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At night in the Great Purity City of China, centre of China, there was a Golden Palace, the Great Palace. The whole palace's lights were off but except one. The room appeared a weak female crane lying on the bed, and beside her was Emperor Loung and a young prince who couldn't see his face directly.

"Doctor Daifu, is there nothing we can do?" Emperor Loung, the golden dragon, asked the palace doctor and he shook his head slightly.

He then said, "She has been suffering the curse of Natina."

Natina, the evil artic vixen witch of China, she used to be a good and a kind Palace Fortune teller by using her light magic, but then after she had read the dark magic witchcraft which it stolen many people's youth and eaten the infants and children by using the its magic, the Emperor Loung has banished her into the Forbidden Forest by sparring her life for she had been a fortune teller for the emperor and the people, used to be.

And now, she's taking revenge as she cursed on their dearest queen, Queen Crystal, making her couldn't eat, couldn't doing any movement and sleep well than anyone which made her weak and breaking the people's and emperor's heart.

"Mother…" the young prince whispered. He was the only son of the Emperor Loung and Queen Crystal, he was twenty years old and he was really a hard working boy and knew everything from reading books, except he didn't know anything about teamwork and friendship.

The queen glanced up her eyes weakly and she stared at the prince and said weakly, "Daio, you must stay strong and you must learn about…" before she could finish her words, she slipped into coma.

"Mother…MOTHERRR!!!!!" The prince shook her body violently as there was no respond. He started to cry into his mother's chest. And so as outside of the window, a thunderstorm has arrived.

In the Forbidden Forest

Natina was in an abandoned temple, and saw the whole scene through the crystal ball, she smirked and she let out her evil laugh in satisfied as it echoed the whole forest.

"Everything is going so well…" she murmured. And there were three figures appeared beside her and kneeled in front of her.

"Mistress Natina, what's your command?" one of her warriors spoke.

"We just need to sit back and enjoy the show." She sat on a throne and so she ate internal organs which they came from… children! She enjoyed the taste of youth blood and the flesh of blood.

"But first…" she then spoke, "I must prepare the ingredients for the Lord Sun of Darkness." she said as she vanished in the shadows.

Back to the Palace, the young prince wiped his tears and he said in cold tone, "Father, I have a request."

"What is it, my son?" the Emperor then asked.

"I want to learn kung fu." He said as a thunder flashed as it has lit the whole palace.


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"I've got a message from the Emperor Loung." Zeng said.

"We're going to see the Emperor!? Oh my gosh, this is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life!" Po excitedly shouted.

"You are still now a level zero." Shifu claimed as he blown off the fire which was burning his head.

"By the way, what do you think the young Prince look like?" Tigress asked.