Trickster Chapter 12

Severus scrambled for his wand, discarded amongst his clothes, and Harry stared curiously as he muttered a spell at Harry's stomach, making it glow softly. Harry smiled faintly, having forgotten completely about…protection. It made him blush a bit.

"You're lovely when you blush like that." Severus said, chuckling darkly as he set his wand on the bedside table. Harry groaned as the man kissed down his chest, arching up into the caresses and gentle touches of the man. He closed his eyes, biting his lip as Severus took Harry into his mouth. He let out a groan, his toes curling. "Ugh…Sev…"

He gasped, jolting as he felt the lips and tongue move to his thighs. Before he could help it, he started laughing. He tried to stop, really, but it felt so weird. Severus pulled away with a sigh, rolling his eyes as he watched the boy laugh, holding his middle.

"I'm so sorry Severus…I guess I'm ticklish there…" Harry giggled, trying to stop. Severus just crossed his arms, waiting for Harry's laughter to die down. Their lust had dropped after that incident, and now they were both naked, lying side by side.

Harry curled into his side after his laughter died, their eyes meeting. Severus stared at the boy lying next to him, looking so…young despite his state of undress and how debauched he looked. It seemed so…wrong for him to have taken advantage of the boy. He sat up slowly, resting his head on the headboard.

Harry hesitantly sat up as well, looking a little worried, especially at the expression the man wore. "Severus?" He gathered the sheet around him nervously.

"We should have waited." Severus finally said.

Harry winced, looking away. "Don't…"

"We should have waited. I…took advantage of you...I…" Harry wrapped his arm around the man's neck, his other hand pressing a finger against Severus' lips to shut him up.

"No. Don't say it Severus. I've liked you for a long while…we can try again some other time…I'm sorry I laughed. I…I wasn't laughing at you, you know."

Severus just sighed, tightening his hold on the boy in his arms. He saw Harry's laughter as a sign that they should wait…after all, the boy was only fourteen. They shouldn't have gotten that far. They would wait.


Harry sat in the stands with the rest of Hogwarts as they watched the Triwizard champions forage through the maze. In the end, it ended up being a tie between Victor and Cedric, their hands lying on it at the same time, something that hadn't happened in a very long time in the history of the tournament. Both boys were amiable to each other, and as they were presented with their award money, they split it, and the cup had both of their names on it. There was a party long into the night on the grounds, Ministry people were everywhere. Somehow though, amidst the crowds of people, someone stuck a wand into his neck, gripping his arm tightly.

"Come with me and don't make a scene if you want your little friends to live." Harry flinched, turning his head slightly as he spotted Peter Pettigrew, a fat balding man with big ugly teeth inches away from him. He cried out involuntarily, gaining the attention of the Headmaster, along with some Ministry people, as they all drew their wands, exclaiming about the man who was supposed to be dead, Pettigrew had activated his portkey.


Harry landed hard on the ground, glasses breaking upon impact. Pettigrew dragged him to his feet, Harry twisted and turned from his grip, trying to break away. They were in an old cemetery, and there was a cauldron sitting ominously at the foot of a statue. Harry drew his wand, snarling at the man.

"Traitor! I know all about how you framed Sirius Black." He hissed, making the man hit him on the head, then snarl


Harry felt like his bones were on fire, his blood boiling in his veins. His scream ripped out in his throat before he could stop it, making him drop to his knees in pain. He dropped his wand as well, making it roll away. Pettigrew snatched it up, keeping both wands on him, he bound Harry to a grave, ripping the sleeve of his arm.

He watched helplessly as Pettigrew did an obscure ritual, and while the blood was supposed to be unwillingly given from the enemy, he offered his arm to Pettigrew, knowing that it may change the ritual enough that it could possibly not work. It didn't even occur to Pettigrew it could happen.

Harry watched in mixed horror and anticipation as he watched a figure rise out of the smoky cauldron. "My cloak, Wormtail."

Harry flinched at the man's nickname, and the sibilant hiss that came from the snake like lips. Voldemort turned towards Harry, making the boy's scar burn.

"Mr. Potter. We meet again."

Harry spat at his feet.

"Come now, that is no way to treat an old friend…" Voldemort said with a smirk.


Harry groaned as he landed in Hogsmeade, right in the middle of the street, with Peter Pettigrew bound and unconscious beside him. Someone must have spotted him, for people were coming his way. He was in so much pain that he ended up passing out before they reached him.

He woke to someone holding his hand tightly. He could smell the infirmarary. He opened his eyes slowly, looking at Severus. It was dark in the hospital wing, and there was no one else there. Harry opened his mouth to speak, but Severus shushed him.

