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Everyone woke up early the next morning. They packed what they need and got ready. They went to the train station.

Everyone met at the station at exactly 10 am. The gang was complete. They were all excited and still didn't know what to expect. They bought their tickets and boarded on the train. Kaname sat next to Yuuki in the front row. Next to them were Aidou and Yori. At the second row, Shiki and RIma were seated at the back of Kaname and Yuuki. Ruka and Akatsuki were next to them. Zero sat by the window at the third row.

It was a pretty long train ride. They still have to bear another boring hour. Then…

"I know! Let's play dodge ball!" Aidou suddenly shouted out of the blue.

"We're in the Train." Everyone replied.

"How about playing truth or dare?" Yori asked.

"Yup, that's a good idea." Yuuki agreed.

"Too common." Ruka replied,

"I brought my Query box with me." Rima said.

"Ok guys. Let's play the query." Kaname said.


Open a bag of M&Ms. Get one and tell the color of the one that you picked.

Your color has corresponding questions. These are the categories:







You must pick a question.

Answer the question as truthfully as you can.

"I wanna be first!" Aidou shouted.

"Ok,ok." Yori said beside him.

"I got the color blue." Aidou said.

Ruka handed him the blue box.

"My question is, 'What course would you take when you grow up.?" Aidou read aloud.

"What will you take then?" Yori asked curiously.

" I dunno. Maybe, Criminology? I have always wanted to investigate on crimes." Aidou answered.

"ok. I'm next." Yori said as she picked an M&M from the bag.

"What color is it?" Yuuki asked excitedly.

"Ehehe. It's color orange." Yori replied as she held the M&M up high.

Aidou handed her the box. She picked a card nerveously. She began to read it out loud.

"Uhmm...What is the thing that you've done that you don't want to tell anyone else?" She paused. "I...I proposed to Yuuki's dad when I was little."

Aidou turned around and pouted.

"Well, I was young then, and I'm dating Aidou now. By the way, his wife is lovely too. I am no match for Yuuki's mother." Yori said.

"My turn. It's color green." Akatsuki said. "My question is 'What is your most embarrassing experience when you're in kindergarten?'''

''Interesting..'' Ruka said.

''Uhmmm.. I pooed on my pants when i was in kinder 2. Man, it's so stinky that my classmates even joked that it smells like fried chicken." Akatsuki said.

Everyone laughed. They laughed so hard that everyone turned to stare at them.

'' Haha – ok – haha – it's – ha – my turn – hahaha. My M&M is color yellow.'' Ruka said laughing.

''My question is 'Who is the family member you would've dated?'... well, I guess it's my older brother.''

''Ruka-chan, you like your brother?'' Rima asked.

''Eeewww!!! Of course not. It's the friggin' question's fault.'' Ruka shouted.

''Well, we'll continue to get stares if you don't shut up." Zero commented.

''Well, Yuuki won't like you if you keep your cold attitude.'' Ruka answered back.

''Stop that guys, it's Rima's turn now." Kaname said.

Rima dipped her hand in the bag."Hmm..brown. My question is ' Who is your most important friend?''' She paused to think. "It's Shiki, of course. No sweat.''

Rima handed the M&Ms to Shiki. He got the color orange. He's question is 'What will you do if you we're left alone in a house with your girlfriend?'

"Ok. Should I even answer this or do I have a choice?" Shiki asked.

"Yes you do and no, you don't have a choice." Rima answered. "I'm your girlfriend anyway. It'll help me to decide whether to go to your house or not."

"Uhmm… I would've attacked you." Shiki replied.

GASP!!! Everyone was shocked, especially Rima. The couple blushed.

"OK. My turn." Yuuki said to cut the moment.

She picked an M&M. It was color red. She read her question aloud.

"If your boyfriend is dying and he needs a heart transplant, would you do anything for love?" She paused to think. "Well, of course I will. I will do anything to keep him alive."

"How sweet. Ok, it's your turn Kaname." Ruka said as Yuuki handed the bag to him.

He also got the color red.

"My question is, 'If the one you love loves someone else, what would you do?'" He returned the card to the box. " I will let her go. I want her to be happy. I don't care if I can only watch him from afar as long as she wears my favourite smile."

Everyone fell silent. They didn't know that Kuran Kaname can say such things.

"It's your – " Kaname was interrupted by a voice.

"To all passengers, we have arrived to Hiroshime. Please get your baggage and please alight from the train carefully. Thank you."

Everyone stood up and gathered their belongings.

~Yuuki's POV

Yay! We're here. I can't wait to get do-

"Woah!!" I tripped, but luckily Kaname caught me.

When did his shoulders became this broad? His back feels warm too. But, why is my heart beating so fast?

"Yuuki?" Kaname asked and caught my attention.

"Huh?" I responded.

"You we're spacing out." He said.

"Oh! I'm sorry."

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