Title: Discover Yourself

Chapter 1: Childhood Reminiscing

Rating: T

Summary: Bella and Emmett Swan have grown up with Alice, Ronald, and their older brothers. What happens when in 8th grade, a big change leads to a very interesting high school adventure? Going through the changes of growing up and discovering yourself for who you really are. Crackfic lol.

Type: AH AU OOC; Pairing: Bella/Edward, Other Canon Pairings.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. They all belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. I just grabbed them and drove them crazy for my own entertainment.

A/N: Okay so I was totally thinking about this kind of thing and thought OMC what if this was some hella random crackfic? Lol. Enjoy my randomness and strange/bizzarre mind's creation.



He had always been odd. Something about him just wasn't right. I mean it's not like he was crazy or anything. It's just, he didn't fit in...with himself.

We always knew something was gonna happen to him, we just didn't know what, but we weren't expecting what did.

When we came back from school. We were happy to be reunited after a long summer apart, but we didn't know what to do with Ronald now. He was so different. But let's go over our childhood before we get to the juicy details.


(recounting memories from childhood to present)

Forks Elementary School. That's where all of us went and where we all met. We had instant connections.

Emmett and I were almost ten months apart but were in the same grade because I barely made the cut off.

We were in Mrs. Holtz's class of only ten students. I could name all the kids after the first week. Emmett always forgot except for our two best friends, Ronald and Alice.

Alice was a very small girl, smaller than me even, with short, spiky, black hair and amazingly green eyes. They were light green and sparkled like little peridots. She could get her way with one puppy dog look. She was my best friend.

Ronald. Well, to say the least, he was odd. He didn't match himself. He had short, messy, platinum blond hair, brilliant, blue eyes, and a very feminine face. He almost looked like he was supposed to be a girl. He was never comfortable in his own skin, well, except around Emmett.

Ronald and Emmett were best friends. They hung out everywhere. Emmett always tried to do boy things with Ronald, but he never seemed truly comfortable. Ronald really liked sleepovers, though. We had them all the time. Alice and I would stay in my room and Ronald, Jasper, Edward, and Emmett all stayed in Emmett's room. We could hear them down the hall playing with their action figures and toy cars.

Jasper was Ronald's twin brother. Jasper had gone to preschool, so they had bumped him to first grade, but Ronald's uncomfortableness kept him from going. Jasper was in the same class as Edward, Alice's dreamy older brother, with crazy, copper hair, and beautiful, dark, green eyes.

I had a crush on Edward, but I didn't dare tell a soul. He didn't even know, even after all the breakfasts together at my house with the whole gang. I think Alice knew though. She had this way of knowing everything, like she was psychic or something. It was kinda eerie. As school went on, we all became the best of friends, going everywhere together. Our families even took family trips together.

One time, in probably fifth grade, Alice made a bet against the boys that Mike Newton, a kid in our class, would try and ask me to our first dance. The guys all thought he would ask Jessica Stanley, the girl who had a major crush on him, but Alice and I knew he was secretly (and unfortunately) in love with me. The boys learned to never bet against Alice that day.

The next day, Mike asked me to the dance in the cafeteria. I politely said no, but when he asked if it was because I had another date, I blurted out that I was going with Edward. Of course, Edward had walked right by when I said that, so I turned the deepest red that ever existed, while Alice just fell off her chair from laughing so hard.

Edward just smiled at me, this adorable crooked grin and put his arm around me to ensure Mike realized it wasn't just a quick lie. We actually did end up going to the dance together, but we also discovered that I had inherited my dad's lack of coordination. Alice had gone with Jasper. I swear those two were soul mates. As soon as they met, it was like they were in their own little world. Emmett had gone with Lauren Mallory, the school slut, who had already made out with half the male population, and Ronald had gone with sweet Angela Weber.

That night, we discovered a lot of things. One, I was in love with Edward Cullen and he actually liked me, too. Two, Lauren was a horrible dancer, and she actually had coordination. And three, Emmett may have had feelings for Ronald.

