Okay, this is my first fan-fic and I'll probably make a whole load of mistakes regarding the Teen Titans. But screw it, I've seen a lot of people do far worse stories so I'll just bite the bullet.

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Winter's Fury

Chapter 1: No Place for Us?

The sun shone brilliantly over Jump City, without a cloud in the sky. It had been six months after the Brotherhood of Evil had finally been brought to its knees and beaten, and everything had been peaceful ever since. Mainly because most of the villains that had been plagueing Jump City had been snap-frozen in Paris and were now under lock and key. Only a few, most notably Red X and Slade, were still at large, but because very little had happened the authorities assumed that they had packed up out of town. The Titans faced mere common criminals now, and none of them were dumb enough to take on a one-man SWAT team ninja, an alien powerhouse, a shapeshifter, a cyborg and a seriously creepy looking sorceress just to steal cigarettes from the local gas-station in broad daylight.


Well, almost none of them.

The petty thief ran out the front door to make his escape…


…only to hit something hard and metallic, falling to the ground.

The pathetic black masked thug looked up slowly, terrified, to see a tall, heavily built robotic teenager stare sternly down on him. The crook quickly got to his feet and drew a revolver from his pocket.

"Get back! Or I'll shoot!"

Cyborg sighed monotonously. This was the third time this week he'd run into some loser trying to steal what amounted to pocket money from the same gas-station. All he wanted was to be back at the tower, creaming Beast Boy yet again at video games or making the latest upgrades to the T-Car and T-Sub. But Robin insisted on maintaining these pointless patrols, stopping crimes that the police could easily manage. The police weren't incompetent, they just couldn't handle the more dangerous, albeit absent, metahuman supervillains.

Cyborg advanced on the crook, who fired several rounds into Cyborg's metal chest, bouncing harmlessly off. The thief dropped the gun in shock, and quickly turned around to run, only to feel a cold robotic hand grab him by the scruff of the neck.

"Finished so soon? This was almost getting vaguely interesting."

Cyborg walked wearily into the gas-station, still holding the struggling thief, and dumped the bag on the counter.

"Mornin' Tim."

"'Mornin' Cyborg. Thanks for returning the money and ciggies. I'll take it from here."

The shopkeep got out a length of rope and tied up the thief while Cyborg held him down. Not that it would have made a difference; the dumb fool was still in complete shock at the appearance of one of the local legends.

"Why these fools bother, I don't know," Cyborg growled, "There's no more decent bad-guy butt to kick anymore."

"It's a dream come true to me, to tell the truth," Tim replied, "No more collateral damage from all that fighting, the street gangs are almost gone and business is booming thanks to you guys. I thought you'd be happy."

"I am man, but I feel as if we're just becoming a fifth wheel around here." Cyborg said dejectedly, "I mean, there's no one left to threaten the city. Mission accomplished! I'm starting to think Robin's deluding himself, thinking that it isn't. Maybe there's no place for the Titans in the new Jump City. Maybe we're better off getting into a normal civilian routine. Raven's always talked about how nice it would be to go to school."

The thief looked up hopefully, but Tim shook his head and said "Dear lad, there's always going to be a place for you here. There's something about this city that attracts a whole lot of psychopaths and monsters, and you just packing up and leaving will destroy everything we've all worked so hard to achieve in keeping the peace. There'll be more big fish in the sea to fry. Mark my words."

"Maybe you're right," Cyborg said doubtfully, yet seriously; the thief again looking like Christmas had been cancelled. "Who knows everything about this city? Anyway, I've got to go report back. And boot BB's butt to kingdom come at Tekken 5," Cyborg grinned. Aside from doting over the T-Car like a mother hen over its chick, Beast Boy's humiliation at his hands was the highlight of his day. "I'll see you soon to bust the next robbery."

"See you later, lad." Tim called as Cyborg left.


On the other side of the city stood a tall, imposing steel and glass building with the words "Jump City Central Bank" emblazoned at the entrance. Bland name aside, this was the most secure and dangerous bank to rob on the west coast. The security guards were armed with the latest weaponry, from Magnum pistols to automatic M16 assault rifles. The more secure vaults were guarded by armoured guards with the revolutionary laser weaponry, making them look like something out of Battlestar Galactica. All the vaults had 15-bit encryption codes, so hacking into them could easily take hours. Some of them were even electrified. And assuming that if anyone actually managed to break into one of the vaults, a secondary vault door would close to trap the would-be thief or thieves inside, the riches within useless. Overall, morale was high and the guards were overconfident and out of practice. There were no more battle-hardened superhuman threats to deal with anymore.

How very wrong they were.

The guards chattered animatedly amongst themselves, failing to notice a dark figure in a trenchcoat approach the counter.

"Can I, err, help you sir?" the receptionist asked nervously.

"Yes," replied the stranger in a chilling tone, "I would like access to vault number 175."

"Do you, um, have a, ah, what I mean is…" The man was really freaking her out. Two cold, dark blue eyes were regarding her with impatience. He seemed to be wearing some kind of black scarf around his mouth, nose and head, and what little skin was showing was deathly pale and mottled with black patches, like some kind of disease.

One of the guards then noticed the fear on the receptionist's face, and approached the stranger.

"Is there a problem, sir?"

"Yeah. You."

With that, he suddenly grabbed the guard by the collar and threw him bodily into the desk, the wood and reinforced glass exploding under the impact. The rest of the guards then drew their weapons and set off the alarm, the high pitched whine ringing in everyones ears. Security now surrounded the lone figure.

"Freeze, freakshow!"

The figure looked slightly bemused.

"Alright, then."

The assailant then thrust his hands forward and shot out a white blast at one of the guards, freezing him instantly with a look of horror on his face. The shocked guards then opened fire, but a wave of solid ice materialised around the enemy, freezing the bullets in their tracks, and knocking all the stunned guards into the walls. The cold blast shattered all the glass and threw the furniture around like toys. The alarm was silenced when a guard misfired, hitting the control panel.

The attacker surveyed the scene, daring any guards still standing to shoot him.

"Is everyone quite finished?" He got no reply; the remaining guards fearfully withdrawing quietly into the shadows. "Good."

He made his way back to what was left of the desk, the guard moaning in the wreckage. The receptionist was still there, lips twitching, shellshocked, her hair frozen comically on end from the blast.

"Whaaa…..wha.. .what dydydyoo you want?" stammered the unfortunate woman.

"Like I said, I would like access to vault number 175. Take me there."


I would have written more, but I just got lazy. You might blame me for having this new guy too much like Mr. Freeze or Killer Frost, but one only needs to look at Robin and his clone Speedy. That's my argument and I'm sticking to it.

Oh, and the dialogue between Cyborg and Tim? A little random, but I thought I'd have a civilian represent the citizens of Jump on the situation; he's more qualified than a narrator.

I reckon I messed up the story already. Anyway, reviews please.