Author's note: While watching the end of Journey's End, I came up with this. And yes, I tried to make it as dramatically overblown as possible ;).

Doctor Who copyright the BBC.


The Doctor stood on the foredeck of the TARDIS.

Most emphatically alone.

Donna. Even part of him, gone.

Rose, now with... with Him.

All the others. Even Mickey...

The Doctor gave a small, mirthless smile.

Mickey the Idiot, he'd called him.

"Humans," he whispered. "By Rassilon, you are such a resilient race." He smiled again, tears coming to his eyes. "You're still all stupid apes, though."

He bowed his head.

Glad/happy you/I survived/thankful

He patted the console, tracing his fingers over it familiarly.

Yes, we made it again. Never doubted you, loving one. How much have we been through together?

We have been through all my One

"So we have, so we have," said the Doctor.

He took a turn around the console room. He studied the walls, the doorways, the console itself...

Perhaps he should retire to the Zero room.

"Don't lecture, Lord President," he laughed to himself. "You should be honored that it's yours I took. The only Time Lord-created Zero Room to survive the Time Wars!"

His laugh rang a little ragged in his ears; he cut short abruptly.


Do you need my aid, One

No, loving one. Rest now.

"Davros," he said, confident now.

"It was my friends who came for me. Who were willing to give up so much. So much, for not just me, but for all..."

He grinned savagely.

"Davros. You who would twist and shatter reality, and now are ended. I name you the name you tried to pass on," he said.

"I name you; Destroyer!"

The Doctor fell to his knees, sobbing. He looked up, grin still plastered on his face.


"Davros, by authority of my companions, the races I've helped, my friends..."

He leaped to his feet.

"By the authority of them all, and the laws of Time," he said, "I name myself... Defender."


Just in case anyone was wondering, the one who's 'speaking' with him, is the TARDIS herself.