Chapter 25-Goodbyes

Bruce watched over Jade the next few hours. It was bad, he knew…she should be at a hospital. She needed blood, stitches…he just didn't have that available. He was surprised when she started to wake up.

"Hey, there you are…" he whispered, putting a hand to her forehead and moving her hair back.

Jade didn't speak as she waited for her mind to clear. She felt drained, weak and sore. "Bruce…what…what happened?"

Bruce swallowed, "Batman followed you, Jade."

Jade was already pale, but color flushed to her cheeks, "What?"

"I…I know what happened to you."

"Oh, god," she groaned, moving to sit up.

"Don't, don't!" Bruce said, trying to get her to lay down. She shoved him away with more strength than he imagined she could possess and sent him stumbling backwards. "Jade…why didn't you tell me?"

"Bruce, you know nothing…I…I have to get out of Gotham. What time is it?"

Bruce went to help her stand up, "It's almost dawn. You don't have to go anywhere. The police have taken others into custody already. Jade…Jade, stop it!"

Bruce tried to prevent her from walking out the bedroom door, but she pulled her arm out of his grasp. "Bruce, I have to go," she said in a raspy voice. "You can't be seen with me!"

Bruce kept speed with her, "Jade, you can't just leave me like this!" Bruce ran to get in front of her and blocked her way to the stairs.

"Bruce…" Jade said softly, looking into his eyes.

"I told you! You are not welcome here!" Alfred shouted, and they heard footsteps.

Bruce and Jade both turned to look over the foyer, and saw Klaus appear, with Alfred right behind him. Klaus saw her at the top of the steps, "Jade, dear…we need to go…and now."

"She isn't leaving," Bruce answered.

"Yes, I am." Jade said, putting her hand on Bruce's shoulder so he would look at her. "Bruce…I'm so sorry…I never wanted you to know…to get involved."

"A little late for that," Bruce said. "Jade, I love you…"

Jade closed her eyes, and pulled Bruce into a hug, burying her face in his bare shoulder. "I love you, too, Bruce…but I can't stay here. I have to lead them out of Gotham…away from you."


"Yes. If we don't find the man responsible, more will come. More will be made." Jade took a shaky breath, "I'll come back…I promise I'll come back."

"You already got hurt, Jade…"

"Don't worry about me, please don't…just know….I'll come back," she promised once again.

"How will I know you are alright?" Bruce asked.

Jade pulled away from him and looked at him with sad eyes, "You won't."

She walked down the stairs, and walked out the door with Klaus.

"Jade Walters was once again attacked at her boyfriend Bruce Wayne's home just hours after her fashion show. The series of attacks at her chain of Marie-Clairie stores, a vandalism of her apartment, and a personal attack on her at her home all within the past few months has driven the former-actress, humanitarian, and entrepreneur into hiding. Investigations lead to the possibility of a foreign crime lord getting revenge on her efforts to end slavery and child labor in multiple foreign countries that thrive on the cheap labor. In other news a group of mercenaries were apprehended by Batman in Gotham City warehouse district. These soldiers had been genetically altered to be super-beings capable of great physical capabilities and extremely dangerous. There is no word what these mercenaries were doing in Gotham and if there are more of them to be found."

Bruce shut off the television. It had only been a few days, but it felt as if it had been months. Jade felt like a memory, like a dream. He went over it in his mind, trying to find something he could have done to change the outcome. His adversary, Panther, and his love, Jade…were one in the same. He had found a woman perfect for him…of course it had to be the woman with just as many issues as he had.

And here ends this sad love story. Bruce continuing his protection of Gotham under Batman's mask, adding his loss of Jade in the rage that fuels him to keep going.

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