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Many old tales tell many different stories about the ocean. Regardless of the country you are in, there will always be a tale of the ocean. However different these stories may be, it always circulate around a common believe. The believe of the Spirit of the Sea.

The Spirit of the Sea or also known as the Sea Spirit is a story passed down from generations. It is an old tale from the time the island was discovered. Over the years, many reports have been heard from people who claimed that they have seen the Sea Spirit. However none has ever been proven true.

The Sea Spirit is known as the god of the sea. It was said that this god was born in the sea. It controls every wave, every ripple, every wind direction and every storm. Anything that was vital to the sea is controlled by the Sea Spirit. Anything that was unique to the sea was controlled by the sea spirit. No one dared to make fun of the Sea Spirit unless they have a death wish.

In the old tales, pirates are known as the henchmen of those who wished for the downfall of the Sea Spirit, they are known to destroy the peaceful life the sea spirit has created for the people. They kill, steal and harm others, regardless of the age and gender.

Bella POV

I smiled as I glanced out of the window. I have always loved reading about the tales. Meeting the Sea Spirit has been my fantasy. My parents, Charlie and Renee, met on the sea and fell in love on the sea finally settling on the island of Else which is my home now. I am the only child in the family. My dad and I live in a quaint little house on the island of Else right beside the sea. My dad is the chief officer of the Island. He plans all the raids around the sea and tries to nab the pirates. My mom, well she died when I was five. She used to work as a tour guide for the island. She would always bring tourists around the island. Unfortunately, that year when I was five, a group of pirates attacked the tourist boat that my mom was on. A few days later, her body was found on the beach and that was when my dad started launching campaigns after campaigns to nab all the pirates, in the hope of killing the ones who had harmed my mother.

"Isabella? Where are you?" I heard a raspy voice ask.

I sighed as my heart beat quickened. I hurriedly closed the book of tales from the sea and pushed it under my bed. I picked up another one and breathed deeply trying to calm my fast heartbeat.

Due to my mother dieing in the sea, my father have always held a grudge towards the Sea Spirit. He never liked me to read about them. When my mother passed on, he started focusing all his time on his work to nab the pirates. He banned me from going too close to the sea and every activity that requires close proximity to the sea was not allowed.

I heard the door creaked open as my dad popped his head in.

"Bella! There you are. I have been calling you for the past few minutes. What are you doing up here?" he questioned.

"I'm reading," I answered as my eyes skimmed the text of the book.

The island of Else lies in the middle of a great sea. It is the only settlement that lies in between the East and the West. If any daring travelers wished to travel to the other side of the world to trade, they have to go past the Island of Else. Else is a well known port in the world that has flourished over time to become one of the world's greatest ports. With over a hundred ships docking daily, they have all the trades they require.

The small island of Else has one of the best sceneries around it. Its port is one of the cleanest the world has ever seen. The waters surrounding the port are usually gentle and not choppy. It makes sailing into the port easy. The people of the town are all very loving towards each other. Never once has there been a fight among them. This peaceful town works hand in hand to secure its livelihood of trading with the ships that enter its port.

However, following every successful port, there is always the danger of pirates. This port is not an exception. Although there have been many efforts to stop all pirates activity in the nearby waters, the threat of pirates are still eminent. Thousands of young men have been nabbed over the years for pirate activities, yet, this does not deter the rise of newer and bolder pirates in the trade.

I looked up and smiled at my dad as I said, "I'm reading about our island."

My dad looked disinterested as he continued, "hurry up and come down Bella. You know the island by hard. You don't have to read it anymore. By the way Angela is here. Weren't you supposed to go out with her today?"

I glanced at the time. It read, 11.30 am. Angela was early. Very early.

"Thanks dad! I got it." I shouted as I pushed my dad out of the room and scurried around trying to get changed and spend time with my best friend Angela.

Hello everyone, my name is Isabella, but I prefer to be called Bella. I'm sixteen this year living by the sea on the Island of Else. I'm you typical girl. Plain brown eyes, waist length brown her, pale complexion although I am always in the sun. I have a best friend Angela. She is the sweetest person ever. She knows when to question and when to stop asking questions. After my mother died, everyone shunned me for I became cold and emotionless and preferred not to talk to anyone. My mother was my confident, my best friend. Well after she died, Angela was the only one who stood by me and cared for me and soon we formed strong bonds and she became my best friend and I hers. I share all the secrets with her. Some of the things she know, even my dad doesn't know. Everyone on the island knows that we are always together. I know all her secrets too, from her crush to her deepest secrets. She knows my fears and nightmares all down to my every movement. But although she may know all of me, she doesn't know one part of me at all. All these years, I have not told anyone of my extra activities outside my father's supervision. Call it rebellious, but it was necessary for me to do it to keep my sanity. No one knows what I do, not even I understand why i do it. But I seem to be drawn to doing it. I cannot keep myself away to it. I need to be near it and hear it. I cannot be far away from it.... I am addicted to the Sea Spirit…. It has my soul…my sanity...

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