Sticky Spandex Part 4

Both Phantoms stood, staring at the scene as both parts of Johnny 13 staggered about, too shocked to remember they were mad at each other.

"H-how?" Danny managed. Dani nodded fervently in support of the question.

"Shadow doesn't have a human-looking form! ...Does he?" Dani asked, tearing her gaze away. Clockwork nodded, still looking grim.

"You are correct. Shadow doesn't have a human form, at least, he wasn't supposed to have one." Seeing Danny nod for him to continue, he explained, "You captured Shadow when you fought Dan." Both Phantoms automatically shuddered at the memory.

"However, you left the thermos behind, at the cage. It was something even I managed to overlook, until the events happened to unfold. Spectra went looking for the cage, hoping to find it useful somehow. You see, it still retained its ectoplasm-sucking abilities. When Spectra touched the cage, it took some of her ectoplasm, her entity, in a way." Both Phantoms looked confused.

"You mean…her youth?" Danny tried. Clockwork nodded.

"Spectra has positive energy that retains her young age. However, that energy was taken by the cage, leaving her older and giving the cage power. Shadow was unfortunately the only being close enough, as Spectra fled."

"So that's Shadow's worst fear?" Dani asked, pointing at the Human-Shadow. Clockwork paused.

"Not quite. That isn't just his fear, it's Shadow now." Both Phantoms' eyes widened.

"You mean, the cage turned him into his worst fear?" Danny said hoarsely, shocked.

"Yes, that's it exactly. Shadow was caught in the crossfire of the ectoplasmic energy. It was too strong for your thermos, destroying it. Shadow already has the melding ability, which caused the ectoplasmic cage to meld with him. It turned him into his worst fear. A human, and also a good one." Dani raised a hand, stopping Clockwork's explanation.

"But if Shadow's good now, then why do we need to change him back?" Clockwork shook his head.

"It's not that easy I'm afraid. The Human Shadow can't suppress his real self. And Spectra's youth can't make him a real human. You can't give life like that. Slowly, Shadow's going mad. His inside is telling him to be bad luck, while his new self is trying hard to be good. On top of that, he's living in the sun, which is slowly destroying him. Shadow can't last too long in the light, it's against his nature as well."

"But if Shadow goes, then Johnny will go too, right? Why not just…I don't know, let that happen?" The second Danny said those words, he felt a twinge of dread…and surprisingly, guilt. Clockwork sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Dani rubbed the back of her neck, feeling anxious.

"There are many different types of ghosts. One type of ghosts is the memories of dead people. Despite what people think, when someone dies, they don't necessarily become a ghost. But sometimes all the feelings they had still retained, after death, are stripped from them and created as a ghost so that they can pass on unhindered.

"However, those strong feelings aren't always warm affectionate ones. Sometimes, they can be twisted or harsh. They are allowed to grow as a ghost. But no matter what these ghosts feel, this is their final destination. They usually won't move on unless they come upon a revelation that changes how they feel, or they simply lose their will and fade away. The latter is more common, while the former is much more rare, I'm afraid. And if a ghost is destroyed, unfortunately, there is no place for them to go. They die like a human being…and that's it." Clockwork's eyes were far away.

"It's a horrifying thing. It's not painless, and it's scary for the ghost." Clockwork looked at them both with a grave face.

"You wouldn't wish it on anyone." Danny and Dani shared a glance. They might not have been on the best of terms right them, but they wouldn't let that get in the way of doing what was right. At least, Danny hoped.

"What do we have to do?"


"Where are they?" Tucker asked, checking his PDA again. Sam shrugged, stirring some tea. Jazz didn't bother responding, still rubbing her nose, which now had a pink butterfly band-aid across it. Her eyes narrowed darkly, still harboring a grudge against the admittedly-handsome guy that had slammed a door in her face. Granted, it was a mistake, but what kind of guy didn't knock first anyway?

