A.N: I know this has been done before, but i figured i'd give it a shot, because i'm bored and lonely and needed something to clear up the writers block.


Chapter One

As Draco Malfoy walked along the streets of muggle London, he heard a painful scream.

"Get away from me!" A woman cried.

Running toward the sound, he came across an alley-way, where a man was towering over a whimpering woman with his hand raised threateningly.

"You stupid BITCH!" The man yelled, in an accent. "How dare you? I vill not tolerate your insolence!" He moved to strike the woman, but just as he did, Draco found he couldn't control himself and grabbed the man's raised arm painfully.

"You will not harm her, any more." He said in a deadly calm voice.

The man spun to face him, a sneer on his Bulgarian features. He laughed loudly. "Draco Malfoy?" He sneered. "I could take you down vith vone hit."

Draco sneered in response. "Oh, I doubt it." He said. Suddenly, Krum's fist connected with his face. He stumbled back slightly, holding his nose.

From behind Krum, the woman screamed. "Viktor, no!"

Krum turned around to face her with a sneer. "Shut up, voman!" He yelled, slapping her so hard, she hit her head against the brick wall behind her.

Draco got angry. Oh no, he was angry before, but now, he was extremely angry. No man should ever hit a woman like that. It was a disgrace to human kind. I didn't matter; muggle or witch, no woman ever deserved that.

His own fist soon became acquainted with Krum's and the Bulgarian seeker roared in rage. Soon, he retaliated with equal force, and Draco fought back vigorously.

It wasn't long though, when Krum was suddenly struck with a petrifying charm. Draco looked behind him, to see the woman holding herself up against the wall, before dropping her wand and collapsing herself.

Draco scrambled up, kicking Krum as he made his way over to the unconscious woman. He checked for a pulse and found one. Concluding that she was alive, he turned her over to find her blouse open and her skirt torn, blood clinging to it. The bastard had raped her.

He checked the head wound, pouring out blood, as it was. He picked her up, bridal style, before looking down into her face.

Draco Malfoy suddenly became paler. "Granger?" He asked incredulously. "Oh, Merlin." He muttered, before apparating away from the alley and to a place he knew to be safe; Zabini Manor.

He stood on the door step, as no one was able to apparated inside and put Granger down, so he was supporting her with an arm wrapped around her waist, and knocked loudly and urgently on the giant door.

The door was answered by a house elf, who greeted him warmly. "Mr. Malfoy, what can Velma do for you?" She asked.

"Velma, get Blaise, now, and I need Mrs. Zabini and her healing skills down here, too."

The house elf disappeared with a crack and seconds later, Blaise was running down the stairs, pulling a shirt on over his bare chest.

"Drake, what's wrong?" He said, before seeing the falling figure in his best friend's arms. "Shit, Draco, what did you do this time?" He asked, helping him with the girl, and setting her down gently on the closest lounge.

"I didn't do it." Draco defended. "It was Krum." He said darkly.

Blaise looked at him, eyeing his bruising jaw and bleeding nose. "Krum? As in, Viktor Krum?"

"Yes. This is his current girlfriend." Draco told him.

It didn't take long for Blaise's mind to click. "Granger."