Kyoko was, well excited, although that doesn't properly explain her feelings. It was more like she was happy, but frightened and curious all at once. What brought on these complicated emotions was the fact that she had to act as a monster in the movie she had just accepted the offer for. She didn't really want to play a monster, but the monster was the prince's friend in the story, and it sounded like such a lovely fairytale. The real problem consisted of two major things. The fact that she had absolutely no idea how to play a monster, and that the prince was going to be played by Ren Tsuruga. The role was no doubt befitting of Ren, but she wished that someone else had been offered the job.

In the storyline, Kyoko was about as close to Ren's costar as you could get. (Do I need to say more?) Therefore, in order to not put herself in danger, she figured that if Ren thought there was a man in the costume then there would be nothing to worry about. This conclusion came to her after HOURS in her room. It wasn't half bad either, if she could pull it off. It was tricky talking to directors of any sort and she wasn't sure how she should explain why she wanted to pose as a boy and not have her name revealed. After a lot more thinking, she decided on an excuse and everything. Now she just needed to meet with the director and the producer.

When Kyoko went into work that day, it was surprisingly early. More than four hours before her love me work started. She got up so early for one reason and one reason only: to set up an appointment with the producer and director of Monster Party. This could only be done by talking to the two ladies at the front desk. Ever since she had been turned down by them on her first try at fame, she had stayed away from them, but now her circumstances brought her to them once again.

The ladies jumped as Kyoko slammed her elbow and forearm onto the counter. She looked dead serious and the ladies mistook it for a death glare. To put it simply, from the outside, it looked as if it were a robber (in a bright pink jumpsuit) asking for money at a bank. Which was exactly how Jin Kagami saw it. Therefore he rushed up at pulled her back. From the outside, it looked like he was hugging her tightly after possibly confessing his love to her based on the surprised face. This, is what Ren happened to see. Of course, he would be the only one to jump to conclusions that far, but you can understand how he got there. Anyway, Ren's reaction was very easily predicted. He walked up surprisingly quickly for being so graceful and smiled. The entire place went dead silent. There had been excited chatters up until then, but it was quiet now. Mainly due to the fact that the bystanders had been paralyzed.

Kyoko couldn't see the smile because Ren was behind Jin, but there was no mistaking the evil aura she felt. The suddenness of the grab blew out of her mind as she stiffened. She didn't even mind that someone had grabbed her now. In fact, she was thankful that there was someone between Ren and herself. Speaking of the man between Ren Kyoko, he seems to have sensor, too because he was as scared stiff as she was.

"Hello Mogami-san!" Ren said in an overly-cheerful voice. "Would you like to introduce me to the man hugging you?" It was more a command than a question, but it brought Kyoko back to her senses. She tried to wiggle her way out of the guys arms to see who it was because she didn't know either. Ren's face started to soften as he watched the entertaining spectacle of Kyoko trying to worm her way out of Jin's arms.

After she succeeded in getting herself separate, she turned around and asked politely, "Who might you be?" Ren was a little taken aback to find that she let a total stranger hug her, but he was more concerned on why this guy hugged a total stranger.

"I-I'm Jin Kagami," he said a little shakily. Even though he could feel the evil aura letting up, he was still scared that it would come back at any second. Which it did when Ren demanded why he was hugging Kyoko. Demanding being him forcing a reply out of Jin in a gentlemanly manner. "I-I thought she w-was a r-r-robber." There was a definite stutter to his voice and Kyoko wondered if he normally talked like that or could sense that Ren was mad. If he could sense the aura Ren was emitting then maybe she could become friends with him.

Meanwhile, Ren was almost cracking up. He could definitely understand how this guy had gotten an out-there conclusion like that. He looked to Kyoko to see how she had reacted and noticed that she probably hadn't even heard him. She looked distracted and was staring intently at absolutely nothing. "Mogami-san," Ren decided to venture, "do you know why this man restrained you?" She looked blankly at him before the question finally registered.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! Did you just say why you grabbed me? It was quite rude, and I would like to know why. I sorry for not paying attention, but could you please say it again?" Kyoko asked Jin. She was still being polite to him and Jin started to wonder if this was still the same girl as the gone with the deadly glare.

"I thought you were a robber." It was a clear cut statement and Kyoko looked very strange. It was somewhere between a hurt and shocked expression but it was so dramatized that Jin almost looked just as shocked. He turned around and asked Ren whether this was normal or not, completely forgetting his fear of hm. Ren told him that this was indeed normal for her and since it didn't seem that she'd be willing to talk for a while, Ren decided to ask Jin what Kyoko had done.

"She was glaring at the people at the front desk!" Jin stated as if that was what made someone a criminal.

"Is that all?" Ren had to ask.

"Yes," came Jin's reply. He wasn't so sure that this was enough reason anymore to be a robber.

"Well, take a good look at her now and tell me whether she is a criminal or not just for glaring at somebody." Ren's logic was flawless and as Jin looked at the girl still in the shocked state he realized what a fool he had been.

"I'm sorry," was his meek reply as his embarrassment swallowed him up. He felt like shrinking into nothingness. He was hanging his head and waited to be reprimanded by the girl who he had mistaken as a robber, but no yells of how stupid he was came. He looked up for just a peek and found that she hadn't come out of her shocked state. He started to rush over to her to see if something was wrong with her, but Ren stopped him.

"Mogami-san!" Ren didn't quite yell, but his voice rung loudly around the room. She was shocked back to reality and started to say things along the lines of how and why, but Ren stopped her by saying, "Jin here apologizes for this misunderstanding." She stopped middle word and Ren continued, "He says you were glaring at the ladies over there and he thought you were somebody bad."

Kyoko looked up at them and said through a river of tears, "I only wanted an appointment with the producer and the director of Monster Party!"

Ren looked confused, but said calmly, "Then let's arrange it now that we have this all cleared up." What he wanted to say was why do you need to talk to them. Maybe she had a part in it was what he figured, but he let it go as she stood up and smiled.