A/N: Fanfiction based on fanfiction! I've never done this before! [/sarcasm mode] If I ever do another based on a fanfiction, it'll probably be the Heiji costume meme. Heck, you can consider this either part of that or separate.

(Based on Unexpected by minuu-chan)

"I'm not doing it."

"Aww... Why not?"

"It's stupid."

"It ain't stupid."

Conan glared. "What the hell do you mean?" he said. "Of course, it's stupid."

Hattori Heiji frowned. "Why is it?" he asked. "Come on, ever since I found this out I've been dyin' to try it."

"Exactly," Conan replied dryly. "And anything you'd die for has to be stupid."

Hattori feigned a deep depression. "Aww, Kudou-kun, I'm hurt," he groaned, adding in a few puppy dog-like whimpers for good measure. He knelt down and fell onto his side, looking up at the boy (for one of the few times of his life) with big eyes while he scratched at the carpet.

Conan sighed. He could never come up with a good-enough argument when he saw Hattori at his feet. "Alright, then…" He sat down cross-legged next to the elder's head. "I'll do it if you stop looking pathetic."

Hattori blinked. "I was goin' for endearin', but okay!"


Kaitou KID flourished tonight's heist in front of the gob-smacked crowd. "Thank you very much, Nakamori-keibu!" he shouted back as he jumped from the roof. He dived for a while, savouring the feel of the wind rushing past his face, before opening his glider and swooping down low.

He flew for a while, until suddenly he turned around and…


A large fish-shaped kite flew behind him. And below it, holding the string was Conan, also dressed as a cute little tuna with large shiny gold eyes.

Cute for Conan maybe, but not for KID. The thief careened into a tree and crashed somewhere near the docks.


Hattori burst out laughing. "I told him Kaitou KID was fish-o-phobic!"

"Heiji-kun, your dinner's gettin' cold," said Shizuka.

Yes, okan." And he dutifully returned to his takoyaki.