Title: Discover Yourself

Chapter 5: To Give A Piece of Myself to You

Rating: T

Summary: Bella and Emmett Swan have grown up with Alice, Ronald, and their older brothers. What happens when in 8th grade, a big change leads to a very interesting high school adventure? Going through the changes of growing up and discovering yourself for who you really are. Crackfic lol.

Type: AH AU OOC; Pairing: Bella/Edward, Other Canon Pairings.

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He nodded and left it at that, while we finished the dinner in silence. This would be an interesting tale to tell.

I wondered how he would take it and how Alice and Rose would deal with the news. Just a few months ago they had been begging me to do this. How would they feel now that it was happening?

I would figure it all out later. For now, I had to figure out how to explain my decision to Edward and make it through the next nine months of my life.


Edward got up to help me clear the dishes. He kept looking at me expectantly, like I was going to explode at any moment.

To be honest, I felt like I was going to from wanting to tell him right away.

Once the dishwasher was running, Edward and I walked over to the living room and sat on our couch in front of our fake fire. I laughed a little at the thought, then realized I was simply stalling.

I took Edward's hand in mine before I started my story.

"Okay. I need to take you back to Christmas for you to understand. While we, Alice, Rose and I, were wrapping, they talked to me about babies. Rose sort of blew up on me for not wanting a child of my own and I started to think about it. By New Years, I had a plan to make them all happy. I was gonna find them good surrogates to hold their children. They both have viable eggs, they just need to borrow a working uterus." I explained.

So far, a few emotions had flitted across his face including shock, surprise, interest, and confusion. I decided to continue on with my story, since he wasn't asking any questions.

"On New Years, I was getting myself drunk, so that I could get up the nerve to tell them my plan. I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to without the extra help. The only problem is, I ended up forgetting what I needed to tell them, and apparently ended up knocked up." I said, looking down at my stomach with a smile.

I looked back up to see Edward smiling warmly at me. It made my heart melt to know I had such a loving and understanding man all for myself, for the rest of my life. I leaned in and gave him a chaste kiss, before getting to my new plan that I had decided on ever since I found out I was pregnant.

"I hadn't been able to see them, since that night, and I felt it was too important to tell them over the phone, so when I found out I was pregnant, all the plans changed." I paused for suspense.

He subconsciously leaned closer to me in anticipation of my next words.

"So what have you decided then?" he asked, his eyes wide.

"I decided that I would be their surrogate after I had this baby." I said, smiling widely at him, waiting for his reaction.

He sat there stunned for a moment, unable to move or speak.

After what felt like several minutes, but had only been seconds, he shook his head and smiled back.

"That's great, honey. Wonderful. I think they'll love it. But I think they'll love the news of your pregnancy even more." he said, leaning in to hug me against him.

I felt relieved that he was so happy about everything I had said tonight.

"I don't know how you do it, love. How do you give a little piece of yourself to everyone and not care at all what state you are left in?" he whispered against my hair.

"It's just who I am." I whispered, as my eyes slid shut.


The next morning, I called Alice and Rose and told them to meet me in Seattle for a very important girls' day.

After Edward and I had graduated from Dartmouth and Alice and Jasper had graduated from Alaska, we all moved back to Washington. Edward and I were settled in Olympia, while Jasper and Alice had decided to live closer to Seattle, in Redmond.

I was nervous about this meeting and my hand was shaking, as I ran my brush through my hair.

"It'll be fine. Relax. I'm gonna go visit the guys and you girls have a fun time. Plus, it gives Alice an excuse to shop. She'll go buy you everything you could ever need for a baby and probably make you start on the nursery." he said chuckling, as he kissed my cheek and put on a deep blue sweater.

"Thanks. I love you, Edward. Really, I do. You always know exactly how to make me feel better." I said, smiling at him through the mirror.

He smiled back and I got up to grab my coat, purse, and keys, and was out the door.

The drive to Seattle, did nothing for my nerves. I tried to find fast, dance music to take my mind off things. It helped a little, until I saw the big sign saying, "Welcome to Seattle." My stomach gave a lurch, as I searched for the coffee shop I had asked them to meet me at.

I was pulling into the parking lot only moments later and I was still trying to psyche myself to even get out of the car.

Alice caught sight of me sitting in my car and waved me in, forcing me to get over myself and join them.

"So what's the news? Here's your coffee, we already ordered it for you." Alice launched right to the point, as usual.

"Um, well, remember when we were talking about babies?" I said, trying to let them just guess.

Apparently they were either not awake, or very dense today.

"Babies? When? We've done that a lot." Rosalie said, looking painfully confused.

"Yeah. Bella, can you get to the point? You know this is touchy." Alice said, her mood dampened.

"No, no! Wait. Guys. Don't get mad or sad or whatever. It's just...I'm two months pregnant." I said, looking down at my hands.

I was barely able to finish the sentence before I was interrupted with loud squeals. I looked up in time to see them launch themselves at me.

"Oh my God, Bella! That's amazing!" Alice shouted.

"How wonderful! I'm so glad you came to your senses!" Rosalie shouted over Alice.

I was overwhelmed by their reactions that I started crying. Dang hormones.

"Aww, don't cry, Bella. We're happy!" Alice said, trying to soothe me.

"I-I know. Hor-hormones." I explained, trying to take deep breaths.

I wiped the tears away and took a few more deep breaths, so that I could tell them the rest of the news.

"There's more." I said.

They immediately sobered up and waited for me to speak. I took one more deep breath.

"I've decided that after I have this baby, I will be your surrogate. For both of you. I was gonna sign you up for surrogates, but ever since I found out I was pregnant, I decided that I would be your surrogate. Surrogates have gotten very expensive these days and as your friend and sister-in-law, I want to do this for you, as your late Christmas present." I said.

Their eyes had grown wider with every few words I said. I could've sworn their eyes would fall out of their head if they didn't blink soon.

"Are-are you serious, Bella? You want to give us our children?" Alice asked, eyes still wide as saucers.

"Bella. I-I don't know what to say. I feel so bad for what I've said. I don't know how to thank you. Words are not enough." Rosalie said, looking humbled and ready to cry.

"Letting me do this for you is thanks enough. So may I bear your children for you?" I asked, finality ringing through my question.

The both grabbed my hands with their own. They looked at each other for a long minute before they turned to me and spoke in unison.

"Yes." their voices rang out together.

I smiled widely at them and hugged them to me once more. We gathered our coffees and, as Edward had predicted, Alice took us straight to the mall. It would be a baby clothing shopping spree to put all shopping sprees to shame.

I knew the real difficulty would be with the naming. I was more prepared for a girl, but I only had two names picked out. I still had to pick more to let Edward vote on and choose names for boys, just in case.

What an intense twenty-seven months this would be. I thought to myself with a smile.

To give a piece of my sanity up, to give my friends and family a present they could never have dreamed of, made all of this worth it. Every last bit.

Who would've thought, the very thing I had been avoiding all these years, would be exactly what I had been looking for.



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