lair. He walked with his arms straight at his sides, one hand gripping a folded pamphlet in a tight fist, and slightly stooped forward with each step, as if he was leading his way by his nose. It reminded Shego of a vulture -- a blue, highly impotent vulture, but a vulture nonetheless.

Shego was sitting in front of one of the large control monitors watching TV in 122" of glory while filing the claws on her gloves. "What is it?" she said as she watched Drakken come up to her in a huff.

"We need costumes!" he announced in much the same way one might announce they've decided to go to war with Germany.

"Er, why?" asked Shego, a brow decidedly arched. "You have some plan to steal something from a theatre?"

"No, I—er, yes! I have a grand plan," Drakken quickly corrected himself. "It is called... ehh, Operation Party!"

Shego blinked, then turned back to the monitor. "I'm not going to a party with you."

"But it is Halloween," said Drakken, stomping his foot like a spoiled child. "And everyone will be there."

"Everyone?" asked Shego without turning away from the episode of Agony County playing. "Who's everyone?"

"The villains, of course, Shego," said Drakken. "Jack Hench is throwing some Tri-City Halloween bash and we need to make an appearance."

"I don't see why," said Shego. "Who are worried about looking bad in front of? The useless golfer, the idiot who thinks monkeys are more evolved than humans, or the spoiled son of a rich lunatic?" She paused then turned away and looked at Drakken with an expression of wonder. "Wow, you guys are all pretty much on par with each other in lameness, aren't you?"

"Please, Shego, I could care less about those plebians," he dismissed with an air of faux aristocracy. He held his hand up, palm down, and made a 'shoo' motion to drive the point home.

"Then why? Hoping to score with DNAmy again?"

Drakken shivered from toes to scalp. "NO!" he nearly yelled.

"Hmm," Shego put her hand to her chin. "He doth protest too much..."

"This has nothing to do with the other villains," Drakken quickly interrupted. He held out the wrinkled paper in his hand to Shego, pushing it into her hands. Shego opened it and read.

"'HenchCo will be presenting the latest in their line of high tech equipment for the discerning villain.' Ugh, I've had enough of his junk." Shego crumpled up the paper and threw it over her shoulder.


"What?" Shego said, turning away from Drakken. "Every time one of his stupid gadgets shows up my life turns into a living hell. Besides, it's not like you have money lying around to buy his baubles."

"Why would I buy anything when I have you?" asked Drakken.

"Check my contract," Shego said without moving. "Last time we renewed there was a strict, no stealing worthless junk clause in there."

Drakken grumbled loudly.

"Shh! I'm watching," said Shego. She didn't actually like Agony County very much, but it was better than listening to Drakken grit his teeth and stamp his feet in a tantrum. To her surprise, he actually quieted down and she was able to hear the vapid dialog of the shows supposedly teenaged cast. If the youngest of the 'kids' on this show was less than twenty-three, Shego would eat her own gloves.

"I suppose I could just invent something new to use on Kim Possible," said Drakken, behind her.

Shego froze then slowly turned around to see Drakken talking to himself, clearly trying out insane ideas in his head until he came up with something worth building. Last time it was a toaster that fired bread as fast as a bullet. At least, that was what it was supposed to do the times it didn't burn the loaf and fill the lair up with smoke. Drakken brainstorming new inventions was ALWAYS a dangerous thing.

"What time was that party?" Shego asked, drearily.

"Tomorrow at six," said Drakken. "But I guess you're right, I don't need to ste—"

"Fine, we'll go," Shego quickly interrupted him. She didn't want him thinking about ... whatever it was he was thinking for too long or they'd have rabbit shaped robots or something else inane hopping around by the end of the week.

"Eh?" asked Drakken. "Oh, good, good. Then we need costumes."

Shego sighed loudly. She reached back and picked up the paper and un-crumpled it. As she smoothed out the wrinkles she noticed a line on the invitation. She blinked.

"It's a themed party?" asked Shego.

"Yeah, everyone is supposed to dress up as their opposites," said Drakken. He rubbed his chin. "How does one dress up as a buffoon?" he asked.

Shego patted him on the shoulder. "You've got that look down already, you might want to try something new."


