Losses and Victories

A bright orange blast signalled their victory. The Ori ship was destroyed.

Sam let out a sigh of relief and let herself smile. "We did it."

"Yeah," Cam agreed. "Yeah, we did."

There was a time and place for more talk and this was not it. After the battle they had almost lost, some time was required to be silent and happy that they were victorious. Too many losses ensured they didn't celebrate any more so.

Sam wandered onto the bridge as they moved onto the path home. The view out front was a beautiful one.

Space stretched out before them; they soon passed by the remains of the battle and into the familiarity of hyperspace.

Sam turned, feeling a presence beside her. Cam had followed her.

He merely gave her a small smile and patted her on the shoulder.

She smiled back. It was another victory for SG-1 and another day that Earth would be safe.

She looked back out the window as they made their way home.