After the dance, we had another one of our famous sleepovers. Since the boys had lost the bet, they were forced to undergo makeovers done by Alice and her assistant, me. When we finished, the boys looked like horrible drag queens, except for Ronald. He actually looked hot as a girl. We had even put a long blond wig on him and he was gorgeous. I actually felt a pang of jealousy towards him.

Emmett didn't know what to do. We could tell he had an attraction to him, but none of us knew what to do about it. Was Emmett...gay? He had always seemed interested in girls. None of us knew how to react. We quickly took off all their make-up and decided it was time for bed. We climbed into bed, laying there, silently. Alice and I would talk about it from time to time, but decided we would deal with it in the morning.

That morning, our parents got the shock of their lives. I had to say, we did, too.

Alice, Edward, Jasper, and I were all sitting around the table with my parents. We were all passing around the cereals and milk, eating breakfast, while my dad, Charlie, read the paper and my mom, Renee, was checking her lesson plans. We heard someone clear their throat from the stairway and there they were.

Ronald and Emmett. Standing there. Holding hands.

"Mom. Dad. I think I'm gay." he said.

Mom broke her pencil and dad choked on his coffee, spitting it all over the paper and his lap.

"Uh, honey. Are you sure about this?" Mom said, carefully.

"This is unbelievable." I heard dad mutter, with his head in his hands, shaking it back and forth.

"Yes mom. There's no other explanation. I really care about Ron and I don't know what else to call it." Emmett said shrugging and smiling at Ron.

"Well, then. I guess, whatever makes you happy, son." Mom said, unsure of how to really handle this.

The rest of us sat there quietly. Not knowing what to say, think, or do. We quietly ate our breakfasts, as Emmett and Ron took their normal seats and started on their breakfasts.

The next three years were strange. Emmett and Ron stayed together. Never kissing or being physical. Just being there for each other, holding hands, cuddling, like a normal couple...that wasn't exactly normal.

We were all fine with it, and eventually we grew used to it, but then the summer before high school came along. For our last summer before high schoolers, all our parents took us separate ways. I didn't get to see Edward, who had officially asked me out in sixth grade and was already in high school, or Alice, who was still my best friend and had been dating Jasper since the night of that dance in fifth grade.

Emmett was sad to be apart from Ron, but we knew we'd all be reunited once we got back from our family trips. The whole summer we all e-mailed and wrote to each other. Ron had gone to the doctor for some reason and had to have some major surgery. This worried all of us, but Jasper stayed quiet, not telling us anything. All he did was reassure us he was fine and we'd see he-him at school in September.

When we got back, the week before school started, we were all anxious. We wanted to check on Ron and make sure everything had gone okay.

The first day of school feels like it happened yesterday. We all got dropped off and met in our homerooms. Ron was no where to be seen. Jasper said that he was there, but we had yet to find him. He told us we'd find him at lunch.

Lunch came quickly and we all picked a table off to the side of the noisy cafeteria. Suddenly, the room went quiet. We all looked for the source of the shock and only found a stunning blond girl standing in the middle of the room with a lunch tray, looking around.

She caught sight of us and her whole face lit up. As she got closer, I started to recognize the face that went along with the long, flowing platinum hair and the brilliant blue eyes.


Every one of us was shocked, except for Emmett. He was smiling this huge smile. Awestruck.

"Hey everybody! Oh I missed you guys so much!" the girl said in a musical high voice.

The first to recover from the stupor was Alice.

"Oh my God. Is-Is that you? Ron?" she said, slightly dazed and confused.

"Oh no, I'm Rosalie now. Rosalie Lillian Hale." the girl said, looking brightly at Emmett now.

"Wow." Emmett said anti-climatically.

Ron—I mean Rosalie, sauntered over to Emmett, swaying her newly feminine hips. This had been the major surgery. It all made sense, yet it made no sense at all. Why was he, a she now?

She caught the questioning look in my eyes.

"Don't worry guys. I'll explain everything after school. For now, let's just be glad we're all together again." She said perkily as she laid her head on Emmett's arm and dug into her pizza.

The school day passed in a blur. I shared a lot of classes with Rosalie and Edward and a couple with the rest of the gang.