The Halloween party at Middleton High School was a sponsored affair, put together by the diligent work of the senior class student council and a lot of cajoling of the often absent principal to allow the event to be given funding akin to the traditional homecoming dance. Thanks to the efforts of a few influential teenagers, the school gym was down covered in orange and brown streamers, large murals depicting pumpkin patches and graveyards, a flurry of ghosts suspended from the ceiling (that looked more as if they'd been pulled out of Pac-Man rather than a horror movie), and tables separated by occasional bales of hay.

Neither Kim nor Ron were part of the student council or were involved in the petitioning activities and so opted to arrive about fifteen minutes after the start of the party. This way the party would be underway and there would be little of that awkward punch drinking and idly standing around looking at decorations that occurs when only a dozen people have yet to show up. By the time Ron and Kim walked through the door the gym was already half full of costumed students.

The first person to notice their arrival was Monique. She was dressed up as a 70's blaxspoitation movie character. Her hair had been teased into a large ball and she was wearing a yellow jumpsuit and carrying a plastic pistol strapped to her thigh. And her first reaction was panic. Her second reaction was to reach for her gun and hope the plastic was intimidating enough.

"Woah, chill out, Mon," said Ron, holding up his black gloved hands in defense.

Monique stared at them carefully. "Ron?" she said first. Then looked at the woman beside him. "Wow, I did not expect this, girlfriend."

Kim laughed, then stopped herself, moved into a pose and cackled instead, tossing her long raven hair behind her shoulder in the process. She was wearing a rather form fitting jumpsuit of black and green that covered her from her neck down, and a long black wavy wig.

"It's it a little... I dunno, odd to be dressing up as someone who's tried to kill you more than three dozen times?" asked Monique, looking at Kim's Shego costume. She had to admit, silently of course, that the outfit was very flattering for the svelte and athletic teen hero.

"It's just a costume," said Kim, dismissively. "It's not like Ron's planning on taking over the world either."

Ron brushed some lint off his long blue coat and raised an eyebrow as evilly as he could. It turned out to be a very convincing impression of Dr. Drakken. "That's what you think," he said with a faux grumble that sounded more Wicked Witch of the West than the blue scientist he had fought on so many occasions. "Just as soon as I get my hands on the plurium I'll be able to build my world domination ray!" He raised his hands into the air dramatically and laughed.

"Wow, if it isn't the dweeb team."

Ron and Kim turned to see Bonnie walk up. She was dressed in a pink coat and skirt outfit intended to match the cartoon character Trixie while Brick Flagg as Speed stood behind her in a all white jumpsuit with a red 'M' on his chest and shiny helmet. "Hmph, a mad scientist, huh?" Bonnie said, looking at Ron with a skeptical grin. "I'm sure you thought long and hard about that one."

"Woah, is that Kim Possible?" asked Brick suddenly while staring at Kim.

"Uh, yeah?" she said.

"Wow, you look hot!" Brick said with all earnestly.

Bonnie quickly poked him in the gut and started dragging him away from Ron and Kim while the latter two laughed. Monique shook her head. "This is going to be an interesting night."


Shego checked herself in the mirror one more time to make sure her makeup was right. She rarely cared about the appearance of her skin, being more proud of her green hues than ashamed, but if she wanted to pull off the character right, she needed to look a little more pink colored than normal. The heavy base she'd applied and additional blush and liner covered up her face and neck well but she decided she wasn't going to bother about her mid-drift or forearms. She didn't care about the party that much, she just was looking forward to the opportunity to freak everyone out.

Shego cleared her throat as she looked in the mirror. She'd done well, she thought. The long red wig was the hardest to look natural, but a couple of hair extensions from a costume shop helped fill it out to match the person she was dressing as. The worst part was really the size. She was simply taller than the girl, and threw the proportions off.

Checking her watch, Shego headed back into the main section of the lair. "It's almost time, Dr. D, are you ready?" she called out. She put her hands on her hips and tried to look elite, hoping to see a good reaction out of Drakken.

A moment later her target came out from another hall and then stopped and stared when he saw Shego. To his credit, however, Shego did the exact same thing.

"A-are you dressed up as..." Drakken trailed off, almost incapable of saying it. A minute later he caught his voice again. "Are you dressed as Kim Possible?!" he finished, sounding somewhat outraged.

