Ok guys, MAJOR redo of story because it's frankly irritating the heck out of me. If you absolutely hate the new version and are wailing in pain at my butchering of the characters, then drop me a note^^

Well the idea for this story came to me somewhere between Dubai and Germany, while my friend snored and snuffled in the seat next to me and determinedly tried to drool on my shoulder.

The plane flight times are me guessing, they shouldn't be too off I hope.

Ianto Jones heaved his bag onto the conveyor belt and awkwardly slapped his passport down on the desk.

'Did you pack this bag yourself?' The man behind the desk asked in a bored voice. Ianto nodded and shook his head in all the right places, he could hear a couple arguing behind him, the wife berating an apparently forgetful husband.

'The bag! You said you put in the black bag!'

'Yeah bu-' the man tried to get a word in.

'You left it behind didn't you?' There was a slight pause, 'Honestly! Jack!'

'Gwen! I swore I put it in my pocket!' Ianto could hear the man patting down his pockets.

'It's not that hard! Bag, eticket, passport!'

The man behind the desk coughed and slid Ianto's passport and boarding pass back. Ianto passed the still arguing couple with a small smile at the man, he was standing with a hangdog expression as his wife rifled through his bag. The man caught Ianto's eye and shrugged with a rueful smile.


'Sorry, sorry, excuse me,' Ianto muttered continuously as he wove down the aisle, navigating past crying children to his seat. With a relieved sigh he slid into his seat and nudged his bag under the seat.

'Survival of the fittest, isn't it?'

Ianto to see the man from back at check in seated next to him, he had a friendly smile and bright blue eyes. 'You managed to get through alright?'

The man laughed, 'Ticket was in my coat pocket the whole time,' he had a light American accent, 'organisation has never been my big thing.' They both leaned back in their seats as a large old man squeezed through to the next seat. The American pulled a face at Ianto as the man's backside passed inches from his face. Ianto stifled a snort and the American laughed easily.

'I'm Captain Jack Harkness, by the way.'

Ianto shook his hand, 'Ianto Jones.'

26 hours to go

The plane took off without delay and Ianto was a quarter through his book before the food trolley came round. Closing his book he bent forward to look out the window, the sunset was spreading brilliant orange across the sky and over the clouds.

'Worth the plane flight to see that, isn't it?' Jack had put down his own book and was looking out, 'Not something you often see at home.'

'It's amazing,' Ianto said honestly.

'Try to hold onto that thought when you eat the food,' Jack grinned, 'I believe it's,' he pulled out the menu, 'pink substance passed off as salmon drowned in suspicious watery sauce or minced dead bird mixed with wholesome colourless clumps,' Jack snapped the menu shut and raised his eyebrow, 'Decisions decisions.'

Ianto peeled the foil off the main meal and quietly though Jack had it exactly right. He looked over as Jack prodded an apparent vegetable, 'What did you get?'

'To be honest?' Jack flipped a piece over, 'I'm not entirely sure. You?'

'I was under the impression it was chicken.'

'Hm,' Jack opened the lid on the salad, 'I'm having doubts. Here, this looks more alive.'

'A little bit too alive,' Ianto said dryly as a piece of lettuce wobbled out of the container.

'Well,' spearing a piece of chicken on his fork, Jack held it up, 'here goes,' he ate it.


Jack pulled a face and made a show of swallowing, 'I think I actually got fish.'


'Sure?' Jack asked hopefully.

'I prefer fish,' Ianto held up his tray and passed it across as Jack smiled his thanks.

25 hours to go

'Scuse,' the older man from the window seat muttered as he pushed past. Ianto shrank back into his seat until he had gone then bent to push his bag further under the seat. Suddenly a scent different to sterilized floor filled his senses, he looked sideways directly into brown hair and the scent was even stronger. Something brushed across Ianto's mind, a vague memory.

'Sorry,' Jack's head turned to face Ianto as he shuffled through his bag, 'better move the bags before they're crushed.'

Ianto started slightly and sat upright, that aftershave was making him lightheaded.

23.4 hours to go


Ianto pulled his headphones off and paused the movie, Jack was half out of his seat. 'Sorry,' Jack shuffled in front of him as Ianto hurriedly moved his pillow, blanket and assorted mess. 'Thanks,' Jack awkwardly stumbled through, Ianto caught that scent again and was highly aware of Jack's backside in his face. After an extremely brief war with his conscience, Ianto had an admiring perve. He worked to stop his eyebrow raising. The conscience battle when Jack came back was lost very quickly.

'Urgh,' Jack settled down into his seat with a vaguely offended expression.

'Aeroplane toilets?'

'The feeling I'm going to sucked down it, that thing was hungry,' Jack put his headphones back on with a still offended look.

21 hours to go, Dubai

'Nine hours down,' Jack unbuckled his seatbelt and stretched.

'Only a mere 21 to go,' Ianto said with a tired smile and crouched awkwardly before squeezing out into the aisle. Jack followed closely behind him as they waited for people to start moving. 'You've got everything?' Ianto asked with a smile over his shoulder, 'Passport and other minor things such as that?'

Jack laughed, Ianto didn't catch the brief wistful look Jack shot him.

'Ah,' the warm air hitting his face as he walked off the plane was vastly appreciated.

'A change from Wales, isn't it?'

'It's a pity the stopovers are so short, I'd like to see more of Dubai.'

'Well,' Jack climbed onto the shuttle bus beside Ianto, 'at least by the end of this you'll be very personal and familiar with the ice cream shop down the end of the airport, and probably the fudge cake the opposite store sells.'

Ianto started to reply then the bus swung around a corner, a firm hand on his shoulder stopped him as he headed for the old man from the plane.

'Thanks,' Ianto smiled as Jack's hand slid from his shoulder, 'I'm not much of an ice cream person though.

20.5 hours to go

'I told you it was good,' Jack said thickly through a mouthful of ice cream

Ianto nodded and continued eating.

'If you don't mind me asking,' Jack pushed his empty carton away, 'you going to Australia on work?'

Ianto shook his head while swallowing, 'No, the opposite. The last two years have been a bit of a blur, if it's possible to go halfway across the world on a whim, that's what I'm doing. A change of scene for a few weeks, it's all a bit last minute. And you?'

'I'm going to meet a friend, old work friend. See how he's going,' Jack grinned, 'get a tan.'

'Well, hopefully it's warmer over there than back in Cardiff.'

Also, exciting news here. VERY exciting news! After 2 years of nagging, pleading, sulking and i'm-a-darling-daughter-you-love-me-heaps I have MICROSOFT WORD! WITH SPELL CHECK!! Weeeeeeeeee