Well heres another one of my stories!!! Read and REVIEW!!

Annabeth's POV

I didn't know what to do. I left him there on that hill alone without knowing I loved him. Yes,I fell in love with him. I know, I used to love Luke....but...I don't . I think I do. There's somthing telling me that I do.

Yes you do...no you don't ...yes you do...no you don't...yes...no...yes....

" No I don't" I said to myself.

" Um..do you have somthing to say, miss Chase" My English teacher said. I had forgot I was in school.

" Um....er..." The class started laughing. The bell rang. I got up from my chair.

" Miss. Chase, may I see you,please" My teacher said. I walked over to where he was.

" ...you have been day dreaming in my class again...If this happens again I will call your father"

" OK" I said then rushed out of class. I didn't like that class anyway. By the end of the day I made up my mind I didn't love Luke. I walked home and thought to my self. I loved Percy..But what if he didn't love you back? He must love you...you kissed him! I didn't know what to think then I looked up and saw.....

Well I know it's short but I promise it will get longer!! Read and REVIEW!!