Shego, for her part, took one look at Drakken's outfit and could not stop herself from laughing. Even after Drakken posed his serious question, Shego had no choice but to wait for the loud laughter to subside. Finally, Shego collected herself and a breath long enough to say, "Who are you supposed to be? Little Bo Peep?" She burst into laugher immediately afterwards.

Drakken was standing under the archway leading to his room wearing a long pink, frilly dress, with a bonnet, and holding the leash for an animatronic sheep by his side. He looked at Shego with an almost impossibly serious expression given his appearance. "Shego, the opposite of someone of my pure intellect and mastery over the sciences is obviously a simple agrarian tending a herd."

"And a girl," tittered Shego. This was almost worth any hassle the party would undoubtedly be.

"Don't you see, by going to an opposites party as someone so simple, I am showing all those ruffians exactly what I'm capable of!" Drakken declared. Shego fell over laughing.

"Stop that, Shego," Drakken said in a tired voice. Shego continued laughing which disrupted her attempt to stand again.

"It's not that funny," Drakken insisted.

"Yeah -- ehehehe -- it is," Shego managed.

"Hrmph," Drakken folded his arms with an angered expression.


Kim sauntered up to the drink table and got herself some punch. She'd been getting stares from all across the party and, she was almost ashamed to admit, she liked it. The skin tight costume, the way she tried to imitate Shego's brash and overconfident personality, it made her feel both startlingly exposed and deliciously alive. It was not something she'd want to do all the time, like Shego did, but she absolutely appreciated why the villainess dressed the way she did. She almost felt jealous.

"Hey, Kim," said a smooth voice from beside her. Kim turned to see Josh Mankey coming up beside her. He was dressed as some sort of hip-hop star: backwards hat, oversized jersey, low hanging pants, sunglasses, and lots of bling. Kim smiled evilly at him – as she had been doing all night to everyone – and looked him obviously over.

"Lookin' ... well, I guess 'sharp' isn't the right word to use," said Kim. Actually, she reflected, he looked at lot like Ron did in his Naked Mole Rap video from last year.

"Thanks," said Josh modestly, apparently not trying to match the personality of the stereotype he embodied. "You're looking really good."

Kim tried not to blush. It wasn't that she was still seeking Josh's approval, that ship had sailed long ago, but it was the earnest way he gave the compliment that affected her. It occurred to her immediately afterwards that she never dressed all that modestly while dating him, and Shego's outfit covered up more of her body than she exposed on an average day. She put a hand to her hip and looked at Josh accusingly.

"Oh, only noticing now, huh?" she said.

"Er," started Josh. "Not at all, but it's not like you ever needed positive reinforcement. You always look good."

"Hmm..." Kim eyed him skeptically. "I'll accept that for now." She smiled more honestly now. "How's Tara?"

"She's good," nodded Josh. "She's the legged mermaid over there." He pointed into the throng. Kim quickly spotted her in her glittering mermaid dress complete with seashell bikini. Kim was surprised she hadn't noticed her before, she had a pretty nice looking costume.

"Not bad," said Kim. "I may need to try to kidnap someone later, I'll put her on my list." She laughed.

Josh smiled. "Well, unless there's someone here dressed like you, I'm not sure who will mount a rescue."

"You wouldn't lead the charge to save your date?" asked Kim in mock surprise. "Shrewd."

Josh leaned over and leered dramatically. "I might just decide to run off with her kidnapper instead."

Kim felt flush at the suggestion. It was a decidedly un-Shego-like reaction and she decided they needed to stop this, now. She playfully punched Josh in the arm and then waved. "I think I'll go tell her that," she suddenly said, still feeling a little naughty.

Josh looked genuinely alarmed and Kim laughed as she vanished into the crowd.


Shego looked around the banquet hall and was actually a little impressed. This event was pretty swanky and she was a little ashamed that Drakken had heard about it but she hadn't. Though he had always been more connected to the 'community' than Shego had, considering she felt above a large majority of her 'peers.'

People were dancing and talking all throughout the room, dressed up in some of the most surprising of costumes that even made Drakken's Bo Peep costume look almost normal. Sprinkled along the walls were standing booths showing off some of HenchCo's new technologies, complete with booth operators trying to draw people's attentions just as if it were a convention. It was a little annoying, in Shego's opinion, but well worth it for getting to attend such a high class party for free.

