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No one really liked the plan. In fact, most of the wolves snarling in defiance, and even a few of the vampires weren't all that thrilled. Rosalie especially, though she didn't like much of anything that had to do with wolves.

So, Jacob and I stood once more between the two packs and my family's coven, exchanging frustrated looks.

"Do I look like some mutt that you can just ride around on?" Paul growled angrily.

I think I heard a few muttered ya's from my family's side of the field, but I think all the twins growling drowned it out.

"Do you really think we like the idea of being that close to you either?" Rosalie complained. "The stench is bad enough at this distance."

Paul took a threating step forward, his whole upper body convulsing in anger, but Sam reached out an arm across is chest to stop him.

"You don't have to like it Paul." Sam growled softly. "It just has to work."

The field became distinctly quiter after that, though the wolves still looked a little skeptical.

"How do we know this is really going to work?" Sam continued a moment later. "We have held of vampires before, why try this new tactic?"

Jacob turned to Brooklynn, allowing her to step up beside us to answer.

"Strictly speaking its only slightly more dangerous than each of you individually." She answered, looking from Sam, to all the wolves present, and also sparing a glance at the vampires behind her. "The wolves loose a lot of their mobility, and the vampires loose some speed..."

This time Mitchum cut her off (or maybe it was Zack).

"Then what's the point?" He snarled. "I don't want some bloodsucker on my back and be slowed down too."

Brooklynn shook her head. "Yes, but what you loose in speed you make up for in surprise. No one has ever tried anything like this. Ever. They wont know how to deal with it."

"If I may interject," Peter added, taking a hesitant step forward. "This will not be useful against newborns. That will require a different offensive. But against Maria's vetren vampires, they have never seen anything like this. They will have a harder time adapting to it."

Jacob decided to chime in before another riot broke out.

"Right now, surprise is the only thing we have going for us. Something new is our best bet."

Sam still didn't look convinced, so I decided to put my two cents in.

"Would a demonstration help?" I asked Sam.

He nodded.

"Fine." I was only slightly annoyed when I answered. Wolves are thick headed. "Pick the weakest vampire here."

"Ness?" Jacob muttered beside me, obviously a little confused. I just smiled.

Sam looked a little confused, but after a moment of thought he nodded towards me.

"Ok, now pick your weakest wolf."

Sam glared at me for a few minutes before he nodded to Max. I had to give Max credit, he just nodded and headed over to the woods to phase. It wasn't long before he was trotting back to us.

When he got close I asked, "You don't mind giving me a ride for a minute do you?"

Max gave me a doggy grin, which looked quite comical, and layed down so I could get on easier.

"Careful with her." Jacob said sternly, giving Max his best glare. Max bowed his head, cow toeing to him.

"No worries, we'll be fine." I said, giving Max a gentle pat to let him know he could get up. "Ok, and our strongest vampire." I said louder, so Sam could hear me.

"Would you mind terribly if I volunteered myself?" Peter asked. "I am curious how this little one has advanced." He added with a nod in my direction.

When Sam didn't respond right away Uncle Jasper spoke up.

"He probably is one of the best of us. He also has the most experience, and has never trained with Renesmee before, so it would make for a fair trial. Tactically speaking."

Sam considered that for a moment before nodding his consent.

What the hell, he's giving me permission now? What an ass.

But I kept my opinions to myself.

See, I am capable of being mature.

Max shifted uneasily under me, and I remembered that his ass was on the line too, and he had no reason to believe this plan of ours was going to work worth spit. On the other hand, he didn't seem overly concerned about attacking Peter for this little demo. If I was a betting girl (which I would be if I thought my dad wouldn't catch me) then I'd say there was more to Max than Sam gave him credit for.

"Ready?" I asked softly, sinking my finger into his fur so I could communicate with my gift easier. His head bobbed up and down once. "Good."

After that I sent him a few momories of Jacob's and my previous sparring rounds where we had done this before. Max stiffened up initially, he must have been surprised by the extent of my gift, but seemed to have accepted what I was showing him because he trotted to the far end of the field, opposite Peter.

"You set Nessie?" Jacob called out once we slowed to a stop.

Max let out a short woof of agreement, and I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Jacob just chuckled.

"Any questions before we go?" I asked Max softly, hoping Peter couldn't hear us from this distance. Max just turned to look at me on his back. I could have sworn he was excited. I chuckled. "Fair enough."

"Ok Peter," Jacob said, stepping back to give us some room. "Defend yourself. First one to submit the other wins."

He paused for a moment, then added, "You hurt my imprint though and I'll kill you."

Peter seemed to understand what Jacob meant. He probably would have said the same thing if it had been Charlotte standing opposite a wolf.

"Oh you all worry too much." Aunt Alice added cheerfully from where she stood with Jasper.

Peter smiled as he dropped into a crouch.

"Come and get me, little one." Peter whispered across the field, an evil smirk on his otherwise handsome face.

"Ready when you are old man." I whispered back.

For a brief moment he looked surprised, but that quickly faded behind another smile.

"You ready?" I whispered to Max. He gave me a short woof before dropping into his own stance; front legs low, nose almost the the ground. He was tense, ready for the battle ahead. It almost felt like he was excited for this, enjoying it.

I couldn't think much longer on it though, because right then Jacob growled "Go!"

After that, instincts took over, and Max and I roared across the field.

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