"We know what happened. After Pettigrew was given veritaserum, he was sent to Azkaban. Black will be having his own trial in two weeks, a formality really, once he's 'found'. He and the wolf are getting something to eat from the kitchens. The Ministry is being a bit stubborn, but I'll explain that later."

"How long have I been asleep?" Harry croaked.

"Two days. You were pretty banged up. I'm surprised you're still alive…not many could face him and live…" He reached forward, smoothing Harry's hair.

"Dumbledore has recalled his Order of the Phoenix. I'm to spy again. I've already seen him…that duel you two had must have been something. He's still nursing his injuries."

Harry cracked a smile. "I gave as good as I got. I live in Knockturne, how could I not?" He whispered, voice cracking.

Severus' lips quirked. "Go back to sleep. Poppy will throw a hissy fit if she finds me talking to you when you're supposed to be sleeping…do you need a dreamless sleep potion?"

Harry shook his head, caressing Severus' palm with his fingers. "No…just stay until I fall asleep again."


He woke to stern whispers. Pretending to be asleep still, he could overhear the conversation. "No, Albus, I hate that house, there's all sorts of things living there, who knows what it looks like now..."

"We can clean it out, put up a fidelis on it...Harry needs a safe place to stay-"

"Mr. Potter has a place to stay. His wards are quite good, I've checked them myself." McGonnagal said stiffly.

"But in Knockturne of all places-"

He chose to wake up at this moment, sitting up slowly. All around him were the professors, along with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Sirius, Remus, and a few familiar looking aurors. "Harry! You're awake!" Molly cried out, hugging him tightly. Harry gave her a tentative smile, pulling away.

"What's going on?"

Sirius came forward. "Hi..."

Harry shifted uneasily, going along with the plan they had set up ages ago. "You're Sirius Black."

Sirius pretended to be hurt, but Harry could see the michevious look in his eyes. "I'm innocent. That man you captured...Peter Pettigrew, he framed me. I'm your Godfather." Harry let his eyes go impossibly wide.

"You are?" He said in a small voice, making it sound hopeful. He could see Dumbledore's eyes twinkling away, and a few other people were smiling at the scene.

" see, now that Voldemort's back, we've got to re-organize the Order of the Phoenix. It was around the last time, your parents were in it...we're going to be setting up HQ in an old family home of mine...I thought you might want to live with me."

Harry raised a brow, wondering why Sirius would agree so quickly to using his family home. "The shop..."

"It's in Knockturne, Harry, it is mighty dangerous, especcially for someone like yourself." Dumbledore cut in. Harry fidgeted, fisting his blankets, wanting to punch the man. He'd grown up there, he knew well the kind of dangers that lurked there, thank you very much!

"I have my shop. I've had it for two years now, I'm not about to close it." Harry said warily. "And I have employees too, I cant just send them out into the streets..."

"They are more than welcome to join the Order, if you think they may be loyal..." Dumbledore started.

Harry frowned. "I just want to work in my shop. That's all. I dont want to get involved in all this secrecy and politics. I just want to help people."

Dumbledore leant forward, placing a hand on top of Harry's. "But you would be helping people. Your safety is extremely important to all of us, Harry, that's also why I want you to come back to Hogwarts."

Harry's jaw dropped, not even bothering to hide his anger now. "What for? I've passed my NEWTS and OWLS, and I have my license..."

"Now, now, Mr. Potter, you signed a contract with the school. You are still under that contract for three more years. Of course, you dont have to waste your time learning what you already know, but perhaps you can recieve special tuition from Professors here..."

Harry tried to keep from glaring at him as he pushed the old man's hand aside. "I cant abandon my shop, my employees, or my customers." He stood up shakily, looking around. "Where are my clothes?"


Later that evening, he returned to his shop through the floo. It was dark, after not being open since he'd been injured. He was a little behind in his brewing, he'd have to work late tonight. He trudged up the stairs to his flat. Dobby was waiting for him, wringing his hands. "I is so worried, Mr. Harry! I is hearing Who Must Not Be Named is returning..." Harry just shook his head, grabbing his smock that was hanging by the door.

"I'll be in the lab Dobby. Dont worry about me."


About a week later, Harry looked up as the door chimed, welcoming a new customer. The man was broad, filling the doorway, with wild grey hair that fell over his shoulders, scars marring his face. He walked towards Harry with a smirk, he and the kids had frozen as they saw him. The kids all went to the back, trembling at the alpha male. Harry merely crossed his arms, looking up at the man.

"Can I help you?"


"And who would you be?"

A smirk answered him. "I think you know. You can call me Fenrir."