Shego accidentally bumped into someone wearing a beige suit and turned to apologize the way Kim probably would. She started to open her mouth when the person she bumped into suddenly gasped.

"Kim Possible!" he said. Shego rolled her eyes.

"Oh, come on, it's Halloween," Shego said, annoyed. She looked at who she ran into and blinked. "Monty?"

"Oh," Monkey Fist said awkwardly. "O-of course, I knew it was you, Shego."

Shego looked at his costume. "You're dressed up as yourself," she pointed out, a little confused.

"No, I'm dressed up as the lowly creature I used to be!" Monty said boldly.

"Right, so you're dressed up as yourself..." Shego repeated.

"My former self," Monty corrected again.

Shego sighed. "Everyone I know is crazy, aren't they?" she asked, rhetorically.

Monty looked at Shego with an appreciative nod. "You do pull off the teen punk quite well, though you're a little taller. And..." he struggled. "You know." He guestured impotently at Shego's chest area.

"What, are you also dressed up as a six year old?" Shego asked. "You can say it. I have bigger boobs than the twit." She shrugged. "It's not like I'm going to get offended."

"Hrm, right," grumbled Monty. "Well, it's... er, good to see you."


The two villains turned away from each other a tried to separate as naturally as possible. Shego caught a glimpse of Drakken talking with Duff Killigan as she walked. They appeared to be discussing the specifics of each other's costumes. Drakken was motioning towards his robotic sheep and Duff was gesturing wildly at the golf clubs he was carting behind him having apparently dressed up as his own caddy.

Shego decided then that better conversation was likely to be had talking to the booth operators.


Kim was dancing with an awkward Drakken to some upbeat music when the Kimmunicator rung. Kim went to her pocket instinctively then realized she had none. She wondered how Shego ever carried anything around with her. Perhaps she wore coats everywhere and just took them off when she was about to commit a crime.

Ron pulled out the Kimmunicator and held it so they both could see.

"What's the sitch, Nerdlinger?" asked Kim.

"Kim?" asked Wade on the other end. Or at least, she assumed it was Wade on the other end, he was apparently dressed as a mummy.

"Sorry, just acting in character," said Kim with a sheepish grin. "I didn't mean to offend."

"It's fine, I was just surprised by your Shego and Drakken costumes," said Wade.

"So, really, what's the sitch?" asked Kim.

"The Crown Diamond was stolen this morning," said Wade.

"The same diamond that was on display at the Upperton Museum?" asked Kim.

"The same," nodded Wade. "Here's the security footage from the getaway." Wade's face was replaced by black and white video of the roof of the museum showing a helicopter. A man scampered up to it, dressed in black with a very muscular upper body, and jumped in. A few moments later it took off and flew away. Wade reversed the footage and stopped it showing a frame of the thief in clear view. A series of green lines wrapped around the thief, then the picture disappeared leaving only the model of the thief behind.

"He looks familiar," said Ron.

"He should," said Wade. The 3d model then turned, estimating for body proportions that couldn't be seen in the video. Then a series of pictures of Kim's enemies flashed to the side of the model before finally stopping on one that the screen then reported was 99.8 percent body match.

"Senior Senior Junior," said Kim.

"Why does he need to steal a diamond?" asked Ron. "Isn't he already richer than everyone?"

"It's not just any diamond, Ron," said Wade, appearing on screen again. "It's one of the largest perfect diamonds in the world, rivaling the Hope Diamond."

Ron shrugged. "Bling is bling," he said.

"Got a lead on where Junior is now, Wade?" asked Kim.

Wade nodded. "He's listed on the guest list for a HenchCo Halloween party going on in Upperton right now."

"Well, at least he didn't go far," said Ron. "Maybe he just needed it for his costume."

"Don't be silly, Ron," said Kim.


Shego looked at the booth display with more than a little discomfort. In the glass box in the center of the display was an odd looking gun with a series of canisters on each side of it. The sign on it read: "Personality Adjustment Gun! Turn your enemies' quirks into a lifestyle!" She shivered. It was always mind control with these guys.

"Interested in the RB6000, huh?" said the booth operator. He was a tallish man who was somewhat egg shaped, complete with shaved head, and he had a small black patch of hair on his chin. His suit was expensive, as everyone who worked for HenchCo was provided. "It's a personality suppressor ray, based on our earlier, discontinued product, the 'Attitudinator.' One shot from this bad boy and your target's conscious personality will be immediately suppressed and you'll be able to imprint a new one based on specific visual and somatic cues. Excellent for troublesome henchmen and pesky heroes alike. Wanna place an order?"