After school, we all went to Jasper and Rosalie's house to get the whole story. Rosalie brought us up to a bright pink and red room. There were hearts, clothes, shoes, and fuzzy things, everywhere.

"Whose room is this?" Edward said, looking around horrified at the extreme girlishness even though he should've been used to it, living with Alice.

"Mine, of course!" Rosalie said sitting on a red and hot pink cover covering her twin size bed.

Emmett sat on the floor by her feet, Jasper sat on a fuzzy, pink rug, Alice sat in his lap, Edward took the computer chair, and I sat on his lap.

"Okay. Let's get down to business." she said, clearing her throat.

"Well, this summer, I finally told my parents that I felt like something was wrong, so they decided to let me go to the doctor. They took some blood tests and told us, something was wrong, but not something that couldn't be fixed." She paused to let it sink in.

We sat there trying to process everything she was saying. What did this have to do with he becoming a she?

"Anyways, they found out that my DNA was mostly female. I was supposed to be born a girl. I knew that something had always been off, so we got the reconstructive surgery and now I'm on estrogen pills." she said smiling brightly at all of us.

"Wow. That's awesome. I'm glad you got everything figured out." Alice said, trying to be supportive, though still confused.

"Yeah. The only problem is I'll never be able to have kids of my own, but I can always adopt right?" she said trying to hide her sadness.

Emmett immediately got on the bed and wrapped his arms around her shoulder and I saw a single tear slide down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away and we all got up to hug her.

"No matter what. You'll always be our friend. Even if as a boy AND a girl, you will always be prettier than me." I said winking at her.

She laughed and smiled, as she hugged all of us individually. The only thing we were waiting on now, was Emmett's reaction. He had always thought he was just gay because he had such feelings for Ron, but now that Ron was a Rose, what would happen?

"Rose. I need to talk to you. It's about...us. Our relationship. I, well I.." he was interrupted by Rosalie sniffling and trying not to cry.

"Oh, no Rosie. It's not what you think. I still want to be with you. I just wanted to say I'm glad I wasn't gay." he said chuckling.

"Wh-what?" She said disbelief tinging her cracking voice.

"Yeah, 'cause if I was, I couldn't have you." he said winking at her.

She threw her arms around his neck and the rest of us went downstairs to talk to her parents.

"Well kids, is everything still okay with you guys?" Mrs. Hale asked.

"Yes ma'am. We're all just a little confused, but we're okay with it. He—I mean, she's still our friend." I said, smiling at her and blushing at my mistake.

"I understand that it will take some getting used to. I'm sure she does, too." she said smiling at us genially, as we all filed into the backyard and into the old tree fort.

We all climbed up and found our normal spots. Mr. Hale had built a huge tree house in a large willow oak tree in their back yard.

"Wow, what a summer." I said from my spot of leaning against Edward.

"I'll say." he agreed and chuckled. I could feel the low rumble in his chest vibrating my head.

"Definitely a surprise." Alice added.

"I was expecting it." Jasper said smiling as he played with Alice's hair on his lap.

Alice lightly slapped his knee.

"What? I was!" he said feigning hurt.

"Of course you were. You knew she was getting the surgery!" Alice said giggling.

I laughed with her, then grew thoughtful, "Huh. How easy it is for us to call her a her. Like we knew all along that's what was missing. I mean, we always knew something wasn't right, and we were always off on our numbers. Just wasn't expecting it, I guess."

Edward kissed my hair and we all stayed silent in our thoughts until we heard two more clambering up the stairway to the fort. Rosalie and Emmett popped in and took their corner of the room.

"Alright. Spill. We all know you kissed." Alice said, moving to sit up next to Jasper.

"Gosh, why do you have to be so psychic, Alice?" Rosalie said, a slight pink blush on her cheeks.

"Well?" Alice said impatiently.

"It was..." she started.

"Magical. I'm so glad I finally got to do that. I'm already in love with this girl and she barely even became one!" he said finishing the sentence and smirking at her, while hugging her close.

We were going to have some interesting new discoveries about ourselves and our friendships through these next four years. They could make us or break us, but we were about to find out.


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