I just, I can't believe its over!

Seriously this is the first time I've attempted a fic of this sort...meaning one main couple. I usually write far more epic stories that involve tons of crazy pairings so this was definitely different for me.

This story was actual the fault of another story of mine, Toro Nagashi where a very different Hisana is one of the main characters. It was very fun to write her differently. That means I've written Hisana with two very different Zanpakto Spirits. I don't know who I like better, Mizu no Kamisama or Kakyoku Shuiro. Maybe I need another poll....

Well onto the thank yous!

Thank you so so much to EVERYONE who reviewed this story. You all were just beyond amazing in terms of letting me know you enjoyed this story and I loved LOVED hearing from all of you!

Specific thanks go to:

Noey MatsuMama, Dominican Kitsune and Withdrawn each of whom told me to keep going wayy back when this was a oneshot. RealityFling18 gets a cookie for telling me to keep going AND because no matter the story, RealityFling18 is always there giving me seriously enthusiastic reviews. For those enjoying Terebellum, its because RealityFling18 wanted it to be longer. VioTanequil who writes AWESOME Byakuya fics and was nice enough to scope this one out. Tan's been incredible with my other story Silent Force and Arcana probably wouldn't be where it is without Tan. ChaosDragon and Dwellin all read this fic, already knowing that it was a break from my usual epic ensemble fics that are chock full of strange pairings, intense battles and crazy plot twists. They are all awesome and our conversations on DA always make me smile. PurpleShinigami, Saigo no Hajime, Zephyra-chan, PetLover1 who manage to juggle almost all my plot lines and leave reviews even at my breakneck updating pace. Fy1Mordecai and Squishy came late in the game and managed to catch up and review lots which always makes me smile.

Alright so for those who read my other stories you know I do playlists of music I listened to when writing the story. This one's a bit long but they're all awesome songs!

Romeo X Juliet OST

This OST is full of gorgeous music that fits Soul Society and the parts of the story with nobility very well. I guess you could think of this as the Shinigami's part of the soundtrack.

The Vampire Knight OST

This one is a bit darker and more moody but its also awesome. I thought of this as the OST for the parts that are in Rukongai of the story.

Now for the individual themes/songs for the characters:

Michiyo Chiba/Hisana Kuchiki

Dew Drops-Kajiura Yuki

Yoshiko Konno

Dune Messiah-Children of Dune

Kojima Hamano

The Jihand-Children of Dune

Nakashima Hamano

Just for Tonight-Goldfish

Manami Hamano

Burning the Past-Kingdom of Heaven

Kyousuke "Kyo" Michishige

Pirates-The Blue Sky Project

Ayumi Hamano

Mermaid-The Blue Sky Project

Akane Kigin

Girl Samurai Lullaby-Afro Samurai

Kakyoku Shuiro

Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi-On/Off


Lilium-Elfen Lied



Kuroda Kazuma

The World Is Not Enough-Garbage

Other Songs:

Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi-On/Off

This was one of the themes for this entire story. The lyrics fit beautifully, especially with the beginning of it.

If Only-The Little Mermaid

This song I heard when I took my cousins to see the musical. Its PERFECT for the first part of the story with Hisana

Promise of the World-Music Box Collection

I used this in my other story(s) Toro Nagashi +Ostara as the ByaHisa theme and it really stuck. Its a gorgeous peice that's elegant and whimsical and just brings to mind for me a perfect image of the two of them together.

What Dreams Are Made Of-Disney

I was a disney kid not too long ago and I liked this song a lot. I think it fits perfectly with Ayumi and Kyo's relationship, especially at the end when they finally get together.

Every Other Time-LFO

This was the first IchiRuki amv I ever saw. At the moment my hatred of Ichigo is very high (I'm an Ulquihime shipper) but I think the lyrics of this song are extremely fitting for Ichigo and Rukia.

Elaborate Lives-Aida

This is Yoshiko and Kojima's song. The two didn't wind up together but this is a great song for the torrid affair I'm sure they're going to have later on in life. Its also great for the reasons why they can't be together but it describes their emotions because deep down they truly do love each other.

Only You-Josh Kelly

Akane and Nakashima. I didn't get to write a ton about them but this perfectly describes their relationship when she's not being a homicidal bitch and he isn't being a jerk.

Fort Knox-Goldfish

I'm a huge Renji fan, seriously he's one of my favorite characters--next to the Vizards + Arrancar (kubo's killing them though)--and I love writing him. This is a great song for him.

Goodbye Horse-Q Lazzarus

If you listen to the lyrics this is an amazing Gin song. Especially Gin/Ran who are an awesome couple together.

Oh and just because I've shown you what everyone else looked like. Here's the Epilogue Characters/Models.

Ambassador Hideyoshi Konno-Setsuna F. Seiei

Oshima Konno-Allelujah Hapitsm

Kuroda Hamano-Zero Kiryuu

Lieutenant Chiyo Mischisige-Natalia Luzu Lanvaldear

Captain Kaito Kuchiki-Lelouch Lamperouge

Sakura Kuchiki-Nunnally vi Britannia

Byakuya Reincarnation-Syaoran Li

Hisana Reincarnation-Princess Sakura

Akane Reincarnation-Rima Toya

And YES, the Spirit that guided Byakuya was the Zanpakto Spirit of one of his children. Given that its said wielding Hyorinmaru is an honor, it seems that Zanpakto Spirits don't just vanish. So I figured that when Byakuya and Hisana die, Kakyoku and Senbonzakura won't. The Zanpakto that led Byakuya out would be HiraHira which means "to flutter" in reference to her wings

Well that concludes "Scarlet". Don't forget to check out Kakyoku in my other fic Terebellum!

At the moment I have no plans for a sequel but considering I said the same thing about 'Silent Force' and 'Toro Nagashi', I've learned not to be too sure of that. I'm highly susceptible to praise and begging. I do, however, humbly ask that if you are going to ask for a sequel you tell me if you want it BEFORE the epilogue, AFTER the epilogue or some combination of the two.

Thank you again for all the reviews and I'm so happy you all enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.