All three of them were in the Phantoms's apartment, figuring Clockwork would drop them off either there or at the Fenton's. Currently, they were too tired to explain the situation to the Fenton parents.

Sam sighed, taking a long sip of her green tea. She bit her lip, reaching into her pocket to fiddle with her phone. It wouldn't matter, she was sure, to try to call Danny. After all, he was probably in a world outside time…

All three teens startled out of their thoughts when there was a large crash, followed by two consecutive "Oww..."s. The trio shared a glance before jumping away from the counter, and opening the door into the living room.

Danny groaned from his position by the couch, sprawled across the floor, his sister deposited just-as-gently on top of him. Both Phantoms rubbed their heads, with identical grimaces.

"Danny!" Sam ran to him, pulling him into a hug. Danny blinked, then grinned goofily, hands reaching to wrap around her. Sam jerked back before he could, coughing. His expression became dejected. Dani ignored the two and took Tucker's offered hand, pulling herself up. Both were still in ghost form.

"So, how'd it go?" Tucker asked. Dani shrugged, hand withdrawing from behind her head.

"You know, same ol'. Have to save Johnny 13 before he disentigrates into ectoplasmic goop, the works." Tucker and Jazz nodded, before realizing her words and staring. Dani grinned, then looked quizzically at Jazz.

"Hey, what happened to your nose?" She asked. Jazz scowled.


"So, let me get this straight." Lily said, passing the basketball to her friend. Alex dribbled the ball a few times, passing it to Kevin, who managed to get the ball into his face. He fell down, the others too focused on Dani to notice.

"You need to find this "Shadow" guy, who currently looks like a human, and somehow connect him back to the other part of him, a schmuck called Johnny 13, or he'll be destroyed in a horrible, gruesome, excruciatingly painful process. Correct?"

Dani nodded, while Alex helped up a woozy Kevin. She passed the ball back to Lily, who took careful aim and tossed it into Alex, making both boys fall down with a yelp.

"How can you possibly find one ghost among so many humans?" Lily asked. Dani shrugged, picking up the basketball as it rolled past her.

"I don't know. We know what he looks like, at least, so that should help. He's also apparently set his sights on Danny and me, something about the ghost/evil part of him influencing where he goes. If we stick around the school, we might be able to find him." Lily caught the ball as Coach Teslaff blew the whistle that gym was done. They walked past the two fallen boys who were struggling to get up, Lily accidentally stepping on Alex and continuing. Alex groaned, collapsing against Kevin who yelped and hit the floor again.

"But didn't your brother tell you not to fight ghosts without him?" Dani shrugged while Lily scowled.

"That's what makes it so much fun." Dani grinned.

"WHAT ARE YOU TWO WORTHLESS MAGGOTS DOING?" Coach Teslaff roared behind them. Alex was draped over Kevin, both sprawled against the gym floor. Both boys groaned in answer.

"Uhh, practicing our lay-downs?" Alex asked weakly, covered by Teslaff's shadow. When there was no response, he winced.


Danny groaned, head down and against the table. Team Phantom was currently eating lunch outside, Valerie having gone to the cafeteria to eat with Star.

"Affontphetfhyfeeseadathmee" Danny muttered against his arm.

"Come again?" Sam asked, spooning salad into her mouth. Tucker patted his back.

"He says he doesn't get why Dani's mad at him." He translated. Danny grunted.

"And that?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow.

"That, dear Sam, is the translation of an ancient syllable of boy's language, meaning something like frustration or madness."

"In other words, you don't know."

"Not a clue." Tucker admitted. Danny eyed them both and Sam took another bite of her salad.

"Come on Danny, it's the experimentation phase. Every kid's gotta have it. Even half-human cloned ones." She said with a smile. Danny raised his head with a sigh.

"I know Sam, it's just…when does it stop?" He whined in a very unmanly way. Sam and Tucker shared a look, then started laughing. Danny blinked, bewildered.

