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A Very Eventful Epilogue

"You're WHAT?!" Narcissa cried as her son stood in front of her, holding the hand of Hermione Granger. It had been almost a year since the night he and Hermione had come together, realising their feelings for one another. "You're ENGAGED?!"

Draco didn't even flinch. He had been preparing for this for weeks. He had proposed to Hermione almost a month ago now, and she had gladly accepted, having had fallen in love with him whilst they had been secretly dating.

Well, it wasn't that much of a secret. The only people who didn't know were Ron; for obvious reasons, and Narcissa.

Of course, Ron had eventually found out... and surprisingly been... happy. He had congratulated them... before telling them that he was now dating an ex Slytherin by the name of Delilah.

"Yes, mum, we're engaged." Draco drawled. She was looking pretty frantic.

"But-but... what about the Malfoy name?"

"I'm adding to it by marrying such a beautiful, smart, amazing woman, mother. Can't you just be happy for me?!" He was getting exasperated with his mother as she looked upon them with disdain.

"Your father –"

"Isn't here. He's dead, Mother. Gone. He doesn't get a say in who I marry. And neither do you. So just accept it." He said testily. "You know, we came here to tell you, because we figured you should know. Not to piss you off." He started.

"But you weren't even dating! You don't even know her!" She shouted.

"ENOUGH!" Hermione finally spoke up, letting go of Draco's hand. "Stop fighting. Please." She said. They both sat down, looking at her in awe. "He's your son, Narcissa. And if you can't accept the fact that we love each other, then you can just leave us be. You have absolutely no right to interfere with his love life anymore. He has told you time and time again that he won't marry for anything but love, and he's found someone to love. Just. let. It. Go." She stated firmly.

"How dare you speak to me –" Narcissa began to protest.

"Draco," Hermione continued as if Narcissa had never spoken. "If she doesn't want to accept it, we should just leave. Because if she loves you," she glanced at Narcissa. "If she loves you, she'll accept our marriage. And if not, well... it's up to her."

"Mother, you do understand that if you refuse to accept our marriage, that I will never speak to you again." Draco said coldly. Hermione nearly gasped, but kept her cool exterior. She hadn't meant it to sound so harsh.

Narcissa sighed and surveyed her son and his fiancé. "Look, I have nothing against you, Miss Granger, but you're just not what I saw my son marrying... You're just – I don't know! It doesn't feel right." Hermione silently pulled her coat on and Narcissa knew she was running out of time. Just as Draco stood and took his first step toward the door, she stood up. "Wait." They turned to face her. "I'm-I'm sorry, alright? There, I said it."

Hermione's shoulders relaxed and Draco let out a sigh. "Do you accept our marriage?"

Narcissa nodded. "Yes." She took a breath. "You are a strong girl, opinionated, beautiful and smart. The perfect candidate for a Malfoy." She said. "So," She began in a more pleasant tone. "When shall we start planning?"

Hermione nearly choked. This woman had gone from controlling mother to – to a wedding planner? Oh Merlin, what had the world come to? "You-you accept?"

"Goodness, he called you smart. Of course I accept. I wouldn't lose my son just because I don't like his new wife." Hermione flinched at this. But Narcissa wasn't done. "Yet, at least. I don't even know you."

Hermione and Draco smiled. "Thank Merlin. I thought you were going to force me to never speak a word to you again." Draco said to his mother, embracing her tightly.

She laughed melodiously. "Draco, I couldn't bear to lose you. You're all I have left. Or... at least, you were." She smiled over at Hermione, who beamed back.


"Thank God. I thought your mother was going to smother me in all that wedding planning. I don't think I'll ever look at another napkin again." Hermione complained. Draco laughed and hugged her to him by the shoulders.

"I love you, Hermione." He sighed happily.

She grinned up at him, her arm around his waist. "I love you too, Draco. But honestly! Is there a difference between eggshell white and cloud white? Oh Merlin." She whined. He simply chuckled and kissed her forehead, taking her hand and apparating them to their home.

