Hi everyone. I feel bad for not writing much lately (fan fiction, anyhow), and I found this little thing I wrote forever ago on my USB this morning and thought I'd share. It's a short intro to a short story I wanted to write, and I may, if I get time (hopefully around Christmas when I get my month's break). Til then, if I do update this, it'll be short little things that I can manage like this. And One More Clue's plot problems are almost fixed. Once I overcom this 10-15 page research paper, it's the first thing I'm finishing. Hope you like this idea, even if it's uncharacteristically short for me. Let me know what you thought, too! I always appreciate the feedback and respond to all my reviews. :)


My name is Pamela K. Webber, and you have never heard of me.

I am a screenplay writer.

You have never heard of me because my script for National Treasure – the original script that is nothing like the movie you obsess over today (I repeat, obsess, not passion) – was not exactly accepted by the production team. I wrote the original National Treasure story myself with no other co-writers or consultants, and I feel robbed every time I hear mere mention of the movie's title or contents. It makes my stomach turn with anger to know that my masterpiece of a breakthrough script was thwarted and unceremoniously spit on, stolen, and they changed my ending!

It was a good ending that represented all there was to acknowledge the American spirit of freedom's cost and what sacrifices had to be made in order to get the reward.

So, in perfectly good taste and a prime spot in the script, I killed Riley Poole.

Turtletaub had a cow.

The production team had a cow.

The writers they hired to immediately scrap my script thought it was okay, but then they had a cow because Mr. T reminded them that this was a family-friendly Disney film in which there was happily ever after, and no one was allowed to die except minor characters.

Well hey, Riley didn't get a girl, he didn't lead the treasure hunt, and he was Negative Nellie (or, 'Johnny Raincloud' if you want to quote the fabulous remake of my script). To me, that's minor character material.

But, Big T and the production staff gave me one option when it came to saving my script from the trash bin, and I accepted without hesitation because I was very eager to do whatever it took to get my name under the 'Screenplay By' credit in a major motion picture:

Convince Riley to willingly die.

Needless to say, I wasn't too sure how I was going to go about convincing Riley Poole that he had to die for the sake of Ben finding the treasure, the whole 'deeper meaning' his death would bring to the family experience and personal feeling it would give every member of the audience, how it may not be that glamorous to die by gunshot, and that it probably spoke volumes of nobility over the recovery of the Templar Treasure.

He had a cow, too.

But it almost happened…