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The next day, Kyoko realized that she needed a dress for a party, and who else would she go shopping with, than her beloved Moko? They would giggle and gush over how good they looked… Kyoko had drifted off to lalaland when Moko found her.

"What are you doing? We need to get to work!" Kyoko snapped out of her lala mode and ran after Moko.

"MOOOOOOOKOOOOO-SAAAAAAN~!" Moko easily side stepped the oncoming Kyoko.

"What?" She asked in an indifferent tone as if nothing had happened.

"Will you go shopping with me? Pretty PLEEEEAAAASE?" Kyoko had her puppy dog eyes on full force and Moko reluctantly agreed.

"MO~! Fine!"

As they were setting up decorations, Ren decided to finally squash Kyoko's lie by coming in to the room they were preparing. He'd come in, say something like, "so where's the surprise?" and she'd have to admit her lie. She'd probably do a dogeza on the floor, but he wasn't sure he would get why she had lied in the first place out of her.

But, when Ren walked through the doors, he did get a surprise. Jin was there, and talking amiably with Kyoko.


Jin realized that he didn't even know a whole lot about Kyoko as he was walking down the halls. His work was finished for the day, so he thought that he might go looking for her. He found her relatively quickly due to her bright pink uniform.

"Hey Kyoko-chan!" Jin had called out to her. She whipped her head around and stormed straight to him. "Um… Is something the matter?"

"I do not take kindly to the fact that you are being so informal to me after we have just met." She stated this very clearly, not in a lecturing way, but just as a fact.

"Well, we are going to the party together, right? So wouldn't make more sense if I called you something less formal than Mogami-san?" He had a point, it would be weird…

"I guess so…" Kyoko's features had softened as she thought it over. "In that case you can call me Kyoko-chan I suppose…"

"So, what are you doing?"

"I'm decorating the hall for the anniversary party."

"Need any help?"


And this is how we got in this situation.

If Ren hadn't already been mad at Kyoko for lying to him, then he might have let this slide, but Ren was not in the forgiving mood. 'What the hell?! She lied to me because of this guy? I knew I had a bad feeling about him!' (Ren is jumping to conclusions, but he's not that far off really) Anyway, super duper gentlemanly switch--on.

Kyoko suddenly had a bad feeling and slowly craned her neck to see why her grudge kyokos were going crazy. Then she met face to face with the most gentlemanly smile she had ever seen. She cowered in fear from his intimidating presence.

"Huh? What's wrong Kyoko-chan?" Jin asked when he saw in her in a fetal position with a horrified expression plastered across her face. Then he felt Ren's killing aura and knew the answer.

'KYOKO-CHAN?!?!?! Did he just call her Kyoko-chan?! What? They've known each other for a day and he's already allowed to call her Kyoko-chan?! This man must die!'Ren's thoughts were exploding out of his head and he let his gentlemanly smile drop for a second so Jin would know who he's up against. The room grew cold and when Yashiro walked into the room, he knew something was wrong.

"Ren?" Yashiro asked tenderly, not wanting to push Ren even further.

"Yes Yashiro-san?" Ren said in perfect nonchalance as he kept his glare on Jin at full power.

"We need to get to your next job."

"I'll be right there." Ren said as Yashiro left. "Now where were we? Oh, I remember! Mogami-san was lying to me and letting someone she just met call her Kyoko-chan."

"I'm so SOOOOOOOOOOOORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" Kyoko wailed and did a dogeza as she yelled. Well, it wasn't that far from what Ren had pictured on his way here, but how they got here was totally different.

Ren stared at her and stated, "We will continue this discussion later. With your new friend."