"Wha-what?" Something shivered up his throat. Both teens stopped laughing when Danny's ghost sense appeared. Immediately all three tensed, looking for a ghost through all the kids lounging around outside.

"Cover me." Danny muttered. He slipped under the table smoothly, both kids crossing their arms and leaning against the table to cover as it flashed. Danny Phantom intangibly floated up through it, invisible as well.

"Now, where are you?" He muttered, tapping Tucker on the shoulder. Tucker reached into his pocket and passed the thermos up.

"Good luck Dude." He murmured. The thermos disappeared, along with the faint chill. Danny was gone.


Dani reached into her pocket of her jeans, grasping her cell phone. She knew a call would come eventually. Shadow was too close, to intent on tracking Danny. He would get close, and then they would have to capture him. For once, Dani actually relished the chance to get out of school. She had been fidgety all day, too eager to find Shadow. She was having a hard time concentrating on anything else. School today had been almost as stifling as being in the apartment with Danny.

Dani bit back a cry of frustration. Why couldn't her brother leave her alone? She didn't want to look like him and she didn't want to be like him. Couldn't he understand that? Instead, all he did was reinforce his views on her. He suffocated her, wouldn't leave her alone, and even though she had spent so much time away from him-

She was still him.

Dani bit her lip, feeling her eyes glow brighter with her anger. He'd never understand, she supposed, biting back a harsh laugh. He was the original. She was just the copy. He had a freedom to be whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted, but she, she found herself being him.

What was she, in the end, besides him? Did she even have a personality all her own? Or was she just a replica? Just genes picked out by Vlad in the hopes of having Danny, trait for trait? She felt tears fill her eyes, remembering her family's easy acceptance of her. They hadn't known her yet, and she gasped, her eyes glazed with the realization. Had they merely accepted her because of her looks? Because she looked like Danny?

In the end, was all she was to anyone a female Danny?

Dani crouched, hands over her ears, wanting to stop the onslaught of mean thoughts that wanted to torment her. She wanted to be her own person, so desperately. That was why she had left. But the quiet call for a family, for a brother, had brought her back. The need to be loved fought with the need for independence. She felt like she had to choose, and it hurt.

"Dani, are-are you okay?" Dani looked up into the concerned eyes of Kevin. Realizing she was crouching in the empty hallway, she stood up, brushing the dust off her jeans.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Thanks Kevin." She flashed him a quick smile and the boy flushed. "Why are you still out, anyway?" She asked, turning in the direction with a silent gesture for him to come with her. He started walking to0, shrugging.

"I take l-longer to change." He murmured, fingering his backpack strap. Dani glanced at him quizzically and he flushed again. "It takes a while to get my combo from the inside out." He said sincerely, causing Dani to gape at him.

"Wait, they lock you in your locker?" She asked, feeling outraged. She knew how it felt, thanks to Danny's memories, but it was weird to actually hear about it happening. Kevin seemed to find this embarrassing, for he blushed again and looked away.

"Yea-yeah… I don't mind really, they're just ventilating." Dani cocked her head, and Kevin sighed.

"Err, ventilating their anger. Most of those kids need something to take their frustration out on. I'm just the nearest target, I guess." His voice got quieter and squeakier towards the end, but she got it.

"Why would you let them do that to you?" She asked, incredulous. Kevin shrugged, sticking his hands in his pockets with a red flush settled across his cheeks.

"I don't know. I'm not all that brave D-Dani." His head jerked upwards, meeting her eyes for a few seconds before glancing back down. "I'm not like you." Dani stared at him, mouth open.

"Don't be stupid, I'm not-" She sputtered. Kevin smiled at her.

"Yeah, it's part of what makes you so c-cool." Dani continued to state, slackjawed, and Kevin's smile got smaller, his face, redder.

