Chapter 5

Identify Switch

That night, when everyone in the bunkhouse and the palace were fell asleep, except two.

Knock! Knock!

The sound came from window of Crane's room, Crane struggled himself as he weakly woke up and when he approached the window, he heard a familiar voice, "Pssss! It's me, let me in." the voice was Diao.

Crane has quickly snapped awake and he opened the window as he let the Prince in, "What are you doing here? People need some sleep here, you know that? And beside, it's the middle of night now." Crane said as he yawned silently.

"I know, but I was stopping by try to check my mother if she's awake." Diao replied and his eyes were full of sadness and worries, Crane could see that too.

"So, you really do love your mother, huh?" he asked.

"More than anything," he sighed and continued, "she's the one who real raise me, teach me and nurture me." He said and he faced to Crane with his eyes were half shut, and continued, "And no one could ever replace her. But you will never understand how I feel."

"I wish I'd a brother for me, or someone to play and share with." he added in whispering, sadly.

Crane stared at him for a while, "Feels suck, huh?" he asked.

Diao sighed, "Ya think?" and so Crane joined his sighing.

"Well, at least you're lucky you have parents. Unlike me…I mean me, Furious Five, Po and Master Shifu were orphans, without anyone to give us the family caring. I had never seen my parents before, they died when I was very young." Crane said sadly.

There was a moment of silence, Diao then remembered the reason of his statement, and then he spoke, "Oh! I have almost forgotten. I'm here to ask you a favor!" he said as he clenched Crane's wings.

"What kind of favor?" Crane then asked and slowly off his clench.

"Now Father thought that I will be recovering for two days, so now I have some spare times to take a break, you know, jobs for the Prince." Diao said.

"What do you mean by you're having some spare times and to take a break?" Crane was confused of his words.

"I mean, is to have an identify switch with you." Diao said the detail.

"WHAT!?" Crane squeaked in shouted and he then quickly said, "No way!!"

"Why not?" he then asked.

"First, I don't want to cause any trouble to my friends, not them and not her!" he claimed.

"Her!? Who's 'her'?" Diao asked with a smirk.

Crane spotted that he had spilled the beans as he has covered his beak, "Nothing." He denied.

"…Whatever." Diao didn't have any patient at all as he sighed.

Then he started to calm himself down and asked the prince, "And beside, it's good to be the prince and why would you want to exchange your identity to a normal crane? And aren't you the one who request us to train you?"

"Now that's the important question, I have always wanted to be a normal kung fu warrior boy just for two days, being a Prince is always locked up in the palace like a prison, never been went outside to see the city or the world! And secondly, Father is totally believe that I'm injured, so he'd probably leave me out of training for two days." he explained and there were a sudden light as suddenly lit up in front of Crane's room.

It was Po as he asked silently, "Crane? It's the middle of the night, who are you talking to?"

"Hide!" Crane urged him but there was no place to hide.

"There's no time! Do we have a deal or no deal?" Diao asked last time.

Crane was confused, but when he saw Po started to open a little crack of the door as he must do a choice, "Fine! We have a deal! Just go!"he squawked, merely whispering.

"That's an order, right?" Diao chuckled as he flew off the window and right on time when Po opened the paper-walled door.

When Po has finally come into Crane's room, he was widened and saw the Crane was…meditating!?

"Po! That was rude of not knocking the door!" Crane scolded.

Po was still in surprised but then he snapped, "But I thought I heard…" he was cut by his words.



"NOW~!" he yelled and Po quickly shut the door, he'd thought that Crane was less shouted to anyone so it made his heart was full of suspicious about Crane's moves and then he went back to his room.

'Sigh…what a night… Oh god, what have gotten into me?' Crane asked himself and he went back to sleep.

To be continued...