"Absolutely not," said Shego, emphatically. "Why do guys keep making these things when all they end up doing is screwing us over in the end?" She shook her head. "I'm sure I don't need to tell you what happened to Electronique."

"Actually, Electronique was a consultant on the RB6000 project thanks to her new attitude towards team playing," said the man with a smirk. He held out his massive hand. "I'm John Bork, senior design analyst."

Shego looked at the hand like it was alien. "I'm completely disinterested." She lied. In truth she wanted to know everything she could about the gun so she could ensure she was never within its area of effect. Too many times she'd been made to suffer at the hands of some variant of the Attitudinator. "Did you at least fix her after you were done milking her for information?"

"She seems pretty happy as she is right now," said John.

"Of COURSE she does, she's been mind controlled you moron," snapped Shego. "She can't remember what she wants."

"Does that matter?" asked the slimy man. "All she can remember makes her happy."

Shego's hands started to glow. "You're disgusting," she said darkly. She raised her hand in a threatening manner but the egg man just looked back, coolly. She grit her teeth then reluctantly extinguished her flames. "And you're apparently too stupid to fear for your life like a normal person." She turned and walked away as fast as she could without being obvious. She looked over her shoulder after she'd gotten a good number of paces away to make sure the jerk hadn't taken the gun out of its box with intent to use it on her. He seemed distracted by another person that had come up to the display, which relieved her.

"Hey, Shego!" said a cheery voice.

Shego faced forward again just in time to avoid running into a big man in all black. She looked up at the face, which was the only indicator of who people were this evening. "Junior," she said.

The young billionaire was head to toe in a nice black outfit with a collar, and white gloves. He almost appeared respectful if not for the goofy grin he had and the fact that while in one hand he was holding what looked like a large diamond, the other hand held tiny wiener wrapped in pastry.

"Enjoying the party?" Junior asked.

"Less and less, as it turns out," Shego said. All things considered, for all his infantile desires, Junior was probably the most tolerable person in the room. He at least respected her and her abilities, something even Drakken couldn't be relied on for on a regular basis.

"Nice Kim Possible costume," he said.

"Whatever," said Shego. Really, she thought her costume would make a bigger splash than it did. She should have known better considering how self centered this crowd was, most were walking around bragging about their own brilliant costumes which were, in her opinion, not fitting with the theme of the night. Speaking of which...

"What are you supposed to be?" she asked.

"Sir Charles Lytton," said Junior.

Shego blinked. "Say what?"

"The Phantom, the suave gentleman thief who stole the Pink Panther diamond in the Peter Sellers film," said Junior, he waved the diamond in his hand for emphasis, then popped the wiener in his mouth. Shego felt the words were completely incongruous with the man saying them and was nearly floored by the cognitive dissonance. She quickly latched upon an explanation.

"Your father picked your costume, didn't he?"

Junior reluctantly nodded. "He still doesn't think I'm much of a thief," he said sadly. Then he looked up. "But I did manage to get this without his help."

"What? A prop diamond?" asked Shego.

"It's no prop," Junior said proudly. "It's the Crown Diamond."

Shego looked closer at the 'prop' and then blinked. It did indeed look like the actual Crown Diamond, which stunned her. Either Junior actually managed to steal the third or fourth most famous diamond in the world or had stumbled upon the most impressive counterfeit she'd ever seen. She almost wished she had a loop with her to check the clarity.

Hang on, her mind stopped her. The Crown Diamond was in Upperton just yesterday, wasn't it? Her mind put together everything Junior had just told her and formed an unpleasant picture. She put a hand to her forehead to rub the rapidly growing headache.

"Junior," Shego said slowly. "Tell me you didn't just steal the Crown Diamond, in mid daylight, and then come straight here to this party."

"Um, why?" asked Junior uneasily.

"Nice costume, Princess," said a voice behind them.

Shego sighed, well that settled it, worst Halloween ever. She turned slowly to face the speaker and saw herself. Well, not exactly. It was herself but at little too short and a little less... endowed. Maybe the night wasn't lost yet.

