Give And Take

"Are you sure you want to do this, Jim?" Blair asked, tension threading nervously through his voice. "I mean, I could still work if I was pregnant, but you'd have to ride a desk until after you delivered." Blair finished tying the ties on the back of the hospital gown Jim was wearing and came around to look into his lover's eyes.

Carefully hop-sliding backwards up onto the exam table, Jim nodded. "I want to do this, Chief. I have so much overtime, vacation time and sick leave accumulated that Simon told me I have to use some of it or lose it. I have almost enough time off accrued that if I wanted to stay home the whole nine months, I could do it." He chewed on his lower lip a moment and added, softly, "I think it's the protector in me that wants to carry our kid." He shifted, uncomfortable as always with talk of his Sentinel instincts, and switched the subject back. "Besides, that knee surgery I had last week is gonna keep me off the streets for a couple months anyway. And you're defending your dissertation in May – if you were pregnant, the stress you'd be under might cause the baby problems."

Blair fiddled with his hair tie, a nervous habit. And this situation was definitely nerve-wracking. "Are you upset that I changed my thesis subject?" he asked worriedly.

Jim reached out and pulled his partner close. "No, I understand why you did it," he said, rubbing one hand calmingly on the small of Blair's back. "Too many people would be able to figure out your subject was me. I am glad that you went ahead and finished it anyway, though. The Police one was good, but the Sentinel thing will always be about us." With that pronouncement, Jim gave his Guide a long, heart-felt kiss, more comforting than passionate.

"I love you, Big Guy," Blair whispered softly, a small, almost goofy smile limning his lips.

Jim's smile back was equally as happy. "Love you, too, Chief," he said as the door swung open.

The brunette doctor entered and smiled at them, seemingly not at all put off by their proximity. Glancing at the chart in her hands, she asked, "Are you ready, Mr. Ellison?"

Exchanging a final glance with his lover and receiving a smile and a nod, Jim knew that he was – they were – ready for this. Nodding, he said firmly, "Let's do this."