The Rattlesnake Rose Returns

There he stood.

a little taller and a little older but still 100% the exact same only with a different name Desmond Shannon the man from Washington D.C famous for being the only male to ever join the Rumble Roses and fight amongst them and win the Rose Of Roses title the Rumble Rose Championship had returned he was a rich man now but not even money would keep him away from the friends he had made inside and outside the squared circle and especially not away from the score he had to settle with a certain female DR. who took him out of action with an arm injury. this time he wore a white Diamond Studded Jacket with his new name and logo on the back instead of his Black one which he had retired, he had mid length black hair, no bandanna, he still kept his black shades on, he wore white pants, and boots and even came out to new music.

He was watching a match between Reiko Hinomoto and Dixie Clemets who were in a handicap match 2 on 3 vs Mistress and Candy Cane each of them like dez were veterans of the Rumble Rose Squared circle and were each Rumble Rose champions in their own right.
the match was going smoothly at first with neither side willing to give an inch to the other often times either Mistress or or Candy Cane would lock up with Reiko or Dixie and lead them to their corner where they were waiting to beat on them the match got out of hand way too quickly when while the referree had been inadvertently knocked out by the legal person Mistress in the ring with with Dixie both the DR. and cand y cane got into the ring knocking Reiko off the apron before she could jump in the rescue her friend this led to a numbers game beatdown of the three count cowgirl.

That did it Dez who was still in the back watching the match couldnt take another second of it he went running out there and to their rescue as he and the now stirring reiko wasted no time getting in the ring together andgoing after the three of them taking out both Candy and Mistress and sending them back to their corner while as the ref woke up dez hid out of sight for the time being. Dixie immediately tagged in her partner while Mistress Ran and tagged in Candy Cane the two had had a long standing feud brewing with one another and were about to get it on as the two fought only the crowd saw dez on the outside of the ring go over to where Dr. Anesthesia and Mistress were on the other side of the ring because ever since his return he wanted nothing more than to kick here ass from here to Kingdom come and back for she was the one responsible foran arm injury that nearly cost him his young career and he wanted to repay the favor in a big big big way.

wasting very little time he immediately grabbed 's Leg and pulled that blue demon straight off the apron and to the floor to face him where he then said "Hi Remember Me?" before the two got into a hellacious brawl like the one going on inside the ring between Reiko and Candy Cane Dixie and Mistress stared at one another burning holes as if daring the other to step in that ring. Meanwhile Dez and The bad continuously outside the ring Reiko had Candy cane down and was going for her finishing move the Angel Dive which she connected upon for the 1..2..3! they had done it! with the help of the Returning Dez Shannon Dixie and Reiko bucked the odds and defeated the terrible trio of Dr. Anesthsia Mistress an d Candy cane Mistress and candy left along with the bad not before she said to him that this isnt over and she could not have been more right as this was far far from over in fact this was only the beginning.