"Same to you, Pumpkin," said Shego. "It's a good look for you." Kim had dressed up as her. On the same night she had dressed up as Kim. What were the odds? Shego eyes drifted over to the buffoon and noticed he was dressed up as Drakken. Ooh, boy. She took it back, this was the best night ever.

"You think so?" asked Kim moving her body in a slinky way Shego had NEVER seen Kim do before. "I like it. Why don't we complete backwards day and you just let me relieve you of that diamond?"

Shego felt she'd fallen into some weird alternate dimension. This was fun. She could care less about Junior's stupid prop. And yet... "Oh, please, like I'm going to let you steal something right in front of me."

"Just try and stop me," grinned Kim. She held out her hands like claws and prepared to pounce.

Shego took up a karate stance she'd seen the teen hero adopt before. "Bring it on." She motioned with her hand. Something was very wrong about what they were doing, but it was way too fun to think about now.

Kim launched herself at Shego and the battle began.


The battle quickly drew attention as the two girls fought with an energy rarely matched in their previous encounters. Many of the people at the party fled as soon as they noticed, knowing better than to hang around when a hero had arrived. Those more used to encountering Kim Possible on a semi-regular basis lingered longer, as they had noticed while Kim was fighting Shego –- in itself not an uncommon occurrence -– they were dressed as each other for some reason. This was determined to be something completely unheard of. As a result several camera phones were suddenly being held out to record the action.


Ron and Junior watched as the fight continued. Neither Kim nor Shego seemed to be in danger, strangely enough, and both were wearing very wide grins. Ron, starting to feel uncomfortable over this new development, looked to Junior, then to the diamond.

"Are we gonna have to fight over that too?" asked Ron, rather straightforwardly.

Junior looked at the diamond and then at Kim and Shego's violent dance. He wordlessly handed over the jewel to Ron.

"Thanks," said Ron.

"You!" A woman with a surprisingly deep and craggy voice shambled up to him while dragging what looked like a metal sheep behind her. Ron stared at the woman, completely unsure what to think. "What do you think you're doing?"

Ron considered that. "Standing?"

"With that outfit," stressed the scary woman.

Ron looked closer at the woman, skeptical that any woman could have such an ugly face. He narrowed his eyes. "Drakken?"

"Yes, yes," said Drakken, waving his hand. "This is about you, not me." He paused. "Well it sort of about me, but in a roundabout way."

"What?" Ron looked down at his costume. "I think I got it right, what's wrong?"

"What's WRONG is that you're wearing it!" announced Drakken.

"Oh," Ron nodded, understandably. "Well, I didn't really expect to run into you today when I put it on. Though that was probably silly. You cause trouble every Halloween."

"What do you mean?" Drakken frowned at Ron's words then turned and noticed Kim and Shego fighting. "Oh," he then said. "I don't have anything to do with that."

"She was defending the diamond, though," said Ron.

"What diamond?" asked Drakken, perplexed.

Ron held up the large rock. "This one."

"What would I need a diamond for, anyway?" asked Drakken, as if the answer was obvious. "Shego!"

Kim and Shego rolled past. "Busy!" replied the green one.

"Hrmph," mused Drakken. "Well, take it, whatever it is... and take off that outfit!"


Kim landed on her back and used her legs to throw Shego over her head into a nearby display case. While Shego climbed out of the cardboard and metal wreckage Kim used the few extra seconds to catch a breather. She was far from outclassed or even at all loosing the fight, but it did take a lot of energy to fight at her top performance for fifteen minutes.

Shego climbed up and leaned against a fallen metal display frame to breathe as well. The two young fighters stared at each other with just the hint of smile on each of their faces.

"Did you even have anything to do with that diamond?" asked Kim between breaths.

"Not really," admitted Shego. "But you can't expect me to ignore you crashing our party, and attempting to walk off with someone's loot."

Kim shrugged. "Fair enough." She straightened and planted her feet. "Ready?"

The dark haired villainess responded by kicking a piece of sharp metal at her then quickly diving after it. Kim dodged the shard and grabbed Shego's arms as they came within range. Again they wrestled across the floor.

In the wreckage of the display case, however, a disheveled figure in a ruined suit climbed out with a look a fury upon his face. Rubbing his shaved head, John Bork grit his teeth. His booth was destroyed, his clothes looked like he'd just picked them up off the street, and it was that annoying villain Shego and the notorious hero Kim who were to blame. This was totally unacceptable.

