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I got it back and I am so going shopping right now, I ran out the door and didn't come home until I was completely shopped for a day or two. I was content for now; well I would be when I dared the person I was going to dare.

"I dare"



"I dare, Esme" I cackled with delight, I was so going to be grounded for this but god would it be worth it to get revenge on Carlisle.

"Okay Alice, do your worst." Esme sighed knowing that she was about to get a very cruel dare, and she was taking it like a true sport; I would always admire her.

"I dare you to, go destroy your garden, then take pictures and send them into the home and garden show." Esme sobbed as soon as the words were out of my mouth.

I watched as Esme stood, and walked from the room; Carlisle following closely behind. Slowly the rest of us followed him out. We watched as the kindest woman we knew, tore apart her prized garden with all the dignity she could muster she walked up to me and flicked some dirt in my face as a sign that she had finished that part. I was shocked to say the least, I mean Esme had never been one to do things like that, she was always calm and reserved no matter what. Only a few minutes had passed when Esme was back with camera in hand, she took pictures from every angle and then turned and walked silently back into the house.


I felt so bad for Esme at that moment, she was such a sweet person. I never thought that Alice could sink that low and hurt her like she just did. I was appalled to say the least, Esme never did anything wrong, and she didn't deserve the dare that she got, I am sure that it was all out of revenge for Carlisle making Alice give up her credit cards to me, and only being able to shop if I was picking the clothing.


All I can say is wow.


Woah, I can not believe I just witnessed that! Esme flicked dirt in Alice's face, Esme must be very upset to have done that, and I would know, she has never been that mad not even when Emmett got arrested for shoving a condom up a police officers nose.


Holy shit, Alice is so going to be grounded. I am so going to rub this in her face for the rest of her life. FINALLY, its not me introuble.


My poor wife, my poor defenseless wife. What did she do to deserve a punishement like this, I ask? The answer to that question, was marry me. I can not belive that she just destroyed her garden and took pictures. I will have to make this up to her, maybe a nice trip to Paris.


I didn't even know what to say, when Alice gave me that dare. I just stood and went to it, I got out to my beloved garden and destroyed it. I knew it was out of revenge, and believe me I was angry. I just wasn't one to yell so when I walked up to Alice and flicked some dirt in her face I was very happy when she wore the shocked expression. I got my camera and took the pictures, then I went back inside and sent them to the judges, I was so sad that I wasn't going to be first place this year. Though what Alice doesn't know won't hurt her, because I also sent them a very long letter, about why my garden looked as it did; I explained the dare thoroughly and was quite happy with it.


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