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Shikamaru grunted as he attempted to stand up, Tsunade had just healed his bones, he would have scars but other than that he was as good as ever. Neji watched staring as Shikamaru stretched wincing at the pain from the cuts, his skin felt extremely sensitized. Neji frowned as Shikamaru limped subtly to lean on the couch. "Shika are you sure your ok for the date tonight?" Shikamaru laughed, "A date with Neji-kun? I wouldn't miss it for the world…" He carefully moved, trying to keep stress off his leg.

Neji shook his head, and helped him to his room to get dressed. Shikamaru nodded his thanks and got dressed looking forward to the first date. Neji was more than a little surprised to see Shikamaru let his hair down when he walked out; he blushed mildly, wondering why Shikamaru looked so handsome with it down. Shikamaru blushed at the scrutiny in Neji's look. "Shall we go Neji-kun?" Neji nodded, and they headed to the ever beloved movie, it was another princess snow movie. Both boys left half way through ready to throw up it was too simple, so they simply went and ate at the raman stand playing Shogi Shikamaru focusing more on Neji than the game. Neji was blushing, and not focusing either, which was a little shocking to Shikamaru, they both ended the game after a few hours.

When they returned to Neji's apartment, Shikamaru almost flinched at the tension in the air, "Neji…" he began about to apologize for whatever he did that seemed to have angered the other when Neji pulled him next to him on the couch, "I was planning on this for our first date, but I don't know if you are healthy enough to kiss…" Shikamaru almost sighed in relief apparently he wasn't mad! Shikamaru smirked, "You won't hurt me Neji-kun do whatever you are comfortable with." He didn't bother saying his usual expression, it wasn't necessary. Neji smirked and pushed Shikamaru down, shocking him slightly, Shikamaru didn't protest, and Neji carefully leaned over him, Shikamaru closed his eyes heart racing.

Neji captured his lips, in a gentle motion, not demanding, just an affectionate kiss. Neji pulled his fingers through Shikamaru's hair, smiling at Shikamaru's moan; he let himself in licking and exploring Shika's mouth. He tasted like cigarettes but it wasn't a terrible taste. Shikamaru kissed back gently, and his pleasure in the kiss was apparent.

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