OO what's gona happen to Percy and Annabeth? Read and REVIEW!!!!!

Annabeth's POV

The next morning I went to go eat breakfast. When I saw Percy I smiled. He gave a weak smile back. What? No hug? No Kiss? What was wrong? I fixed my food and sat down on the bench. I looked at Percy and he was just messing with his food.I fixed my eyes on my plate. Then all of a sudden the ground began to rumble and split open. Everyone look alarmed.I turned and saw Kronos. But How? He couldn't get pass the camps Borders!!! I sat looking got up from his table.

" What do you want" Percy said.

" Your answer" Kronos said.

" But I didn't get to decide yet" Percy was he talking about?

" Too late. Choose" Percy looked like he was about to burst into tears. Everyone was quite.

" But....please don't. anything else but thins. Please" Percy begged.


" But......" Percy breathed in hard. then said" No"

" What!!" Kronos said.

" No!!!! and your not killing her"

" Watch me " Kronos said. Who was Her?. then Kronos throw a bright light toward me. Percy ran and slashed at it with his sword.

" I'said'no'" Percy said. Wait were the talking about me? Then Kronos took out his sword

" You want to fight, Jackson" he said then slashed at Percy. He side he jabbed at fought and was doing anything. The Percy jumped up and stuck his sword into Kronos, The titan yelled out in pain and began to fade. Then Before he was gone he slash at Percy. The sword cut his body. Percy yelled too. I jumped to my feet. Percy laid there on the ground.

" This is all because of you" Kronos shouted. He said this to me." Percy was protecting you. he died because of you" He said then faded did he mean? Percy didn't die for me. Wait,Percy was dying. I rushed over to where he laid. He laid there motionless and pale. No,I thought. " No" I yelled and tears came to my eyes. This was not happening. I feel to the floor. I grabbed Percy bloody shirt. My tears fell on his face." No don't leave me" I yelled" No,you can't go". Then Chiron rushed over.

" Annabeth let go of him go. We have to get him to water" he yelled. I didn't let go. I continued to sob. Then Grover pulled me off of Percy. I took his still body with me. Chiron grabbed Percy and took him away.

" No!! Come back..Comeback" I yelled. I sank to the floor. Crying. Then Chiron came back. He wore a sad face.

" He's.....gone" He said. No,I thought. I ran to Chiron.

" I'm sorry" He said.

" No he's not dead. He's not..." My voice faltered. Then I ran to my cabin. No one was there but at the pavilion. I took out my knife and looked at it. Then without thinking I jabbed it in my heart. I would die without Percy and I did. My vision blurred and I closed my eyes.

The end

This is the end of the story,well the first one at least. Yes Annabeth killed her self. Sad I know. But please don't stop reading. I plan to write a second story following this one. Percy and Annabeth or in the Underworld dead. They tried to go back to earth. Hades said only one my live. And Percy has to choose. Is it his love or his life? Read to find out . The story will be called 'Choices'