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Chapter 10 – He's definitely worth it

Had it not been for an annoying interruption, Byakuya had probably ignored all rules and had sex with his Vice-Captain in the office. However, the arrival of Captain Hitsugaya threw a wrench into the wheels and the two were forced to abandon the activities they had previously engaged in. It was probably all good in the end, Byakuya thought, but it was very annoying to not get what he wanted (fucking Renji senseless, that is). Instead he had to endure a very long conversation with the ever so cold Captain of the 10th division. Therefore, it should have been no surprise that Byakuya was rather desperate by the time he finally left. Renji let out a sigh and turned to his captain.

"Well, that was quite an annoying interrup-"

He was cut off as Byakuya grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet.


"Come on, we're going to your place"

"What?! But what about work..."

"Forget about work, we're going"

Renji just stared wide-eyed at his Captain as he was dragged out of the office and towards his apartment. For Kuchiki Byakuya to say something like"forget about work", he really had to be desperate. Of course, Renji could understand if the guy was eager. The Captain had spent a long time struggling with his feelings, worrying about breaking the rules and wondering if Renji felt the same way he did. So when everything finally cleared up and he knew his feelings were returned, it wasn't so strange if the guy was a little bit impatient.

Arriving at the apartment, Renji took out his keys, which were immediately snatched by Byakuya. He unlocked the door and pushed Renji inside before slamming it shut behind him. Throwing the keys at a nearby table, he walked over to his rather shocked Vice-Captain and kissed him fiercely.

It took a while for Renjis mind to register exactly what was going on, but once it did, he wasn't late in returning the kiss, before leading his Captain towards the bedroom. Once inside, it didn't take long to remove their clothes and the two fell down on the bed, pausing for a moment to admire each other's naked forms.

Byakuas eyes travelled over the black tattoos on Renjis chest, hands soon following, making the other moan slightly. Hands snaked up around Byakuyas neck, threading through black hair and pulled him down for a passionate kiss, tongues battling for dominance. When they broke apart they were both panting. Renji moved his head slightly, starting to kiss and lick on Byakuyas neck, working his way down to the shoulder, biting slightly, making the other shiver pleasantly.




"Huh?! You- you dragged me here to have sex didn't you? And now-"

Renji stopped immediately as Byakuya sat up, pulling Renji with him, kissing his Vice-Captain softly, as hands moved to free his long hair, threading his fingers through the red strands.

"Relax, I just want to see you with your hair let out"

Renji just stared at his Captain before a big grin broke out on his face, kissing the other man on the cheek as he pulled him down on top of him moving his hands down Byakuyas back, grinding his hips up slightly, making his Captain moan and bite down on Renjis neck at the pleasant friction.

Renji then quickly flipped them over so that he was on top of his Captain and immediately started working his mouth down Byakuyas chest, teasing a nipple with his mouth as his hands moved further down, travelling along the inside of Byakuyas thighs, but avoiding the one place the other wanted him to touch.

Renji took his time to tease both Byakuyas nipples before finally moving on downwards only pausing to dip his tongue into Byakuyas navel. However, when Byakuya thought he was finally going to get the stimulation he wanted, Renji suddenly stopped. Byakuya glared angrily at his Vice-Captian.

"Why did you stop?" He was slightly out of breath and very desperate.

"I just wanted to make sure ya really want me to continue"

"Of course I do!"



"Sooo... you're not worried about whether I love ya or not?"


"And you're not afraid to break any rules?"


"So then..."

"Oh, just touch me already!"

Renji grinned at his frustrated Captain.

"As you wish"

With that he finally took the weeping member in front of him into his mouth, making Byakuya buck his hips. Renji was so damn good at what he was doing. He knew just how hard to suck and how to twirl his tongue around to make Byakuya go mad with lust. Hands grabbed Renjis hair and guided his movements, making him speed up.

Byakuya was so close to coming when suddenly Renji pulled away, making his Captain groan in disappointment.


"Oh come on, it's not good if you get to have all the fun"

He grinned and grabbed Byakuyas hand, taking three fingers into his mouth, making the other man moan at just that little contact. After sucking on the fingers for a while, he moved Byakuyas hand to his own entrance. The Captain didn't need any more hints, he simply pushed a finger in, making Renji moan.

Two other fingers almost immediately followed the first, making Renji yelp in pain, but Byakuya was starting to lose his self-restraint and didn't want to wait any longer. After stretching Renji none too gently, he quickly flipped them over again and removed his fingers, only to position his own throbbing member in their place.

Renji cried out as his Captain pushed into him. It was rough, but Renji didn't really mind, and the pain was soon replaced with blinding pleasure as Byakuya hit his prostate over and over.

They were both getting close to their climax as Byakuya grabbed Renjis very much neglected member and started to pump it. For a while they kept going, movements becoming more frantic and desperate, before they both came, enjoying the waves of pleasure searing through their bodies.

Byakuya collapsed on top of Renji, and for a few seconds they just lay there, panting. After a little while Byakuya spoke.



"Sorry if I was a little rough"

"It's okay, I don't mind"


Too spent to move, they just stayed where they were, falling asleep in a matter of minutes.


Byakuya woke up to the sound of soft snores close to him. He opened his eyes and found Renji sleeping right next to him. Byakuya smiled as he ran his fingers through Renjis hair.

This man is definitely worth breaking a few rules for, he thought, as Renji snuggled closer, wrapping an arm around Byakuyas waist.

Definitely worth it.

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