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Artemis frowned.

Do it. Do it. Do it.

He gave in, and typed his name into Google, curious to see what Foaly had been talking about.

Results: 1-10 of about 1,120,000 for artemis fowl

horseboy77: it's the 3rd page, 7th down

TheboyTheGenius: What exactly is this, anyway?

horseboy77: lol

horseboy77: you'll see

Artemis shook his head, and clicked the appropriate link. He stared at what came up - Faulty Suits and Primate Poo - then scrolled down quickly. He continued to stare.

TheboyTheGenius: ...

horseboy77: you found it then

Pressing Alt-Tab to switch back to the webpage, his fingers flew over the fingerboard, writing a scathing review to the author and finishing off by sending a minor virus to StBu's email address.

horseboy77: did you actually do that, btw?

TheboyTheGenius: No.

horseboy77: are you sure? XD

TheboyTheGenius is offline and may not have received your message.

StBu owns Faulty Suits and Primate Poo, which is a mature fanfiction, so don't read it unless you're 15 or above. It's pretty good, though. (I'm 16, so don't look at me like that!)