"I mean, you came here and you weren't afraid or anything. You don't let people make fun of you. Even though you're a-a-a ghost and all, you don't care. You're yourself…and you're not afraid to be." He bit his lip for a second, then glanced down at his watch, paling.

"I have a history class, so, um, I'll see you later!" He scurried down the hall, hitching his bag up higher on his shoulder. Dani watched him leave, speechless.

"You're not afraid to be yourself…"

Her phone rang, sudden in the silent hallways. She was late for class already, but with a shrug she took it out and popped it open.

"Dani here."

"Dani! It's Jazz! There's a ghost attack by the high school, Danny left half an hour ago and he's still not back. I think it's Shadow!"






Danny smashed into the concrete, wincing as he eyed the man with fists of steel. Shadow's human form looked pretty, well, human, if it wasn't for the completely pupil-less red eyes he seemed to have taken. Also, there was no way his hair could stay in that swept to the side position, no matter how much product you put in it.

He opened his mouth to give this witty comment, but only a yelp came out when Shadow's massive boot crushed the sidewalk next to him.

"Hey, can't we just, I don't know, talk this over?" Danny asked, paling and rolling as the boot went for his head.

"Okay, maybe not." He said, observing his opponent. Shadow seemed almost feral, baring his teeth, hands clenched like a demon. Or, as a better comparison, like a person possessed.

"Dark…Kill…" Shadow grunted, and Danny took a few more steps back.

"I really hope you aren't talking about me. I mean, there's plenty of other things worth killing out there!" Danny gestured to the wide expanse, but Shadow merely snarled and threw himself at the ghost, who once again yelped and flew upwards. Shadow however, was as fast as, well, a shadow, and he grabbed the ghost boy's boot, spinning him and smacking him back into the ground.

"Come on Fenton, he's human right now. Human!" Danny reminded himself. In fact, Shadow wasn't looking too hot. He was pale, and sweaty, his chest heaving. It must be the sun, having an effect on him. Danny thought, brow furrowed. He almost didn't notice the ghost-turned-man getting ready to charge at him again.

"Look out doofus!" Danny's head snapped up as Shadow's head snapped back with the force of Dani's blow. He let out a screech of confusion, making both Phantoms wince. Dani grimaced, rubbing her hand.

"Note to self. Stop punching things." She flew backwards to Danny, helping him up. "So, what's the plan?" She was still acting pretty cold, but at least she was cooperating, Danny noticed with a relieved sigh.

"Uh, beat the bad guy?" Danny offered. Dani sighed. "Bad plan." She responded. Both Phantoms screamed as a black tendril shot out between the two of them, hitting the wall far behind them. They turned their heads slowly towards the brick wall. Slowly, it cracked, becoming a web of cracks. Then, in front of their eyes, the entire wall collapsed into a pile of rubble. A man that had been behind the wall, on a toilet with a newspaper fortunately in front of his privates, blanched, not making a sound.

Both Phantoms slowly turned their heads the other way. The tendril was, unfortunately, coming from Shadow. Little black tentacle-like things seemed to be coming from the man, twisting and twirling in the air. Shadow looked even more enraged, the red completely taking over his eyes. Both Phantoms gulped.

"How about, stay alive?" Danny suggested weakly.

"Good plan! Good plan!" Dani screamed, both of them shooting up into the sky as Shadow sent the black tendrils after them. They crisscrossed, the tentacle separating and each one following a separate Phantom. Both Phantoms kept flying, then swung down and got closer to the ground. They flew, an inch above the ground, occasionally checking back to see the tentacle still following them.

"Danny! Remember that cartoon we watched a long time ago!"

"Not the time Dani!" Danny huffed.

"No, the one with superman, and the heat-tracking missiles!"

"This is kinda different Dani, they're not gonna explode if they touch something!" Danny yelled back.

"I know that! We just need to distract them!" Dani snapped.

"How?" Dani smirked, though her brother couldn't see it.

