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Finding Danielle Episode List

A/N: This story is firmly based upon 'Tales from Phantom Planet', a fanfic many of you are probably very familiar with. This basically implies that throughout the story, the 77 people that found out Danny's identity signed a contract to not tell anyone his secret. Among the people that found out are Mr. Lancer, Valerie, and Mr. Gray, Valerie's Dad.

Tucker was a replacement mayor for the time being. He is now back to being plain old Tucker, our favorite Techno-Geek, who is currently mourning the loss of his political position. And, because I hate to dissapoint you DXS fans out there, of course Sam and Danny are currently dating! YAY! Well, onward with the episode list then!

Chapter 2: D. Phantoms Theme Song!

1. Finding Danielle – Danny is on a new mission: To find Danielle! Now it's up to him to find his cousin somewhere in the ghost zone, and convince her to come back with him. But can he make it through the hardest part of it all: Introducing her to his parents?!!

In Chapters: 3 - 6

2. Starting School – Dani has to start school. The catch? As Dani Phantom.

In Chapters: 7 – 9

3. Dani's Debut – School's been great, but now the ghost's are back! When Dani is outted and the relationship between the Fentons and the Phantoms is revealed, will the group have a little too much on their plate?

In Chapters: 10 -

4. Sticky Spandex - After Dani gets called Danny's clone, she starts making drastic changes to her outfits and attitude. But she isn't the only one affected, cause now she's dragging Danny into it too!

In Chapters:

5. Sickly Phantom – When Danny catches a monster cold and Valerie goes out of town for a much-needed break, Dani will be put in the spotlight. Will she shine, or crash and burn with the startling realization of how hard it truly is to be a Phantom?!

In Chapters: