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It was a normal day for the Yumeshite high school students. Well, at least for those who weren't planning anything for their summer vacation.

"Hey guys! How ya doin?" Yuuki greeted as she entered the classroom. She went directly to her gang.

They we're now complete. Everyone in that group has their special someone. Ruka has Kain and Aidou is with Yori while Shiki has Rima too. Then there's the three of them: Yuuki, Kaname and Zero. Both guys love the girl and the girl loves both guys.

"What are you all talking about?" Yuuki asked curiously since she just arrived.

"We're all talking about our summer trip, Yuuki." Yori answered her question.

"Why not go to my vacation house?" Shiki suggested.

"You have a vacation house?" Ruka asked.

"Yeah, of course. I'm a model, remember?" Shiki replied.

"Yeah, you're right. But don't forget to bring an umbrella, you know how manager reacts when you get sunburned." Rima reminded him.

"But you always bring an umbrella for me dear, remember?" Shiki said.

"Yes, but that's to protect my skin, not yours." Rima replied.

Everyone laughed at this, while the couple sweetly show their affection to one another.

"Ok guys, so that's set. It's by the beachside right? I guess I can pick girls while were there." Aidou said. Yori punched him lightly and pouted.

"Yori, you know I was just joking. There will be no other girl for me but you. Please forgive me." Aidou pleaded. Yori forgave him and kissed him on the cheek.

"I wish some people will stop showing their affection" Zero muttered and emitting bad vibes surrounds him. Everyone got scared and went away for a while.

"Ok guys, stop it already." Kaname said. "This is the plan, since tomorrow is the start of the summer vacation, we will go tomorrow. We will stay for two weeks in Shiki's vacation house. We will meet at the train station tomorrow at 10 am. Please bring swimming attire, since there will be a beach. Do you all agree?"

"HAIIIII!!!" Everyone said.

The teacher arrived and they all went back to their seats.

This will be a long summer vacation adventure.

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