"How do you tie a shoe?" She shouted. Danny paused in his answer, dodging the tentacle as it bent a streetlight in half. He gulped.

"Knot the shoelaces!" He answered. Both Phantoms met in the middle, smirking.

"I call right lace." Dani said instantly. "I got left." Danny replied. Both Phantoms saw the tentacles coming for them, and grinned, changing direction and blasting forward. The tentacles just missed, following their Phantom and crisscrossing over each other.

Danny and Dani both looped. They crossed. They knotted. The tentacles followed them through it all, and Shadow found himself yanked forward. He screeched again, making the two ghosts clutch their ears, but still smile victoriously. Around Shadow was a perfect bow, his tentacles squirming and restraining him.

"We make a good team." Danny said, cautiously, as they landed. Dani didn't answer, walking forward. Danny uncapped the thermos as they approached Shadow, sucking in the growling ghost.

"Um, I'll see you later? Or do you need me to come in and tell them you were working with me-"

"I'll be fine." Dani said softly. Danny watched her turn away, start walking away, and he reached forward, grabbing her arm.

"No, Dani, listen. What happened? You've been acting weird ever since the whole cage accident. Did, I don't know, did he scare you?" Dani turned back, eying her brother as he looked at her, worried.

"Is that why you're avoiding me?" He said softly, his grip on her loosening. Dani blinked.

"You think I'm…because of Dan?" Danny flinched, and Dani rolled her eyes. "It's not about you." And then Danny said a bad word, and Dani eyed him in shock.

"Then what is this about, Dani? I won't know if you don't talk to me!"

"Well maybe I don't want you to know! Maybe I don't want to talk to you!" Danny flinched back again, like he'd been slapped. But then his gaze hardened, along with his grip.

"Well too bad." Then he picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder, and started flying.

"Let go of me!" Dani shrieked, memories of being trapped in Vlad's mansion rising, unbidden. She struggled, shrieking and yelling, and feeling helpless all over again. Only this time, I can't call for Danny… She shrieked again, pounding his back in desperation.

Danny phased through the door of their apartment, tossing her on the couch. He opened his cell phone and dialed a number, glaring at Dani in a way she'd never seen before. She didn't move.

"Hi, Ms. Sanderson?" Danny asked, his voice low. "Oh yes, don't worry about Dani-she's with me. Yes, it was a ghost…No, she's fine…Listen, I'm pulling her out for the day, if that's okay. Yes, I…Yeah, I am a little tired. No, thank you. Thank you. We'll be fine. But, we just…we have some things to work out…Yes, she'll be in school tomorrow. Okay. Thanks again. Good-bye." Danny sighed, hanging up.

"Why did you do that?" Dani asked, hatred in her tone.

"Because we need to talk." Danny snapped, surprising them both with his tone. Dani fell back against the couch, then crossed her arms.

"Now. What is this about? And tell me the truth, Dani." Danny commanded, walking closer to her and kneeling on the ground besides the couch. Dani met his eyes. He was completely serious.

"If it's not Dan, and it's not me, then what? Are there problems in school? Somebody bullying you?" Dani laughed, startling him.

"That's your problem, not mine, remember Fenturd?" She recalled one of Dash's favorite pet-names, and watched Danny's eyes narrow.

"Stop trying to change the subject, Dani. If it's not bullying, then what? Why are you so mad at me? What did I do?" Dani looked at Danny, looked at his eyes that were also hers.

"Danny?" Danny looked up, away from Dani and she let out a sigh of relief. Sam was standing in the doorway, looking confused, with a bottle of shampoo in her hand.

"Hey, I brought the rest of the dye remover...Did I come at a bad time?" She asked, sensing the tension. None of the Phantoms answered. Sam sighed, and walked over to Danny, pulling him up.

"Sam?" He asked, but she was already putting the bottle in his hand and pushing him towards his bedroom door. "Go take a shower Danny, we'll still be here when you're done."