She collapsed on the couch, kicking off her shoes and throwing her purse on the nearby table. "So, Mr. Malfoy, what shall we do now?" She gave him a coy look.

He smirked, leaning over her, a hand on each arm rest. "I have a few ideas..." He kissed her passionately. So much unlike the first kiss they had shared those many months ago.

She giggled and was about to say something utterly sexy to her fiancé when the door bell rang. "Bugger." She said, getting up from the chair and walking over to the door. Rolling her eyes at Draco's tremendous groan, she opened the door to a hysterical Pansy, "Pansy?"

Pansy flew into her arms; make up running down her face and hair all over the place. "Hermione! Oh, it's terrible!" She cried.

Hermione looked at Draco, only to find him about as confused as she was. She rolled her eyes and gestured for him to leave, giving him a you-probably-won't-want-to-know-so-bugger-off look, which he took heed of and made his swift exit, leaving his fiancé and friend alone in the lounge room. "Pansy, what's wrong?" She asked concerned, sitting Pansy next to her on the comfortable love seat.

Pansy sniffed, wiping furiously at her tears. "I-I don't know how to tell you this... I can barely register it myself, it's so horrible!" She cried, a fresh wave of tears overcoming her. "Blaise – I don't know what Blaise will think... I'm too scared to tell him! What if he leaves me?!"

Hermione help Pansy by the shoulders. "Pansy, tell me, what's wrong? What's happened?" She asked firmly.

The hysterical woman took a shuddering breath. "I'm pregnant." She said simply.

Hermione's eyes widened. Followed by her smile. "That's wonderful!" She cried, hugging Pansy tightly. "What's so horrible about that?"

Pansy shook her head. "I'm not married! It would be... improper." They both made faces at this word. "And what if Blaise abandons us? I don't know if my heart can take that." She was very worried, Hermione could tell.

"Look, Honey, first of all, being 'proper' is totally overrated. Way overrated. Secondly, Blaise would never abandon you. No matter what happened. He loves you. And I know he's going to love his child." She said fondly. Pansy smiled and sniffed. "Besides, Maria would have his head if he didn't take care of you." She added, making Pansy laugh.

They were both remembering the time when Maria had found them snogging in the broom shed. She had given Blaise a book about contraceptive spells and told him very firmly that if he was ever to hurt Pansy, he would have no need for those spells at all.

"You think he'll be okay with it?" She asked uncertainly.

"He'll be more than okay with it. Trust me, Pans. He may be a little shocked at first, but he will get used to it... but I can't say he'll stop grinning like an idiot."

Pansy laughed and stood, hugging Hermione. "Thanks, Mia. I mean it. Tell Draco I say hi and sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt." She giggled.

Hermione grinned, walking her to the door. "Tell me how it goes, okay?" Pansy nodded and they said their farewells, before Hermione went in search of Draco, hoping to pick up where they left off.

She found him lying on the bed, reading the Daily Prophet. "What was that about?" He asked coolly, folding the paper and smirking as she crawled over to him.

Hermione grinned. "You'll find out later. Just don't expect Blaise to have the ability to speak for a while." She said mysteriously.

Draco was finding her extremely sexy at the present time. But at the same time, he wanted to know what she was talking about. He wanted to be let in on the secret. "Tell me." He said.

She grinned and kissed him swiftly, straddling him. She could feel his excitement through his pants. "Nope. You'll find out later." She kissed him again, loosening the buttons of his shirt.

"I want to know." He whined into her hair as she kissed his neck. She shook her head, chuckling under her breath. He looked around and spotted the perfect compromise. Quickly he grabbed the object and thwacked her soundly across the back.

She squealed. "Oi, what have I told you about pillow fights?" She grinned. Pretending to be angry didn't seem to be working.

He looked at her innocently and she smirked, yanking the one out from behind his head. He made a noise of protest as the pillow came crashing down on his head, a few feathers coming loose.

Those feathers were fluffy. Fluffy, just like our ending.