Harry pointed towards the doorway. "Out. I'm not about to give wolfsbane to someone who infects children on purpose..." A large hand clamped over his arm, making Harry's eyes water in pain.

"You will. I can rip you to shreds right now. See how I just walked right through that door? The people of Knocturne know not to mess with me. Give it."

"No." Harry gasped as the grip tightened. Fenrir leant over the counter, his amber eyes darkening as he sniffed Harry.

"I would do what I told you to, boy. Or you wont like what I do..." Harry cried out as the other man's hand pulled his hair, pain blossoming in his scalp.

Suddenly, Fenrir dropped his hold, crying out. Lottie had a jar of something in her hands, wearing heavy industrial gloves. "Leave him alone." She said softly, her voice soft and steady, her own eyes going amber. Fenrir was in pain, some sort of powder had landed on his skin from behind, making it hiss and burn.

Fenrir gave the girl a murderous look, mixed with pain. "You're going to pay, you little bitch." He snarled, bolting out of the store to go locate someone to heal him. Harry went over to Lottie, who shoved the jar in his hands, trembling as she took off the gloves.

"Silver powder." She murmured, seeing his look. "You're a part of our pack, Harry. Couldnt let him hurt you like that." Harry gave her a grateful smile, closing the lid on the jar. He put it away.

"It worries me that he could just walk right into the store-"

He froze as he heard a crack of apparition right outside his store. He went to the window, sighing as he just saw a familiar face. He waved to them as they passed by, going into the pub. He was a little on edge. He turned back to Lottie, a bit worried. "I think all of you should lie low for a little while. Alot of people around here know you work for me. I can manage the shop on my own...I just dont want you getting hurt."

Frankie had come out of the lab now, crossing his arms. "No, we're not leaving."

Harry crossed his arms. "You are if I say you are. I'll pay you for what you miss, dont worry-"

"We're not worried about that." Lottie murmured, glaring at him. "We're worried about you. We want you to be safe too, Harry..." It was growing dark now, and the shop was dimming. It was close to closing time.

"Please." Harry said quietly, lowering his eyes. "I would never forgive myself if any of you were hurt. Go home to Mama Sammy, I'll see you all tomorrow." The kids all went home.

Harry didnt get to sleep until much later, tossing and turning. He bolted up though, as he felt his wards collapse. He felt fear rising within him as he snatched his wand from under his pillow. How had they gotten the wards to fall? They were made by goblins! Dobby popped up, wringing his hands. "Mr. Harry, bad men are out in the street...what do you want me to do?"

"Grab my trunk, pack my books and notes, make sure you leave nothing behind of Flamel's. If that's Voldemort's men out there, I dont want them getting a hold of that. Once you've packed, go to Sirius and stay there." He said quietly. Dobby let out a loud sniff before popping away to do his work. Harry krept down the stairs, wand out. He was still in his nightshirt, and his hair was down, he hadnt bothered to dress. He heard glass breaking, and whispers. He opened the door slowly, seeing deatheaters there.

They all turned to look at him at the same moment, and Harry dodged a spell, right away. "Get out of my shop!" He roared. "I have nothing for you here!" He and the deatheaters traded spells, which crashed into display cases and walls, leaving marks and things knocked over, spilling onto the floor. One of the men managed to cast a binding spell, making him fall to the floor, bound. He was drug out of the shop, trying to keep from crying out as he was drug over broken glass and various potions ingredients. He was in the middle of the street now, and he realized he could see the warm orange glow of flames. Matilda's shop was burning. He looked next door to see the pub was as well. Matilda was just a foot away from him now, screaming under the cruciatus.

He screamed when he came under the spell as well. "That's what you get for facing my master and getting away-crucio!" A man roared. Harry whimpered and screamed, twitching in the middle of the cobblestone street. They let up on him, and Harry looked over to see his shop go up in flames. He hoped Dobby had gotten out in time. He saw the cases of wolfsbane sitting in the road, and the men were shrinking them for transportation. He looked away, sniffling as he caught Matilda, who had gone limp after the killing curse had been given to her. She had been helpless to their magic...just a squib. Dumbledore had been right. He was so stupid...everyone knew where he was, and what he did...

Another scream had pierced through the air, and Harry's head whipped over to see Lottie under the cruciatus. He looked around, not seeing the other kids, where were they? He told them to go away- his jaw dropped as deatheaters seemed to be cursed out of midair, falling over on the ground. Harry realised the rest of the children were under their work cloaks, invisible. He mentally cheered them on, wriggling in his binds, trying to figure out a way out of them. He suddenly felt them ease, giving his invisible employee, whoever it was, a nod, he joined in the fight.

It had taken over an hour for the aurors to arrive.

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