"Wait, what?" Danny asked, confused. Sam made a shooing motion, and shut the door in his face. She turned towards Dani, who was also looking at her confusedly.

"So…" Sam said, suddenly feeling awkward. Dani raised an eyebrow, and Sam grit her teeth. She went to sit down on the couch, next to Dani, who was still eying her warily.

"Look, I. I've dyed my hair for about five years now." She admitted, running a hand through the black strands.

"So?" Dani asked, not understanding where this was going.

"So, I just wanted to say, I get rebellion. I've been rebelling for five years, trust me, if anyone understands rebellion, it's me. What I don't get is why you're doing it." Dani scowled. Sam shrugged, continuing to speak sincerely.

"I mean, I rebel 'cause my parents suck. They're always trying to force rules and debutante stuff and miss pretty princess down my throat and if maybe, just maybe one time I want to wear black instead of pink I get grounded for two months and they look at me like I'm about to elope with Danny and it's so frustrating-"

"Sam!" Sam stopped pretending to strangle her parents' throats in front of her and coughed. Damn, she'd started ranting again. Dani was still raising an eyebrow at her.

"Look, all I'm saying is that your family…they're pretty accepting. Why have you been trying so hard to get them mad?" She continued sheepishly.

"I'm not trying to get them mad!" Dani snapped at her. This time, Sam raised an eyebrow at her. She flushed.

"Maybe, maybe I'm tired of who I am, okay? Maybe I'm trying new things, trying to find out who I am. Instead, of just, just being Danny!" Dani clenched her fists as Sam's eyes widened. She paused for a few seconds, and then nodded.

"Oh. This is Big Brother Syndrome, isn't it?" Dani paused, searching her memories.

"What?" She snapped. Sam's smirked, for a second, eying her speculatively.

"Big Brother Syndrome. That's what Tucker and I used to call it behind Danny's back. Of course, for him it was Big Sister Syndrome." Still seeing Dani's puzzled face, Sam explained. "When Danny and we first met, he was pretty young. We all were. And Danny, well, he wanted to be just like Jazz. He did everything like her. He tried to use the big words she did, He word light blue shirts with black pants. He even tried reading her books, which wasn't very easy considering she was already at a college reading level." Sam sighed.

"What I'm saying was, he wasn't really his own person. Not really. He tried so hard to be Jazz that eventually he got frustrated when he realized he couldn't."

"But I don't want to be Danny!" Dani argued.

"Yeah, but it's all you've ever known. Dani, you're what, two years old now? Technically, all you've ever known is how to be Danny! And it was the same for Danny himself. He'd spent so long trying to be Jazz, he didn't know who he was besides that." Dani eyed her, trying not to be interested.

"So…what did he do?" Sam shrugged.

"It took time, you know? Tucker and I, we tried to get him into other things. It was our Danny Fenton Quest, we called it. Tucker and him even tried out for the baseball team, just to see if he liked baseball." Sam fidgeted with her hands for a second.

"Look Dani, I'm no psychologist. But, I do remember in the end, Danny didn't find himself by forcing himself to decide on something. He just…I don't know, he explored. He wasted time trying a ton of different things, and it was fun! Eventually, one day, we were walking into a toy store and he saw a spaceship model. And he wanted it so bad, that he took his Mom in the next day to buy it. And then it was like he couldn't get enough of spaceships, and stars, and NASA." Sam smiled, thinking of a younger Danny flying his rocket ship around while making the appropriate noises.

"You're saying…that I can't force myself to change?" Sam shrugged, relaxing against a couch cushion.

"I guess so, yeah. You've got all the time in the world Dani, why not try a little bit of everything first? Change will come, just…not right away, you know?" Dani paused for a second. She thought, maybe, if she reached back enough in her head, she could remember Professor Danny. Slowly though, Professor Danny had become Astronaut Danny.