Pushing over the metal frame Shego had been leaning on earlier, Bork dug through the debris and, with a great deal of effort, yanked the RB6000 out from under a heavy slab of metal and fiberglass. He turned on the primer charge, cocked the gun, then, with a wild look in his eyes, stalked out to where the crowd was gathered around the fight.


Eventually Shego got tired of fighting in character and had begun flinging bolts of green energy at Kim as she ducked and dodged behind displays and podiums. This resulted in much of the rest of the remaining guests to either flee or risk being served as part of the barbeque. Nether Kim nor Shego paid it any mind and continued fighting until the cry game.

"Look out, KP!"

Kim looked up from Ron's warning just in time to see the man in the disheveled suit lift his large gun, level it at her, and pull the trigger. The blue bolt of energy that came from the gun seemed impossibly large as it very quickly raced towards her. Her life raced before her eyes as she assumed she'd be reduced to slag in the very near future. The she got struck in the chest...

And was thrown clear of the blue blast. She landed hard, and felt like her body was on fire. She coughed and heaved for air as she looked at the darkened scorch mark on her chest, still smoking from the impact. In an instant Ron was beside her and saying something but the ringing in her ears was drowning most of it out. She looked around in the daze until she saw Shego, jumping around and dodging bolts of blue energy while she flung her green ones back at the man holding the big gun.

"Kim!" Ron said again and managed to break through the ringing.

"What happened?" Kim said, blearily.

"Shego totally blasted you with her energy thingies to blow you away from that blue thingy," articulated Ron.

"She... saved me?" asked Kim, confused. Both she and Ron watched Shego try to close the distance with the man with the gun several times. Each time she was forced back to avoid getting hit by the blue balls of energy emitted from the gun.

Kim moved to stand up again but Ron restrained her. "Take it easy, KP," he said. "You just got—"

"We gotta stop that man," Kim said, pushing Ron's hands away. "I don't know what that gun does, but doesn't seem to like me or Shego." Kim turned back to Ron. "You try to get him from behind, I'll offer a distraction for Shego."

Ron made a grimace but eventually nodded. "Alright," he said hesitantly. He helped Kim to her feet and then ran towards the back of the banquet hall to discretely get behind the shooter. Kim dashed over towards Shego again, this time keeping her attention to the man with the gun. She dove behind nearby wreckage, drawing the man's attention.

"Don't let any of that crap touch you," warned Shego from behind nearby cover.

"What's it do?" asked Kim.

"Think Attitudinator," said Shego with obvious bile.

"Ugh," said Kim. They really need to make those things illegal.

"Exactly," groaned Shego. She peeked over her cover and nearly got her head taken off by one of the shots of energy. "I'm assuming that thing can't shoot forever."

A few more bolts of energy flew past.

"I wouldn't be so sure," said Kim. "Why is he shooting at us, again?"

"Damned if I know," shrugged Shego.

Kim sighed. She peeked from behind her cover and cupped her hand to her mouth. "Hey, what's—" then she quickly had to duck back again or get shot.

"Charming, isn't he?" said Shego.


John Bork was somewhat aware that he had let himself get a little out of control. He had always been a control freak and having his display and dignity ruined in one blow from someone who couldn't care less, irked him more than he cared to recognize. Now, though, he was firing company property at potential customers. Well, customer. But much of that thought was lost in the thrill of shooting everything up like a madman. One does not end up working for HenchCo without harboring some very deep rooted envy of being bad.

Unfortunately, the head rush from the wanton firing distracted Bork from noticing the alarm saying the priming unit was overloading, or the damage to the transfer housing thanks to the display case falling on it.

He did notice, however, when the gun exploded in his hand, flinging him out of the room, through the window, and into the alley. A rapidly expanding sphere of blue light erupted from the device at the same time and quickly bathed the entire room in its azure glow.

Something else happened next, but everyone was unconscious, so nobody saw it.


Author's Note: This is a little late for Halloween, but I ran into a snag where the word doc of this story and me ended up separated by 450 miles. We were reunited today. Sorry if this isn't as polished as it should be, I plan on going back to fix grammar/spelling once this short story is over.

Thanks for reading!