"Yeah…I guess I do." Dani looked at Sam with wonder in her eyes. "Thanks, Sam." Sam shrugged, and reached inside her backpack.

"I figured though, there were some things you could start to change. Maybe, if you wanted to." She pulled out some stretchy material. "It's nothing much, but if you want to-"

"IT'S PERFECT! THANKS SAM!" Dani squealed, hugging Sam, who jumped in surprise. Dani flew straight into her room, intangible sliding through the door in her excitement. Danny slammed open his own in response to Dani's scream, a towel clenched around his waist, shampoo still in his hair. "Where's the ghost?" All he saw was Sam, face red. Slowly, his own face became red, and he quietly, slowly shut the door.


"Isn't it great!" Dani squealed, turning around in the body length mirror in Jazz's room. Jazz smiled while Danny held his face up with one hand, not visibly reacting whatsoever. Jazz scowled at him, and he eyed her like a dead man. He flopped against her bed with a sigh.

"It's great, Dani. You look fantastic." Jazz assured, still glaring at her brother.

"Yeah, you look great." Danny said monotonously. He coughed into his mouth, looking suddenly alert.

"What? A ghost? My sense just went off, well, I'll take care of this one Dani, don't worry yourself, bye!" He flew through the wall, and Jazz shook her head exasperatingly.

"Ignore Mr. Grouchy-pants, he's just mad that Sam didn't make him something too." Jazz said, smiling at Dani, who was still twirling, determined to view herself from all angles. Dani grinned, shrugging.

"Whatever. Hey, have you ever heard of the Plastic Coffee Cups? Alex made me listen to their band the other day, they're pretty good."

"No, I haven't. Hey, whatever happened with Shadow?" Dani shrugged.

"We gave him to Clockwork. Apparently, we got him just in time to save Johnny 13." Dani smoothed down the spandex. Her new costume now had a stylized d over her heart. The writing was neon green, while the background was white and so was her collar. The shirt once again showed her stomach, but instead of bare stomach, green netting covered it. The ectoplasm wire was comfortable, and would also shield her. Her sleeves cut off at the top, her arms also covered in the netting. Her black gloves were cut off at the fingertips, a little bit of anti-ectoplasmic steel covering the knuckles (Sam knowing of Dani's tendency to punch first, ectoblast later).

Her pants were neon green and black, with neon green boots. The female phantom also had a white utility belt, and a pair of white goggles that fit comfortably over her eyes should she wish to go flying at extremely fast speeds. For now, they settled comfortably above her head.

Dani smiled again as Danny flew in, having apparently actually found a ghost on his way to his imaginary flight. A few twigs stuck out of his hair, but he seemed rather satisfied, based on the victorious look on his face. He floated inside, and picked up a CD, taking a look at it before crinkling his nose in disgust.

"The Plastic Coffee Cups? Yuck!" Dani frowned at him.

"Be nice, Danny, Alex lent Dani that CD." Jazz warned. Danny made a face, but put it down.

"I wouldn't listen to that, it's pretty bad." He said.

"Well I liked it." Dani said petulantly. Then blinked suddenly.

"You…don't?" Danny reclined on Jazz's bed, throwing an ectoplasmic ball up and down. He took great care not to hit the ceiling with it (Jazz had already torn into him for the first burn mark…ouch). "Nah, it's too indie for me." But Dani didn't seem to hear him, smile growing.

"I like it and you don't! I like it and you don't!" Danny scowled.

"Gee, Danny, way to take my opinions so highly." Dani just grinned grabbing the CD. "I'm gonna go listen to this again, right now!" She zoomed out of the room, and Jazz also flopped against the bed. The teens winced as the overly loud music started pouring from the room down the hall.

"KEEP IT DOWN!" Both of them yelled. Then they paused, and stared at each other.

"When did we get so old, Danny?" Jazz asked, stretching with a yawn.

"I dunno Jazz. I dunno." Danny shook his head, brow furrowed.

And then he sneezed.